World Flipper Tier List (August 2023) – Top Characters!

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Our World Flipper Tier List 2023 ranks all the best characters and reroll featured in the English Global version of World Flipper Game. Check on for the World Flipper Tier List and Best Team in-game guide. 

World flipper connects the best aspects of Pinball and Action Role-playing game and allows you to experience both different styles in a new and fresh manner. You must create a powerful team, should participate in fast Pinball combat, and decompose the mysteries in this magnificent fantasy world.

If you are new to the game and you do not know that the Flipper World Character is better, we are here to help you. Our list of world flipper levels is actually the best five-star character and lets you tell that if you do not receive it, how to resurrect the flipper world so that the hero wants the first time.

Tier List Update – 13th August 2023

World Flipper Tier List 2023 – UPDATE!

Tier – SAnniversary Phiria, Anniversary Hanabi, Anniversary Celtie
Tier -ASera, Baretta, Rolf, Shywe, Celtie, Razelt, Vyron, SIllumine, Firamelia, Orvelle, HNephtim, Sha Susu (three-star), SRazelt
Tier -BMiguel, Kikuno, Metis, Cipher, Estariel, Junko, Saki, Olivia, Clarisse, Phiria, Anniversary Arly
Tier -CLibram, Carla, Remnith, Barrek, Schult, Lily, Denah, Botan, Marina, Sonia, Noenne
Tier -DTajes, NY Ellya, Cagliostro, Belsidia, SMia, SBelsidia, Sakura, Kokkoro, Xmas Marianne
Tier -EMurakumo, Inaho, Nephtim, Adjudicus, SAlice, Karyl, Selene, Anniversary Cecilia
Tier -FVagner, Suizen, Leon, Eclair, Lyra, Pecorine, Mormia, Xmas Soushiro, XInaho

World Flipper Tier List Guide: Characters & Best Team⇩

The following world flipper tires rank the characters in six levels; There are best characters in Tier 1, there are good characters in Tier 2, there are decent characters in Tier 3, there are average characters in Tier 4, and there are average characters in Tire 5. Finally, tire 6, in which the worst characters are.

notes; In the world flipper, the characters are classified into elements; Fire, thunder, dark, light, air, and water. And, they are available in different grades; 1-Strait to 6-star If you are new to the game, make sure to see the world flipper reroll guide and code. Now, let’s do not waste any time and see the World Flipper Tire List Guide: –

World Flipper Tier List 2023 (All Characters)⇩

The following list of the list of Albate levels of the world is available in the global version, scroll down to find the list of 3 stars and 4 stars (level 1 characters description is outlined below; “Main” Level rating based on unit slot)

Tier ListCharacters
 Tier 1Freedom Blaster Bulleta 
 Tier 1Razelt 
 Tier 2 as main, Tier 1 as unisonLoyal Gun Sera 
 Tier 1 as main, Tier 3 as unisonGuider to the Edge Rakisha 
 Tier 2 as unison, Tier 3 as mainTrouble-making Troubleshooter Teurgis 
 Tier 2Dare Devil Carla 
 Tier 2Fluttering Heart Shywe 
 Tier 2Ice Queen Cipher 
 Tier 2Vyron 
 Tier 2Belsidia 
 Tier 2Nephtim 
 Tier 2Celtie 
 Tier 2Phiria 
 Tier 2Marina 
 Tier 2Ellya (Good as main, decent as unison)
 Tier 2Sonia 
 Tier 2 – Tier 3Wandering Courtesan Kikuno 
 Tier 2 – Tier 3Aerial Ambassador Miguel 
 Tier 3 – Main (Tier 2 – unison)High-Hat Negotiant Libram 
 Tier 3Draconic Defender Remnith 
 Tier 3 (Tier 2 as unison)Steel Wolf Selene 
 Tier 3Noenne 
 Tier 3Clarisse 
 Tier 3Eclair 
 Tier 3Leon 
 Tier 3Vagner 
 Tier 4Mormia 
 Tier 4 Cagliostro (Good as unison)
 Tier 4Inaho 
 Tier 4Suizen 

World Flipper Tier List – Celtie >>

Rank for CeltieTier 2
Celtie ClassWarrior
SkillSweeps her blade with the full force of a tempest inflicting wind damage on foes in front & behind
Leader SkillWhile the combo is 10+, +60% ATK buff (wind units)

