Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough : October 2023 Guide

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Walkthrough Update On – 01 October 2023

Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough – October 2023

Here we provide all the complete information about Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough in details so without wasting time let’s began.

Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough – V 03111 [1/2]

Here is the V 03111 (1/2) Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Follow the prompts > Next meet Diana (On Library)
  2. Simply go to Estero Key, then Home, now go to Estero Park, where you have to get the Stone of Talisman, finally give it to Diana
  3. So from now on, you can collect talismans park to get some free money
  4. Reach to the lighthouse and talk to Albert, then go to “Full Mast Bar” to get some Liquor (Like Dark Rum)
  5. Bar: Pick up the key – left, take the Game ID in Janet’s Home, you will need the key bar to open the door on the 2nd floor, then look at the key in the middle of the room. When you finally get the id, give it to Tasha bar
  6. bring the Dark Rum to Albert lighthouse and then get the binoculars in return
  7. Simply Use the binoculars on the beach, and now use them again in the Estero key to get one Naomi’s heart
  8. Meet the different girls in Cape Vedra, then go to Doctor’s office and talk to the administration, to the church, and to the Squallmart
  9. Give the talismans to Diana, then go to the parlor and receive a message of 30$
  10. Go to Estero Park and see for more talismans

Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough – V 03111 [2/2]

Here is the V 03111 (2/2) Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Sophia on Mansion
  2. Ask Janet about Sophia at Janet’s house
  3. Then go to Kaley’s room, play with the window and use the binoculars, now take the empty bottle.
  4. Talk to Alia for Estero Key twice to get the Unknown treasure
  5. Show the Talisman to Diana, then go back with Alia, and finally receive one Alia’s Heart
  6. To get the chest key Estero Park > Left key, there is also 1 page to collect
  7. Talk to Ash at Squallmart
  8. purchase the basic walkway 10$, basic fence 30$, and garden flowers 20$, use them in your house and call the Alia
  9. Buy a book price of 60$ in SquallMart and then study
  10. Find the Jade Talisman Estero Park and give it to Pricia at Parlor
  11. Buy an outfit for Alia from Store

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 06112

Here is the V 06112 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Go to Estero Park and follow the 2 guys on left, then go upstairs and take the chest key
  • Search the Small Screwdriver at the east of the park, you can see inside the cave
  • Buy the Health Insurance $60 At SqualMart and give it to the administrator from Doctor’s office
  • Leave and talk to Ash
  • Get to Janet’s house, wait until she leaves, get inside, climb the stairs, then go to the bathroom and enjoy for +one Kaley’s heart
  • Open Janet’s bedroom door with the screwdriver and simply get the erotic book
  • Go to the big library and then ask Diana about the book
  • Simply Take the book Like A Sinful Affair, Now talk to Naomi outside and give her the book
  • Buy the drink *** on the beach ( Mast Bar), now give it to Naomi (+One heart)
  • Go to the church, from taking to the church-key, now open the chest, and take on the page
  • Give the key to Ash and get all photo, Buy an outfit price of 400$ for Naomi
  • Also, buy garden plants price of 200$, Call Alia requires 5%

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 09121

Here is the V 09121 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Talk to Aaliyah (Estero Park) and get the Shovel Shaft (left)
  • Follow Claire to the cave and enjoy the view
  • From now on you can use the original temple, offer items and try to get better items in return
  • Talk to Emily (Squalmart) and also buy the Shovel Head ($80)
  • Parlor > Backyard > Take the money (boy) and handle the shovel
  • Give money to Emily (+one heart)
  • Talk to Diana (Library) and Ash (one photo requires $250)
  • Sell ​​the stone talisman to the girl on the beach if you decline her offer = $900
  • Now Doctor’s office, Diana simply needs a high powered magnet
  • Click on the bird (parking), take the MRI room key (inside), take the chest key, and also the high-powered magnet (left room).
  • Give Diana a high powered magnet (+one heart)
  • open the chest in the cave
  • Native Shrine – Uses: Jade Talisman, Shovel Shaft, Shovel Head
  • and handle shovel, get more: jade shovel
  • Show Prussia the silver amulet, if you don’t have it, get it from the original shrine – use: silver ore and 3 stone talisman, and get: silver talisman
  • Buy Emily a dress ($400), also buy a discount sofa ($1,000) and call her

