Pokemon GO going to celebrate Global Diwali for the first time “Pokemon Diwali Celebration”

Pokemon GO going to celebrate Global Diwali for the first time "Pokemon Diwali Celebration"

Pokemon Go has announced a big and huge event in celebration of Diwali and in Bhavana. This Diwali event of Pokemon is going to be live for 10 days, this event will start on 5th November at 10 PM and will end on 14th November. Expiry time is 8 o’clock. Pokemon’s Diwali event will feature a variety of Pokemon.

Pokemon Diwali Celebration

As part of the event, trainers will be able to make friends with their Pokémon twice as fast. With the added benefit of opening 45 gifts per day, you’ll also receive advanced rewards along with the gifts.

In addition, the Pokémon Go game store will feature a free and exclusive ‘Festival of Lights’ T-shirt inspired by Rangoli. New avatar items and stickers will also be available.

There is a special treat for Indian coaches too. From 4-7 p.m. on Sunday, November 7, the new Pokémon, Deaden and Blitzl, will appear more frequently in the wild, along with Double Catch Candy.

In terms of gameplay, there will be several Electric and Fire-type Pokémon to catch during the event, including Pikachu, Magnemite, Slugma, Whismoor, and Electric. In addition, there will be special raid battles, as the Legendary Pokémon, Kobelian, Terkion, and Virizion, will appear in raids with the charged special attack Sacred Sword.

This new ‘Festival of Lights’ event is the third time Niantic has attempted to expand its global reach through regional holidays. The first two are the Day of the Dead and the Festival of Colors, which got their fair share of huge reactions. In the future, intractable will have a lot to look forward to as we see these festival-themed events unfold further.