World Flipper Tier List – Razelt >>

Rank for RazeltTier 1
Razelt ClassWARRIOR
SkillGenerates a shield wall, attack, increasing the debuff resistance, and all elemental resistance of all allies + best grants recover
Leader Skill ATK Buff +40% (Light Units), Light units recover HP + 4% ATK Buff (other unit) (Max +40%) & +1.5% Dark Resistance (Max +15%)

World Flipper Tier List – Vyron >>

Rank for VyronTier 2
Vyron ClassWARRIOR
SkillSharpens senses, increases attack, inflicting dark DMG on nearby foes for a period of time, grants piece to all allies
Leader Skill ATK Buff(Self) +65%

World Flipper Tier List – Sha Susu >>

Rank for Sha Susu(6-Star) Tier 1

World Flipper Tier List – Clarisse >>

Rank for ClarisseTier 3
Clarisse ClassSpecial
SkillCreates a huge explosion, inflicting DMG and reducing fire resistance on foes in front and removes buff X1
Leader Skill +125% Skill DMG(Fire Units)

World Flipper Tier List – Phiria >>

Rank for PhiriaTier 2
Phiria ClassSupport
SkillReceives the blessing of wind, grants levitate to all allies(+atk buff), restoring the HP of all parties (effected boosted for wind units)
Leader SkillWhile Wind units’ HP is above 60% and ATK Buff +115%. 

Marina – World Flipper Tier List >>

Rank for MarinaTier 2
Skillsummons a ship, inflicting fire DMG on foes near the top of the field, inflicting fire DMG on foes they bump into, crimson blades leap into the fray,
Leader SkillHP Buff (Fire Units) +15% & ATK Buff +30%* 2- A Ball is launched off the flippers, ATK Buff + 5% (Fire Units)(Max +25%)

World Flipper Tier List – Sonia >>

Rank for SoniaTier 2
Skilllaunches into best sword dance, inflicting water DMG on foes she bumps into for a period of time (DMG increases with the number of buffs), increases the ATK of all parties
Leader+30% ATK Buff(Water Units) a 30 combo is performed -> +10% ATK buff (Water Units) (Max +60%)

World Flipper Tier List – Cagliostro >>

Rank for CagliostroTier 4
ClassDecent healer
SkillOuroboros leaps in front, inflicting thunder DMG on nearby foes/restores the HP of all parties

Belsidia – World Flipper Tier List >>

Rank for Belsidia  Tier 2
Class Deadeye
Skill opens a dimensional rift before the closest target, sacrificing HP to inflict dark DMG on all foes in that direction

World Flipper Tier List – Inaho >>

World Flipper Tier List Rank for InahoTier 4
SkillSummons lightning, inflicting thunder DMG, and paralyze all foes on the field

She can do plenty of things but doesn’t excel in any particular aspect also Inaho can do well with Nephtim in a team.

World Flipper Tier List – Nephtim >>

World Flipper  Tier List Rank for NephtimTier 2
SkillInflicting light DMG on hit and nearby foes, increases fever gauge, summons a meteor shower

Vagner – World Flipper Tier List >>

World Flipper Tier List Vagner RankTier 4
SkillInflicting flame DMG on foes in front, Breathes a burst of flame

Not a good unit to invest your time in this.

World Flipper Tier List – Suizen >>

World Flipper Tier List Suizen RankTier 4
SkillInflicting water DMG and poison on nearby foes for a period of time, Encloses self in a magic circle

Suizen is not a good unit to invest in.

World Flipper Tier List – Leon >>

World Flipper Tier List Leon RankTier 3
SkillInflicting wind damage on foes in front, increases the ATK of all parties, Stirs up a tornado

Leon is not a good unit to invest in.

Eclair – World Flipper Tier List >>

World Flipper  Tier List Eclair RankTier 3
SkillInflicting light DMG on foes she bumps into, Launches forward like an iridescent bolt, grants pierce to all allies for a short period of time

You can do well when paired in a team with Razlet, but units like ELLYA and Keira do well.

World Flipper Tier List

World Flipper Tier List – S Tier To D Tier

World Flipper Tier List includes all the great and strong characters and also the weak characters This tier list includes the list from tier S to tier D.

