How to get free microsoft rewards points - Earn Points & Redeem

Microsoft Rewards is a good option if you want to get rewards by searching the web or completing games or tasks.

There are many ways to earn rewards points, by adopting which you can earn Microsoft Rewards.

You must have a Microsoft account to earn Microsoft Points. If you don't have an account, create one.

1. Use Microsoft Edge, Cortana & Bing

Whenever you want to search something on the Internet, then you will get 5 points if you search it by doing Bing search.

2. Buy stuff from the Microsoft Store

If you use your Microsoft account to shop for games or apps from the Microsoft Store or Xbox console, you'll earn points.

3.Play select games on the Xbox One

Download Microsoft Rewards App in your Xbox console. After the app is installed, you will know which game you will get points.

You have to play games that are free or newly released. You can earn points by playing such games.

Download new xbox apps after they are released and watch movies and tv on microsoft which will earn you points.

5. Use Microsoft Rewards Browser Extension

If you use Chrome browser then download Microsoft Rewards extension. You have to complete the task and search on Bing

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