Warzone Bunker Codes (April 2023) – Bunker, Locations, Map 

Warzone Bunker Codes

COD Warzone Bunker Codes – Are you a player of call of duty and need some warzone bunker codes? so you are at the best spot here you will get all call of duty warzone bunker codes with bunker locations.


Call of Duty Warzone has 12 bunkers numbered from 0 to 11. Some of these bunkers, such as the Rebirth Island Bunker, are just cool easter eggs, while gamers can access some of them in search of better gear.

There are mainly 2 ways to reach these places. The 1st way is to use a red access card, and the 2nd is to enter an eight-digit warzone bunker code. In this post, we provide a detailed description of all Warzone bunker codes along with an overview of each location & map.


Last Post Update On – 18 April 2023

Warzone Bunker Codes (April 2023)

Here is the complete list of warzone bunker codes that you can unlock locations by typing the 8 digit unique code listed below.

  • Prison – 72948531
  • Farmland – 49285163
  • TV Station – 27495810
  • North Junkyard – 87624851
  • South Junkyard – 97264138
  • Park (Nuke) – 60274513

Warzone Bunker Prison Code

Warzone Bunker Codes

Just sitting west of the Zordaya Prison more Complex is a small shack. This shack actually looks completely unremarkable and can’t be easily entered, but before the nuke event, it had a keypad on the doo.


If returns the keypad, you can use the Prison code, and head inside to grab some amazing loot. The Prison code of Warzone Bunker is 72948531 you can simply copy and get the Prison Location in COD


Warzone Bunker Farmland Code

Warzone Bunker Codes

The Farmland code of Warzone Bunker is 49285163 you can simply copy and get the Farmland Location in COD


Warzone Bunker TV Station Code

Warzone Bunker Codes

TV stations can be a tricky place to set up. but should you land just a little to the east, you will find another shack that used to be locked with a keypad. You no longer need to enter the code, but if it comes back keypad, here is the code you had to enter earlier.


The TV Station Warzone Bunker Code is 27495810 you can simply copy and get the TV Station Location in COD


Warzone Bunker North Junkyard Code

Warzone Bunker Codes

The North Junkyard code of Warzone Bunker is 87624851 you can simply copy and get the North Junkyard Location in COD


Warzone Bunker South Junkyard Code

Warzone Bunker Codes

The South Junkyard code of Warzone Bunker is 97264138 you can simply copy and get the South Junkyard Location in COD


Warzone Bunker Park (Nuke) Code

Warzone Bunker Codes

The Park (Nuke) code of Warzone Bunker is 60274513 you can simply copy and get the Park (Nuke) Location in COD


COD Warzone Bunker Locations

COD Warzone Bunker Locations

Here is the list of all original Warzone bunker locations. If you are searching for the new bunkers which require Warzone Bunker Codes to access, so above we mention all call of duty warzone bunker codes.

Above you can also take a look at the map if you need a visual reference. Though do be aware that some warzone locations are close together so the indicators on the map may have some errors. If you are confused then the below descriptions should make things

  • 00: On the West coast south of Promenade, head down the cliff as if you are going out of bounds to search the path to this mischievously hidden spot.
  • 01: North of the go southwest of Boneyard and kart track.
  • 02: Drive the road north along with the previous bunker.
  • 03: Right next to 02 bunker, but you will need to drop through a trap door.
  • 04: Dam Southeast, in the cliffs above the sign large Russian.
  • 05: On the Crash Site west side.
  • 06: On the far east side of the map between Lumber and Quarry, above the train tunnel.
  • 07: East of the northeast of Stadium, TV station. See for another trap door.
  • 08: Opposite 07 bunker, steps inside head down.
  • 09: Prison Northeast, cut into the cliff the below bridge.
  • 10: Tavorsk Park South of on Verdansks southern edge.

Looting Bunkers In Warzone – Best Tips

Here we mention some best tips for looting Bunkers in Warzone. These might be obvious to many pro players, but here we mention good strategies for beginners.

Importance of Vehicles

Vehicles are actually very suitable for reaching, looting bunkers, and leaving safely and quickly. However, they can also be loud, which will really attract unwanted in-game attention.

So it is necessary to leave your vehicle some distance from the actual Warzone Bunker location and then continue on foot.



Even though it sucks to be on the lookout for the in-game team, one of the team players must keep an eye out for other team players that might be really approaching your location. Otherwise, it will be easy for other team players to ambush you as you get out and steal all your Warzone in-game loot.

Clear Surroundings

Even for places like the bunkers near the in-game prison, you must clear out the surrounding area 1st; otherwise, you might get actually sniped on your way out. Players have found it particularly amusing to camp Warzone bunker exits, so always ensure that it is safe for you to head inside and leave.

About COD Warzone Bunker

Warzone Bunker is a secret place that no one can access in the game. A few other things that are locked up and don’t reveal are password-locked computers and old school phones. In this COD Warzon Bunker Codes post, we will discuss how to open a bunker in COD Warzone, what are the in-game passwords for the computer, and how to use the phone. From what we noticed recently, these items are not usable in the game yet, hopefully, an upcoming patch will bring major changes to Call of Duty Warzone.