S Tier List –

The characters on this list are extremely powerful characters who stand out against most enemies on the field

PhilliaSword5 Star
SiltyStaff5 Star
RizelleFist4 Star
ClarisseSword5 Star
LazeltSpecial5 Star
VeronSword5 Star
AliceFist4 Star

A Tier List –

The characters in this tier list are quite powerful. But it is less powerful than the characters in the S tier.

CagliostroFist5 Star
SoniaSpecial5 Star
MarinaFist5 Star
NephtimArcher5 Star
BercetiaSpecial5 Star
SuizenFist5 Star
InahoSword5 Star

B Tier List

The characters coming in B tier list are less powerful than S and A tier list but then I have to fight well in these characters but you might not like the strength and performance of these characters.

AlmArcher4 Star
EcreelSword5 Star
LeonArcher5 Star
WagnerSpecial5 Star
LannerSword4 Star
MurakumoSword5 Star

C Tier List

You will not be happy with the characters of this tier list. Because they can’t make you happy. If you choose these characters then your performance in the game is also going to be weak.

RamsStaff4 Star
RegisSwordsman4 Star
JayFist4 Star
ArisaSpecial4 Star
DearSupport4 Star
AsukirimaruArcher4 Star
ArcSpecial4 Star
ShiroSword4 Star

World Flipper Banners – Currently Active (New Faces)⇩

  • Sera
  • Sohvi
  • Harlisha
  • Kyrie

Pull New Faces Banner⇩

This banner is slightly smaller than the previous New Faces banner, featuring one of the game’s best characters: Sera. Able to slip into almost any Thunder team for the foreseeable future, thanks to his 100 percent starting ability gauge for mecha units, he’s absolutely brilliant. Likewise, Kyrie can fill in for Noen if you miss him early on, and Sohvi is known to be a pretty good leader for Water Power shift teams. No one talks about Harisha.

World Flipper Reroll Process⇩

Knowing how to do World Flipper Replay will make your first few hours with the game a lot easier. This patch works as of 0.0.30. Here is how to do it:

  • Start the World Flipper game and play or skip the tutorial using the guest account.
  • Name your account/character.
  • Use 1,500 lobstar beads to draw the starter banner.
  • Claim rewards pre-registration from your in-game mailbox.
  • Drag using them as well.
  • To delete your account click MENU and use the Unregister game button in the account menu.
  • Create a fresh account and repeat the steps until you get the desired Word Flipper characters.
  • When replaying World Flipper, the general idea is to replay until you search one or more 5-star S-Tier or higher characters. 4-star characters are basically guaranteed on the opening bridge and shouldn’t be viewed as a lucky break.

You’ll want to use the World Flipper Repeat method until you search for a powerful 5-star character like Veyron, Celty, Razelt, or even the 3-star Sha Susu.

How To Get Murakumo in World Flipper⇩

One of the 5-star characters on the World Flipper Tier list just can’t be obtained via normal gacha. No matter the banner, you won’t be able to use Lodestone Beads to add to your collection.

Instead, Murakumo, which sees repeated use early, can only be obtained through the Orochi boss battles unlocked at the end of Chapter 6. You can get them by completing battles in the Boss menu or by exchanging accumulated tokens. Victory.

Some Beginner Mistakes to Avoid for World Flipper⇩

  • Avoid pulling the gun banner unless you are a whale – You’ll benefit more from having a more diverse group of characters. You will receive valuable equipment from events anyway. Lodestone beads are difficult to find.
  • Don’t spend too much time farming resources too quickly – It makes more sense to build a strong team early on and use it to accelerate physical farming.
  • Join a community like Discord or Reddit – There are many cooperative aspects to World Flipper. You are more likely to delete content with friends rather than at random. Join Discord to find some friends.
  • Pay attention to whatever is happening at that time – Like another Cygames title, dragalia Lost, some powerful characters and gear are locked behind limited-time events. Get them before they run out.
  • Focus first on teaming up with specific items.
  • Rainbow teams are fine for the latter, but you’ll have a much easier time clearing stuff up if you use basic team synergy.

As long as you follow our replay steps thoroughly and settle for the best, you shouldn’t have much trouble building teams capable of clearing early game content.

However, the above World Flipper Tier List and reroll steps will definitely help. Lodestone beads are never easy to find once you’ve cleared the stories and events. Careful planning of your extractions will make finding new material a little less stressful.

World Flipper Tier List – FAQs

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