Free Fire Best Guns | Top 5 Best Guns of Free Fire

Free Fire Best Guns: Guns have a lot of importance within Free Fire. If you have a better weapon during the match then you will do well. Many people do not know much about good weapons in Free Fire at this time. So in this article, we will talk about the best weapons till May 2021. If you want free fire redeem codes for best rewards find Free Fire Redeem Code list & get rewards.

Free Fire Best Guns

Here the list of free Fire best Guns.

1. Groza


The Groza is Free Fire Best Guns & actually the best assault rifle of the Free Fire. Its accuracy is 54 and its damage is 61. Players can use it in close and mid range.

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2. M1014 Free Fire Best Gun


The M1014 is a tremendous shotgun. This gun has a base damage of 94. At one time it has 6 bullets and its rate of fire is 38. Shotgun is better for close range. You have to hit only one shot with this gun and in a few shots the opponent will knock.

3. AWM


AWM is a great option for sniping in the long range in Free Fire. The range and damage of this gun is tremendous. Along with this, the scope already resides here. Players can easily be kills in just one headshot. These guns are found in airdrops.

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4. M1887


The M1887 can be called Free Fire’s most dangerous shotgun gun. It has a basedamage of 100. Also, this gun can be easily acquired and its magazine contains 2 bullets. This is a great option for the close range.

5. MP40


The MP40 is the best gun to fire in the close range. The fire rate of this gun is 83, while its damage rate is 22 and 48. You cannot use the MP40 in the lounge range. It consists of 20 bullets in a round.