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 11122

Here is the V 11122 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Follow Alia (Estero Key)
  • Buy a lighter and a pipe wrench (both $80) at squalmart
  • Use the lighter with Aaliyah (Estero’s) enjoy the scene and pick up the talisman
  • Use a pipe wrench to break three vases (outside library, outside full mast bar, and outside lighthouse)
  • Go to the full mast bar, top and fix the pipe with a pipe wrench and open the chest with the chest key (inside the vase of libraries)
  • go down, enjoy the view
  • Talk to the guy outside the library, then to Ash (Squalmart), go back to the library and talk to Ash again (Squalmart)
  • Follow Kelly (Janet’s house) and enjoy the view

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 14011

Here is the V 14011 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Library: Received also a broken camera, a silver talisman, and a church-key
  • Go Church Open the door (lower left corner) with the church key. Now Talk to Madeline, then take the chamber key and use it in another room.
  • Estero Park: To find a ginseng plant, a crafting recipe, and a circle, go left and then to the left
  • Circle and Fire: You have to activate four fires to activate the circle. There are two in the church (before the chamber door) and two in the Estero park (one in the cave and the last from the circle to the right). Light four fires and return to the circle to get one new work page.
  • Doctor’s Office: Eat the Ginseng Plant and Meet the Doctor ($140), enjoy the view, and click on Closet (lower right corner). then take the camera base and loose screw from the left room
  • Tasha minigame: wait until he looks at you and clicks on the second choice until you win and get a reward
  • Cave – Native Shrine: Small Screwdriver, Broken Camera, Camera Base, and Loose Screws Too
  • Give the camera to Ash (Squalmart), and meet him again (Church)
  • Squalmart: Buy everything under $2,000 plus new wear and metal detectors
  • call Tasha and enjoy the new scene

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Walkthrough V 16012

Here is the V 16012 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Go Church Talk to Ash, then go to squalmart
  • Estero Park: Go far, follow Claire, then collect Philweed, also collect Cockroaches and Ginseng Plant (forget it if you already have according to our walkthrough). Finally give Emily a plant of filweed and ginseng
  • Lighthouse: First talk to Diana (library), then go to the lighthouse, take the amulet (break the left vase) and interact with the chest and cellar sign. Find the key in the beach (lower left corner) and open the chest to get a new page.
  • squalmart: talk to ash > go to the library and put roaches in a box > buy sunscreen (squalmart) and talk to diana (beach) > talk to diana (the library), and finally go to the library, climb the stairs and buy a photo
  • (Estero Key also has an additional scene)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 19021

Here is the V 19021 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

Squalmart: Talk to Pricia and Emily, then go to the parlor (backyard), plant a ginseng in Prussia’s garden (you can find ginseng in Estero Park), and go to the parlor to talk to Pricia.

Library – Take the ginseng plant look outside – lower-left corner, you can sell it to Pricia at 250$

Janet’s house: Backyard, then the living room, talk to Janet and Naomi, go to the kitchen, and get some iced tea (refrigerator). Go up > Janet’s room and also take wine (nightstand) and shoelaces (bathroom). Give Naomi and Janet wine, watch the scene, and go to Kelly’s room.

Lighthouse: Get a photo at squalmart, go to Lighthouse > Basement, and talk to Albert twice: Damaged Shoes, Take Crate Page, and Open Chest (Password 684)

Buy shoe glue at squalmart, and find the crafting page at Full Mast Bar > Men’s Room. Search in

Kev (Crafting): The recipe for Stompin’ Boots is: Leather Gloves + Damaged Boots + Shoeless + Shoe Glue. Stompin’ Boots, You Can Pass From Poisonous Insects

Full Mast Bar: Carbon Shovel Shaft and Chest Key

Estero Park: Go where the scorpions were, and also pick up the Ultra Shovel Handle, a Crafting Page, and Golden Talisman. To open the chest you have to give the goose by antacid tablet (squalmart)

To complete this update you’ll need to talk to Diana (the library), buy and invite outfits for Prussia (Squalmart) (curtains require $2,500 and Yard Trees $4,000)

