How to Earn Money Online With Google In India 2021

When it comes to Earn Money Online, it is best to start with the most reliable methods. Over the years, Google has managed to attract users with its performance across all domains. However, most of the people are unaware of the many options that Google offers through which you can earn money from home. The method you choose depends on your work area and expectations. The following list highlights some of the most popular ways to earn money through Google. No matter where your interests lie, chances are you will find something you want to try on this list.

Ways to Earn Money Online With Google In India

1. Earn Money Online With Google AdSense

source : 9to5Google

If you want to earn money online from Google, then Google AdSense can be a very good option, Google AdSense is a service of Google, with the help of which we can make money online, in Google AdSense we would need a website. We can make money online through the website

2. Earn Money From Google Pay

image source: Mumbai Live

Google Pay has made a lot of headlines in India. Google pay provides payment transfer service through UPI. We can also do online earning with Google Pay. Although Google is a payment transfer application, but it also gives an opportunity to earn money.

By the way, it is well known that there are many such applications on Google Play store, which give users the service of refer and earn.

If we invite someone else through our referral link or referral code then we can earn money.

3. Make Money From Google Opinion Rewards


Ever wondered if you can get paid for clicking on ads? Yes you can. It is as simple as it sounds. The app was created by Google as an incentive for users to provide feedback on various products and surveys.

While you may not be able to earn a lot of money using this app, it is a good way to use your free time to earn a little extra income. Needless to say that the more surveys you do, the more money you will be able to earn.

The amount per survey will range from Rs 5 to Rs 20 and there is no limit on the number of surveys you can do in a day.

4. Earn Money Online from Google Playstore


The Google Play Store is a very popular platform for downloading Android applications. Today’s time, we get to see the Google Play store on Android Mobile.

There are many applications on the Play Store that provide us the opportunity to earn money online. If you are an application developer, play store is very beneficial for you.

For publishing the application on the Play Store, we can make money, for that, in the application, we have to use other service of Google Admob through which we can insert ads in our application, and through In app purchases we can also make money from our application.

5. Earn Money Online From Blogs

Blogging is a very popular name in today’s time because we can earn a lot of money through blogging, first of all we need a website for Blogging.

In order to do blogging we need to know some information. Such as SEO, keyword research, Google ranking, quality content etc. These are all the basics that we should come across before blogging. If we have to do all these things then we can earn good money by blogging and when good traffic starts coming to our blog then you can make money through monetizing your blog or affiliate marketing.


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