Zenonzard Tier List 2023 – (Update!) (Best Cards Ranked)

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Looking for Zenonzard Tier List 2023? So you are at the best spot, here in this post you will get the Zenonzard Cards Rankings that will help you to pick the best card in the Zenonzard game.

Zenonzard Artificial Card Intelligence is an amazing digital card game for mobile devices. It provides you the feature to compete against AI and also against other gamers sitting in different locations. Also, you can buddy up with AI and get advice to use the in-game cards.

Now without further delay let’s start the Zenonzard Tier List guide.

Zenonzard Tier List 2023

Zenonzard Tier List

Here are the Zenonzard Cards rankings from Tier S to Tier E. Zenonzard Tier S Cards are the best in the game and Zenonzard Tier E Cards are not so good to choose them.

S Tier – Zenonzard Tier List

Zenonzard Tier S cards are the best in the game you should choose them to improve your winning chances.

Orka The TurbulentTier – S
Lachesis Decider of FateTier – S
Alezan King of the DeepTier – S
SchnidenTier – S
Belphegor King of SorrowTier – S
YahmyTier – S
SylvieTier – S
MuoTier – S

A Tier – Zenonzard Tier List

Zenonzard Tier A cards are the really good cards in the game.

Jade Karajan The MaestroTier – A
Wallace The CourageousTier – A
Vahn Jean Bearer of FruitionTier – A
Eleksai Lord of ThunderstrikesTier – A
Flare Zaura The SuperiorTier – A
Baldrod The Blazing DemonTier – A

B Tier – Zenonzard Tier List

Zenonzard Tier B cards are the above-average cards in the game.

Magma Fang Lord of BlazefiresTier – B
Rekindled The ShadowTier – B
AcemyTier – B
Cedar Treewalker The ChiliadTier – B
Frieren Lord of DreadfrostsTier – B

C Tier – Zenonzard Tier List

Zenonzard Tier C cards are the average cards in the game.

Ziren Binder of SoulsTier – C
Vicerave The KingTier – C
Victoria The Gilded KnightTier – C
Marya Knight of PoseidoTier – C

D Tier – Zenonzard Tier List

Zenonzard Tier D cards are the below-average cards in the game.

Harding The Soaring BeastTier – D
Aegis Origins 02Tier – D
MillieTier – D
Griphone Machine of the ArcticTier – D
Solrakia Lord of SunflaresTier – D

E Tier – Zenonzard Tier List

Zenonzard Tier E cards are the worst cards in the game, avoid choosing them.

Rory Brute of the ForestTier – E
Khan Three Head Monkey KingTier – E
Amelia The Swift Dragon RiderTier – E
Helix The Tri LanceTier – E
Amelia The DrifterTier – E

Zenonzard Best Decks Set Up

Zenonzard Tier List

Here is the list of Zenonzard best decks set up by the color boost

Zenonzard Yellow Deck

Reverse Wind Basic
Mappirat Common
Gus Epic
Peck Common
Angela Epic
Pollin Common
Fledging Phoenix Basic
Hardin Legend
Angel Bunny Common
Anju of Aspiration Legend
Lumina Epic
Twin-Headed Gryphon Epic
The Little Crown Tengu Common
Reverse Time Basic
Eleksai Legend
Dual Eagle Rare
Ziren Legend

Zenonzard Purple Deck

Destruction Basic
Resurrection Common
Two-Tailed Cat Basic
Misty Epic
Belphegor Legend
Revenant Epic
Club Skeleton Common
Scarlet Common
Rekindled Legend
Cathryn Epic
Pandemic Rare
Reverb Rare
Shadowhand Basic
Pollin Common
Mappriat Common

Zenonzard Blue Deck

Reina Rare
Mappirat Common
Weapon of Wizardry Rare
Marisa Epic
Cogito Rare
Pentagona Orchestra Timpanist Rare
Merfolk Explorer Common
Alezan Legend
Merfolk Waitress Common
Cortney Epic
Howling Voice Rare
Bleuvert Epic
Orka Legend
Jade Karajan Legend
Tidal Wave Basic
Pollin Common

Zenonzard Red Deck

Scarlet Common
Dyana Epic
Dwarven Epic
Mappriat Common
Megaton Common
Lightning fall Dragon Epic
Pollin Common
Flare Zaura Legend
Rubia Epic
Breaching Rare
Duskurse Epic
Magma Fang Legend
Ruler Common
Tempest Rare
Sawblade Golem Common
Steella Rare

Zenonzard White Deck

Kanonen Tigerin Epic
Griphone Legend
Automated Assembly Rare
Pollin Common
X- Cannon Epic
Reactive Shield Basic
Nicold Epic
Holy Fly Common
Mappriat Common
Audri Epic
Obliteration Beam Basic
Penny Rare
Vicerave Legend
Frieren Legend
Scarlet Common
D-13 Rare
Android Commando Epic

Zenonzard Green Deck

Lusaro Common
Pollin Common
Grifi Epic
Kascade Epic
Anima Common
Forest Shield Rare
Vahn Jean Legend
Sloth’s Keeper Rare
Chachalka Rare
Rory Legend
Mappriat Common
Cedar Legend
Binding Roses Common
Brigitte Epic
Scarlet Common
Tempest W. Rare

About Zenonzard

Zenonzard is an amazing brand new type of digital card game, equipped with a specialized card game AI developed and published by the HEROZ Inc. AI “HEROZ Kishin” using different machine learning techniques.

Along with the PvP and CPU battles gamers expect in digital card games, Zenonzard brings new elements to the genre, like AI cultivation and the idea of the battle against, as well as alongside, AI.

Zenonzard completely encapsulates the card game experience, right down to the clash of wits the genre is known for. The Zenonzard game features over 500+ beautifully illustrated cards and a battle system with 3 special components: Flash Phase, Forces, and a mana movement system.


Hopefully, you like this Zenonzard Tier List guide. in this post, we covered the Zenonzard Cards Rankings that will help you to choose the best card in the Zenonzard game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback related to Zenonzard Tier List so comment section is always open for your valuable suggestions or feedback.

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