Walkthrough V 21022

Here is the V 21022 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Talk to Emily (Library) and get all the books, then give her the Perennials of Cape Vedra
  • Go to Estero Park, then take the heavy cord (doctor’s office)
  • Buy a metal hook (SQUALmart), then combine heavy cord + metal hook to get a grappling hook, and use that to get red ginseng, then give red ginseng to Emily
  • Take the gaffer tape (Estero Park – on the left) with the grappling hook, then get the wrench grip (Cave – Estero Park – on the right).
  • Craft a pickaxe at Native Shrine: Wrench Grip + Gaffer Tape + Grappling Hook + Pipe Wrench (the crafting page is not on the left of the park)
  • Go to Estero Key, see the view, then go deep into Estero Key and use the pickaxe on the rock to enter the cave. Light the bowl (Look left side) with the lighter, now take the torch upper right
  • Go to church, take the key to the chest and meet Madeline
  • Go to the church again, go through the left door, and break the pillar (right) with an ax. then open the box and break the vase to get the pages and the money
  • meet ash in the parlor
  • Eat Red Ginseng, Go to the Doctor and Pay $140 (You Can Find the Plant in Estero Park)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 23031

Here is the V 23031 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Cave > Follow Claire and solve the puzzle
  • Open the Ark of the Unknown Treasure and Show it to Diana (Library)
  • Talk to Tasha (Estero Park), then go to Janet’s bedroom
  • Meet with Ash at the Full Mast Bar, now simply talk to Tasha at the bar
  • Meet Diana (the library) and take notes from her desk, then light the light bulb on the right and turn off the left
  • Use the secret key on the box outside the library (top right corner)
  • go to your bedroom
  • Talk to Madeline (Her Room – Church)
  • See a stone near a pillar? Break the pillar with the ax and put the stone on the hole (top), then take the key to the chest
  • Estero Park > Left – Top – Right – Right > Open the Chest

Walkthrough V 25032

Here is the V 25032 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Doctor’s Office > Tomography Room > Take Original Container and Nitroglycerin
  • Craft the Rock Bomb: Basic Container + Nitroglycerin + Jade Talisman (Estero Park) + Silver Talisman (Estero Park)
  • Go to the west of the cave and use the rock bomb with the stone blocking the way
  • Light the bowl on the left, collect the coins and break the vase near the exit with a pickaxe to get a more basic container (remember where the chest is)
  • Build another bomb and use it in front of the previous one
  • Snake puzzle: move the stone out of the way and stop the exit
  • Take the barrel and place the stone you placed in the top left corner of the screen to exit. Take the key to the chest and open the last chest (near the coins)
  • snake Jessica (doctor)
  • talk to Janet (her house)
  • Go to Estero Key and talk with them. you need to build another rock bomb there and use it
  • Talk to Kelly (Doctor’s Office and in the Cave of Estro Park)
  • go where you collected the coins and take the pirate diary
  • Show Diana the locket (the library), and Madeline (the church) the pirate diary
  • Buy: Dress for Kelly, a ceiling job, recliner, and end table
  • invite kelly home

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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 27041

Here is the V 27041 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

Talk to Pricia (Library) > Go to Estero Key > Buy Kayak License Test (Squallmart $250)

Kayak License Exam (List) Answer: Sunscreen, West 15+ Knots, Bear and South Take the Ranger Test

Follow the ranger (Estero Park) > talk to Diana (West > to the river), then place the stone on the plate to open the path

Pick up items at the new location and go back with Diana

Return to the island and break the rock (hard side) with the pickaxe to get some quartz

Go to the northwest side of the park and break another rock to get some fossils

Talk to Emily (SQUALmart), and buy alumina

Talk to Ash (parking lot) to take a photo

Craft the Ant Killer (Cave)

Simply go to your inventory, then open the old map, and now get the chest key (under the tree)

Go to the island, kill the insects with ant killer and take the maca plant. There is a chest on the east side of the island, get a page to open it

Give the plant to Prussia (Parlor) > Visit Sofia’s Mansion > Talk to Diana (Library)