Data miners have uncovered a key clue that explains how to get to the bunkers in the COD Warzone. It is speculated that the upcoming update will activate the user of the access card in Call of Duty Warzone. Key cards seem like the only way to unlock the bunker doors.

COD Warzone Bunker Doors Open Using Access Cards

No one has been able to do this yet, but Red Access cards are commonly found in Legendary loot drops in COD Warzone. According to various news sources, it is also true that there are 2 more types of keycards in the game.

They are green and blue, indicating that there are different types of bunker levels in Warzone. Depending on the type of access, you will unlock weapons, safe houses, workstations, etc. in the COD Warzone game.


A bunker is usually a secure hiding place in a war zone or something that can take the place of a lobby. gamers can gather or hide from incoming attacks, making these locations the perfect place to reload, consumables collect, and many more. Some of the bunkers that we saw are empty and large ones.

In a recent interview, call of duty developers revealed the secret behind the game’s 190 GB download size. They have aimed toward different game modes and realistic graphic textures that lead to the sheer size of the game. It also appears to hint at COD getting a ton of new content via updates and DLC in the future.

Recent updates have added keycards to the game, with players reported to search them in loot boxes. However, they are doing nothing, just taking up an inventory slot. Next up will be another update that will activate items that will allow gamers to unlock bunker doors & computer terminals. There are more than 11 bunker doors in the keyboard game if you interact with them, the sound will be rejected unless you have the correct code.


It is not yet clear how the access card will play a role in unlocking the bunkers, but as new patches line up, gamers will be able to use this access card to unlock some. A Twitch user could enter the bunker door via a glitch, sadly it was empty.

COD Warzone Bunker New Update

That is true Bunker in Call of Duty Warzone can be unlocked using the key card. You will need to find the access cards to unlock the bunker doors hidden in the golden orange legendary case.

Boxes are rare, but you can search for them inside airport hangars and you will also have a red access card in a blue box. There is a new card indicator in the bottom left of the screen, next to the health and armor bars. A card icon shows the number of access cards you actually have.


In general, Call of Duty Warzone has 12 bunkers, the red card will allow you to access five bunkers. One common thing about all these 5 bunkers is that you don not need a separate entrance, your passcode and gate machines are right outside the building.

Inside the bunker, you will unlock a ton of loot. You will find many orange and blue colored boxes. There is another door under the bunker that cannot be unlocked with a bunker code warzone red access code.

Non-keypad Warzone Bunker

If you want to access the loot inside the bunker without a keyboard, you will need to search for a red access card first. These cards are quite rare and can only be found inside legendary crates, and even then they are not guaranteed. But securing an access card is only half the battle, now you need to get to the bunker in one piece.


This is easier said than done, as gamers will keep flocking to these places hoping to snatch the goodies for themselves. And there is always the danger that gamers will try to steal your card before they have a chance to use it. If you make it to the Warzone Bunker in one piece, congratulations enjoy getting your rewards.

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COD Warzone Bunker 11

Bunker 11 works differently than the other bunkers you will find in Warzone. It is located northwest of the military base and you don’t need an access card for it. There is a lot of work involved to get the loot in and you will need to know to track multiple phones and translate Russian.


It’s not just about finding an old phone. You will need to locate a phone that plays a message in Russian – any phone marked with blue icons on the map is likely correct. Once you find it and hear the message then you have written them down and you can move on to the next step.

Now that you have all 3 numbers, look at the map below to find the numbers. These are tailored to specific phones, so it should be easy to determine which phones to look for. You must meet them in order to hear them in the original message. Visit each one and listen to the messages they play.

Warzone Bunker Codes

Warzone Bunker Codes FAQs

Here are some FAQ of Warzone Bunker Codes


Q. How many Warzone Bunker Codes are Available in the COD Game?

Ans. Currently, 6 Warzone Bunker Codes are available in the game that covers all of the Warzone Bunkers.

Q. How to Access the Loot inside the Bunker Without a Keyboard?

Ans. If you want to access the loot inside the bunker without a keyboard so you need a red access card.

Q. How Many Bunkers in COD Warzone Game?

Ans. 12 Bunkers are available in the COD Warzone Game that is numbered from 00 to 11.


Q. What is the Park Bunker Code Warzone?

Ans. Park Bunker Code is 60274513.

Q. What are all Call Of Duty Warzone Bunker Codes?

Ans. All COD Warzone Bunker Codes are Prison – 72948531, Farmland – 49285163, TV Station – 27495810, North Junkyard – 87624851, South Junkyard – 97264138, and Park (Nuke) – 60274513.


Hopefully, you like our post on COD Warzone Bunker Codes which will help you to get bunker locations and a lot of loots. Also, we mentioned complete information about all bunkers and getting into a non-keypad Warzone bunker and Red Access Card. If you have any questions related to Warzone Bunker Codes then ask in the comment box.


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