War Of The Visions Tier List : (Oct. 2023) (WOTV List!)

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War Of The Visions Tier List | War Of The Visions Tier List 2023 | War Of The Visions Tier List October 2023

Hello guys, hope you all are good in this article we provide War of the visions tier list that will help you to choose best and amazing UR units.

War Of The Visions Tier List 2023 – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a tactical RPG inspired by the Final Fantasy Tactics series. War of the visions features 3D, grid-based combat & includes a huge roster of different characters to choose from, including some best familiar faces from other popular Final Fantasy titles.

The ranking of each of the units in War of the Visions is a hotly debated topic, and how each character is used can greatly affect their performance.

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Our War of the Visions tier list ranks all UR units currently available in the global version of the game and provides instructions on how to reroll if you don’t get the units you need from the start and get this units.

So, without wasting time, let’s get into our The War of Visions tier list.

Last Tier List Update – 04 October 2023

War Of The Visions Tier List 2023 – UPDATE!

Here we provide War Of The Visions Tier List that will helps you to get best units.

Tier ListCharacters (UR Units)
Tier – A Phoebe
Luartha (Winter)
Warrior of Light
Kilphe (Summer)
Kilphe (Summer Swimsuit)
Glaciela (Dress Up)
Jayden Rundall
Sterne Leonis (Knight of Ruin)
Viktora (Winter)
Violet and more.
Tier – BGargas
Glaciela Wezette
Little Leela (Halloween)
Khury Wezette
Corwell and More
Tier – CMacherie Hourne
Lilyth (Summer)
Agrias Oaks
Delita Heiral
Kitone (Summer)
Cecil (Paladin)
Cidolfus Orlandeau
Luartha and more.
Tier – DVallaide
Little Leela
Tier – SAlstoria
Tifa (FFVII)
Helena (Black-Robed Witch)
Starlight Elena
Elsirelle (Summer)
Glaciela (Regalia)
Aranea and more.

In every Gacha game, one thing is certain. Power creep is a real thing and affects the meta. To be expected up to a point, of course. Brilliant new units are released and they are getting a little bit stronger than the rest somehow. In the long run, that makes older units feel a bit weak in comparison.

With that said, in this article, we will take a look at all the units in War of the Visions and try to rank them from S to D. Note that EX-work is taken into account.

S Tier List WOTV

  • Elsirelle (Summer)
  • Salire (Valentine)
  • Oberon Heindler
  • Aranea
  • Grace
  • Noctis
  • Cloud (FFVII)
  • Jume
  • Starlight Elena
  • Duane
  • Helena
  • Prompto
  • Golbez
  • Glaciela (Regalia)
  • Helena (Black-Robed Witch)
  • Mont (King of Leonis)
  • Ranan
  • Tifa (FFVII)
  • Salire
  • Celes
  • Y’shtola
  • Locke
  • Alstoria
  • Mont Leonis
  • Yuna
  • Goffard Gaffgarion

A Tier List WOTV

  • Gilgamesh
  • Joker
  • Violet
  • Rairyuu
  • Rafale
  • Ildyra
  • Moore
  • Cetia
  • Kilphe (Summer Swimsuit)
  • Lara Croft
  • Warrior of Light
  • Cowell
  • Kilphe (Summer)
  • Ibara
  • Jayden Rundall
  • Glaciela (Dress Up)
  • Tidus
  • Phoebe
  • Bellis
  • Charlotte
  • Zazan the Unkillable
  • Macherie (Winter)
  • Viktora (Winter)
  • Resnick
  • Luartha (Winter)
  • Sterne Leonis (Knight of Ruin)
  • Auron
  • 9S
  • 2B
  • Kitone

B Tier List WOTV

  • Robb Hourne
  • Viktora
  • Sakura
  • Verlic
  • Minwu
  • Rain
  • Frederika
  • Mediena
  • Queen
  • Salire (Sweetheart)
  • Aerith
  • Khury Wezette
  • Niv’Lu
  • Moore
  • Lilyth (Summer Swimsuit)
  • Seymore
  • Vinera Fennes
  • Camillo
  • Kitone (Summer Swimsuit)
  • Xiza
  • Lasswell
  • Elsirelle
  • Raviesse
  • Corwell
  • Helena Leonis
  • Whisper (Sasayaki)
  • Ayaka
  • Grace
  • Valouch
  • Engelbert
  • Nasha
  • Glaciela Wezette
  • Margritte
  • Garvall
  • Adelard
  • Vinera Fennes (Winter)
  • Velric
  • Velne
  • Barret
  • Meriluke
  • Falm
  • Remure
  • Lemuré
  • Owe
  • Schuzelt
  • Little Leela (Halloween)
  • Muraga Fennes
  • Louelle
  • Fina
  • Shadowlynx
  • Ramada
  • Lorenzo
  • Loreila
  • Kain
  • Gargas
  • Sterne Leonis
  • Dario Hourne
  • Lameiga

C Tier List WOTV

  • Tyrrell
  • Vistralle
  • Agrias Oaks
  • Oelde Leonis
  • Aileen
  • Rairyuu (Halloween)
  • Ramada (Winter)
  • Kilphe
  • Luartha
  • Cadia
  • Delita Heiral
  • Yerma
  • Cidolfus Orlandeau
  • Oldoa
  • Kitone (Summer)
  • Mustadio Bunanza
  • Macherie Hourne
  • Mariale
  • Lu’cia
  • Miranda
  • Ramza Beoulve
  • Rhaldor
  • Lilyth (Summer)
  • Lucio
  • Howlet
  • Cecil (Paladin)

D Tier List WOTV

  • Skahal
  • Rosa
  • Little Leela
  • Naiah
  • Thancred
  • Yuni
  • Baelo
  • Serjes
  • Sosha
  • Severo
  • Murmur
  • Vallaide
  • Vadim

Note: the tier list is subject to change. This tier list also includes EX work for a unit under consideration.