Walkthrough V 30042

Here is the V 30042 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Go to Full Mast Bar > Talk to Albert (Backyard) > Have drinks (next to Tasha) and give:
  • Rum: For Albert’s
  • Whiskey: To the left man
  • Beer: For the Right Man
  • Margarita: To the man in the middle
  • Mojito: For the boy in the upper left corner
  • Buy peanuts (SQUALmart) and go back to the bar to get Tasha’s heart > talk to Albert and Ash (parking lot) to take a photo)
  • Talk to Diana (Cave) > Go to Janet’s House
  • Rat Trap Recipe Ingredients: Plastic Wrap + Roach + Gaffer Tape + Basic Container
  • Plastic Wrap: Buy it at squalmart
  • Cockroach: Catch It (Full Mast Bar > Toilet)
  • Original container: Break off vase found in the lower left corner of the backyard
  • Talk to Janet > Enter the house and talk to her again > Investigate the rat trap
  • Now you need to make bombs to blow up the wall in the lighthouse
  • Rock Bomb Ingredients: Nitroglycerin + Basic Container (find it at Lighthouse) + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman
  • Use Rock Bomb on the basement of the Lighthouse (Blow up the Wall)
  • You can break the floor in front of the stairs, do this to get the key to the chest
  • Go to Full Mast Bar > Backyard > Open Chest to Get Pages
  • Buy a dress for Jessica, see the last page you got, and invite Jessica home

V 32051

Here is the V 32051 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Go to squalmart > talk to emily (if you didn’t before) > talk to diana (library) > go to the cave with Claire and solve the puzzle (see the solution in the previous cave) > finally find the dolomite with the pickaxe take along
  • go down > go to the left and click on the block (there are 6) > insert the tikpak artifact into a shiny shape > clear the stones under the stairs to search a new page, now take the pirate diary
  • Top (skip): The chest is hidden under a tree, also take the crafting page, light the bowl (top) with white sand, bait, and lighter
  • Full Mast Bar > Backyard > Light a Grill to Get Fly Ash
  • Cave: Craft Concrete (Stone Talisman + Fly Ash + White Sand + Dolomite)
  • Estero Key > Sam > Give Him Solids
  • Home >Talk to Emily > Give her Red Ginseng, Filweed and Maca Plants too
  • Naomi Calls After You Eat A Maca Plant > Doctor’s Office > Pay 140 to the Receptionist
  • Church > Madeline’s Room > Give Her the Pirate Diary > Take the Cursed Shovel from the Next Room
  • End of current update, but you can still craft:
  • Swift Shovel (Farm Talisman Sharp): Carbon Shovel Shaft + Alloy Shovel Head + Ultra Shovel Handle + Silver Talisman
  • Pirate Shovel (even faster): Cursed Shovel + Pirate Medal + Jade Talisman + Golden Talisman

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 34052

Here is the V 34052 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Janet’s house > Kelly’s room (top) > Squalmart, small screwdriver (left) > Take back Janet’s house > Kelly’s room (top) > Use the screwdriver on her door
  2. Diane (Library) > Cave > Talk to the River (North Side of the Cave) > Go to where the tiger was, turn left, pick up the camera, plant a tree, and burn the bowl too
  3. squalmern > Put three plants (Maca, Red Ginseng and Philweed) in the container and talk to Emily
  4. Behind the Library (on the left) > Break the Pillar and place the stone on the top right corner, then take the Gothic Key
  5. Park (where the tiger was) > go left > treat the peacock with peanuts and take it to the library > finally get the chest and the key to the page

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough – V 36061

Here is the V 36061 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  • Library > Follow Diana > Pick Up the Broken Key
  • Church > Madeline’s Room > Right Room > Open the Door (Gothic Key) > Go to the right and take the crate and the page of the broken key
  • Riddle: Make sure the rat gets into the gap where the snake is sitting, but it shouldn’t meet it. If you want to remove the snake, shoot arrows. Solution: The red arrow should turn to the left when you tap on the mouse, then take the broken key (left)
  • Janet’s Home > Squalmart (find the last broken key there)
  • Full Mast Bar > Janet’s House (via Back Yard) > Phone Password (third room upstairs > Password=123)
  • Parlor > Photos > Squalmart > Buy Diana Dress

