Some reliable ways to get free diamonds without spending any money in Free Fire

free diamonds without spending any money in Free Fire FaindxBy FaindxJune 23, 2021No Comments2 Mins Read

Diamonds are very much liked in Free Fire because you can get tons of things from them. Many people are not able to buy diamonds. There are some great ways you can get diamonds for free.

Free Diamonds without spending any money in Free Fire

GPT Apps and Websites

You can use the GPT website and website. Poll Pay, Swagbucks, GrabPoints, Prize Rebel and EasyRewards are some of the famous apps and websites. In fact, you get gift cards and rewards for doing things here including tasks and surveys. You can get reward for free with his help. Also you can buy diamonds from them.

Google Opinion Rewards

Diamonds can be found for free with Google Opinion Rewards. You have to take easy surveys here and you get play credits. You can use it to buy diamonds in Free Fire.

“Booyah!” Events in app

The many events of Free Fire “Booyah!” Keep coming to the app. In this exclusive app from Garena, you can participate by inserting clips of gameplay. If your video is liked and selected during the events, you get free diamonds as a reward.

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