Tier list of units in War of the Visions, sorted from S+ to C

No matter which gacha game, one thing is true. There is no doubt that power creep is a real thing and it affects the meta. It’s to be expected to a certain extent of course. There are new units being released and every time they are a little more powerful than the rest, somehow. Over time, that makes the older units feel somewhat inadequate.

Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at all the units in War of the Visions and try to put them in tiers starting from C all the way to S+. Keep in mind that the EX job is taken into account.


FFBE WOTV SS Tier 2023

Here We provide FFBE WOTV tier list 2023 update

SS Tier – Orlandeau

Orlandeau is one of the famous units that is a great damage dealer. He has great survivability and also amazing boasts impressive & long-range abilities.

Orlandeau has ultimate long-range attacks, good passive ability and high survivability, but has little mobility.


S Tier – Lucia

Lucia has powerful long-range attacks, good at killing tank heroes, and has very good raw stats, but sometimes it has a low magic defense.

S Tier – Rain

Rain is good at tank magic, he can use his limit burst on his first move, nice downsides, however, he needs his event weapon leveled to the max and hard to find a good vision card to match.

S Tier – Miranda

Miranda has excellent support spells, Miranda can use Limit Burst on the first turn and has good survivability, however, she needs to be fully awake.

S Tier – Mediena

Mediena is quite versatile in any type of content and is one of the strongest agricultural units in the wotv game.

She is excellent at auto farming, she can use limit burst on the first turn, she has a flare spell by the end of the game that’s amazing .

However, she has little survivability and is not strong in the late-game auto arena.

S Tier – Sterne Leonis

Sterne is one of the biggest single-target damage dealers in the game. Due to his Shuriken ability, he can attack enemies from afar.

He has very high single target damage, good mobility, however he has poor survivability.

S Tier – Frederika

Frederika is able to make kites at her enemies with strong initial shots before they can damage her. She has long-range attacks, strong in sand but slow in farming and not good at pve.

S Tier – Gilgamesh

It has a strong Kotetsu ability, has good buffs, and is excellent for farming. however, it has to be level 80 or higher to shine and it is very difficult to limit breakage.

S Tier – Ayaka

Ayaka shows her true potential & power in Tower mode and sometimes on certain PvP arena teams. She is the best healing and polishing unit in the game and can also deal magic damage. She is only used for PVP and tower.

S Tier – Engelbert

It is the best tank in the game, it can weaken enemies and reduce the damage taken to 1. However, it only works well with high damage units.


A Tier – Fryevia

Fryevia has 2 revives and is good at taking down long-range enemies.

A Tier – Viktora

With good mobility and high damage, it is the best spear unit. But they are all easily killed.

A Tier – Kitone

Kitone has great mobility and great evasion abilities. He doesn’t have good ranged attacks.

A Tier – Ramza

Ramza works well as magic and physical damage dealer along with the ability to grant strong buffs. He has good mobility, can deal with both magic and physical damage. It has strong advantages.

A Tier – Yerma

Viking sub-job that allows you to deal impressive area damage to surrounding enemies. He has a wide variety of offensive abilities, good mobility and survivability.

A Tier – Thancred

Thancred has good survivability, good support, and can attack enemies from afar. However, there is no explosion capacity limit.

War Of The Visions Tier Coming Soon

War Of The Visions is the heartbeat of many gamers and many War Of The Visions Tier are Coming soon. the good news is An event that includes Aerith, Barret, Cloud, and Tifa is launched soon. We will add them to this tier list as soon as we have a chance to test them.

War Of The Visions Tier List Reddit

If you want to get War of the Visions tier list you can also get this list on Reddit. On Reddit War of the Visions page are available you can simply search on this page and get latest update.

Most of the time War of the Visions Reddit page has up to date but in case you do not find any update regarding War of the Visions tier list update and new features update you can also follow their fan pages.

if you join wotv fan page on Reddit you also get benefits regarding latest news, updates, tier list and all.

War Of The Visions Tier List Reddit PageCheck Here

How To Reroll In War Of The Visions

Rerolling around again in War of the Visions can be a bit of a tedious process, so we’ve put together a handy guide to walk you through the steps.

  • firstly, Complete the tutorial
  • Make the ten initial summons
  • Collect rewards for additional Visoire
  • Summon a few more!
  • If you don’t get the units you want, just delete your account and repeat the steps above until you get a good kit

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When starting a new account in War of the Visions, after completing the tutorial, you will receive ten free summons plus many free crystals and login bonuses.

After using those tickets and crystals, if you don’t like the units you received, you can delete the account and repeat the process.

You can also skip the tutorial part and the whole process shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete and get new units.

War Of The Visions Tier List – Review Video

Here, we provide War Of The Visions Tier List video for better understanding.


Gamers, in this post, you will have got all information related to War Of The Visions Tier List. In conclusion, you can get the Best UR Units for the war of the visions game and hope you like this article.

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