Where To Buy PS5 2022 (Janaury)- Latest Offers & Updates

Where To Buy PS5

If you want to buy your first ps5 game but you are confused about that Where To Buy PS5 so don’t worry in this post you will get all the ps5 latest updates on where to buy ps5.

Want to buy PS5? Here Are All the Retailers You Should Check Out Restocks Now

Many people are still wondering where to buy the PS5, and recent updates aren’t too optimistic to end the PS5 restock situation. However, we’ve been seeing regular drops throughout the week, so those who stick to it can still buy the PS5 despite the doom and gloom.

That’s why we recommend staying away from reseller sites, even if the added cost isn’t reaching the highs of $1,000 we’ve seen in the past. Best Buy, Sony Direct, and Walmart rolled out a buyout of the PS5 last week, so all is not lost—though finding a PS5 restock may take a little more work.

In the UK, those wondering where to buy the PS5 should head to Very, Games, Amazon, and Tesco for more updates. Meanwhile, in Australia, the situation regarding PS5 stock is equally dire. However, the stock arrives in small batches to Australian retailers every few weeks.

PS5 restocks are still incredibly rare, which is why we’re showing you where to buy the new console in both the US and UK. Keep bookmarking this page, because we’ll bring you all the latest updates as they arrive, and keep in touch with the retailers below – you never know when you’ll hit more stock.

We don’t know how far Amazon Prime Day 2022 will go to give the PS5 more chances to buy, but you’ll find all the latest updates right here.

Where To Buy PS5 in US

If You are in US and want to buy ps5 so here is a complete list of stores that you can buy your ps5

Where To Buy PS5


Amazon is an excellent option to buy the PS5 when it comes in stock—with fast, free shipping and a storefront that many can browse through quickly. However, it’s worth noting that while Amazon doesn’t have any stock directly on its shelves, it will point you to third-party sellers who are driving up those prices significantly. This console isn’t worth picking up as there are more & more PS5 restocks at the right MSRP.

Best Buy

We were previously seeing this Best Buy PS5 stock spring back to life with some refreshes, and a few minutes live over the weekend, but it now appears to be sold out (though it’s worth checking regularly). We’ll keep an eye here, though, as more stock flashes may appear in the future.

  1. Walmart: check for updates
  2. Best Buy: check for updates
  3. Target: check for updates
  4. Amazon:  check for updates
  5. GameStop: check for updates
  6. Sony Direct: check for updates
  7. Costco:  in stock for members
  8. Antonline:  check for updates
  9. B&H Photo: check for updates
  10. Newegg: check for updates
  11. Sam’s Club: check for updates
  12. Adorama: check for updates

As of now, we have seen the PS5 Digital Edition selling out fast in the US, but that is to be expected as it’s a cheaper console and sold out very quickly in the pre-order period. We’re bringing you all the latest information on where to buy the PS5 Digital Edition below, so keep checking those links out.

  1. GameStop: check for updates
  2. Target: check for updates
  3. Best Buy: check for updates
  4. B&H Photo: check for updates
  5. Amazon: check for updates
  6. Sam’s Club: check for updates
  7. Walmart: check for updates
  8. Sony Direct: check for updates
  9. Newegg: check for updates

Where to Buy PS5 Accessories in the USA

PS5 DualSense Controller

Amazon has the PS5 DualSense controller in stock right now for $69.96 — but we don’t know how long this inventory will last because we’ll place your order as soon as the day passes.

You’ll still get the PS5 controller in stock at Best Buy for the same price.

[content-egg-block template=offers_grid groups=”PS5 DualSense Controller”]

PS5 Pulse 3D Headset

Buying the PS5 Pulse 3D headset has been tough so far, but Amazon has refreshed stock on the official headphones. It’s out of stock now, unfortunately — though we’ll keep checking in for more updates and also keeping an eye on Best Buy for another chance

[content-egg-block template=offers_grid groups=”PS5 Pulse 3D Headset”]

PS5 DualSense Charging Station

Target currently has a PS5 DualSense charging station available for store pickup in a few locations right now (though we’re currently seeing a lot of out-of-stock messages). If there isn’t a store near you, it’s also worth keeping an eye on Best Buy, which previously had stock available.

[content-egg-block template=offers_grid groups=”PS5 DualSense Charging Station”]

PS5 HD Camera

If you’re looking to use your PlayStation VR headset with your brand new PS5, you’ll want to go straight to the HD camera accessory. The good news is, Amazon is one of the few retailers with this specific peripheral in stock today.

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Where to buy PS5 – Which US retailers will have new stock?

Where To Buy PS5


Amazon has intermittently had the PS5 in stock since pre-orders opened, but each time it flies off shelves in a heartbeat. However, Amazon is worth keeping an eye on, as we expect it to get more stock in the near future — plus you can get fast, free delivery if you’re also a Prime member.

Best Buy

Best Buy had a flash of the new PS5 stock before Black Friday but has been quiet since. Keep an eye out, though, as more units may arrive anytime.


Newegg had a brief amount of PS5 stock on launch day, but it quickly sold out. We are expecting more stock to become available in the next waves so stay tuned for more updates.


We’ve seen the PS5 pop up quite a bit at Gamestop over the past few months, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the retailer as new stock could land at any time. GameStop also offers bundles with all the accessories and games included (for their regular prices) to deter scalpers, and it’s these bundles we usually see with these bundles stuck in stock for a while.


Walmart has seen a few PS5 restocks over the past month, however, so things seem to be going well now. Where previously we used to see a new date for stock, the PS5 is now listed as out of stock.

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If you are struggling to buy a PS5, you have another option. StockX is an amazing marketplace for retailers that allows sellers to post an asking best price, then buyers to post a buy price and an immediate transaction when both requests are met & done. Prices are, obviously, a bit high here, but unlike eBay StockX all products are shipped to their warehouse for inspection before they are shipped to you. We’d recommend waiting a while for this first wave of stocks, but if you’re desperate, there are plenty of stocks out there today that make this a reliable option.


Hope you like this post in this post we provide you all the complete information about Where To Buy PS5 and provide you all the online store details where you buy. so using our post details buy your latest ps5 game and play well.

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