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 38062

Here is the V 38062 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Tasha (Full Mast Bar) > Talk to Sofia’s Mansion: When the guards and camera aren’t watching, go through the fence (the purple flower) and also break the top vase to get the amulet (the other vases contain the material). so break them too)
  2. Open the door with the key > go to squalmart after the scene and buy alumina > then prepare the ant killer: fossil algae + alumina + quartz + rusty key
  3. Go deep into the island through the cave, take scorpion venom and also use ant killer on ants
  4. Solve the puzzle (it’ll be easier if you leave and come back a few times) and take the key to the chest, bamboo, and fireweed
  5. Squalmart > Emily’s Lab (room at the end of the store) > Keep Filweed in a container
  6. Talk to Emily (Beach) > Buy Love Potion (Squalmart) > Drink Love Potion, go to the doctor’s office and pay for Jessica’s appointment

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Walkthrough V 40071

Here is the V 40071 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Go to squalmart > parlor > full mast bar > doctor’s office > squalmart and buy a dart too
  2. Cave – Craft a Blow Dart: You’ll need Dart + Bamboo + Wings + Scorpion Venom
  3. Go with Emily (Squalmart), then go to the cave (North-West), and after the scene take the Pirate Diary and the False Amulet
  4. Cave passage: the first blocks the passage from the snake with a stone, the second stands on 2 circles to open the passage, the third moves to the new location, takes the grand amulet, old wood, and also opens the chest
  5. Give Claire the old wood, then go to the parlor and give the gorgeous amulet to Prussia
  6. Go to the church and give Madeline the pirate’s diary > get the chamber key > go to the right room using the chamber key > take the bathroom key and go to where Madeline was
  7. Cemetery: Find the key to the chest under the palm tree (to the right of the cemetery)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 42072

Here is the V 42072 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Squalmart > Cave > Follow Joy (south of the cave) > Pay attention to the number and light the bowl, a key will appear there
  2. Janet’s Home > Her Room > Confirm Her Phone Password (123)
  3. Estero Key > Naomi’s House > Attic > Take Gaffer Tape
  4. Janet’s House > Cave > Catch a Cockroach (He’ll Survive) > Tap the Rock
  5. Craft the Rat Trap: Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic Container. Buy plastic wrap at the store and take the original container from the church if you don’t have one. Build a Rat Trap When You Have All the Materials
  6. Lighthouse > Parks > Teleport > Tiger (on the right of the island) > To the right of the tiger is a vase containing the original container
  7. Go right and take the Pirate Medal, Chest, Bowl, Filweed Plant and Tikpak Treasure too
  8. move 2 stones under the palm trees (will appear when you take the pirate medallion) (stand under them to understand it)
  9. Burn the bowl and take the key to the chest from where the number (cave) was
  10. Leave the park (teleport) and show Diana the Tikpak treasure, leave the house and get a message from Tasha

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 44081

Here is the V 44081 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

Find Crafting Scrolls in the Park: Rock Bomb = Nitroglycerin + Basic Container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman

Go to Squalmart > Cave > Craft the Rock Bomb > Full Mast Bar > Fish for Jessica on the Beach (if you fail to buy the bait at the bait shop)

Next location > break base, get a basic container and go back to build another rock bomb

Church > break this wall with a rock bomb

Go to the location, and also take the broken key and spike boot from inside the vase (break it). Then teleport to the park and take the gorgeous amulet from the hidden vase

Take the Broken Key (West of the Island) and craft the Pirate Key = Pirate Medal + Gran Talisman + Broken Key + Broken Key

remember where you threw the stone, now you can open the chest with the pirate key

Visit Diana > Sophia’s Mansion > Cave Puzzle:

Find the first page here:

Solve the second cave puzzle exactly like this:

To complete this update take the Philweed plant (above, under the palm)

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Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 46082

Here is the V 46082 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Go to Library > Teleport to Estero Park > the place where the bonfire is on the right and head upstairs and take the way up
  2. Library > Behind Library > Chest Key (upper left corner) > Janet’s House > Her Room (2nd floor) Take a shower
  3. Estero Key > There is a page where the Claire event was held > Get the Jasmine, Philweed Plant and also open the Chest to get the page
  4. Profile of girls (+1 profile of Aaliyah) > West of Estero Park (Orange Light)

Walkthrough V 48091

Here is the V 48091 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Janet’s house > Kelly’s room > squalmart (buy soy sauce) > give it to Janet (Janet’s house)
  2. Library > Estero Key > Janet’s House (via Backyard) > Cemetery
  3. Estero Park (Teleport) > Get Gun Using Whip Janet > Inventory Select Old Musket, Then Small Screwdriver to Get Gunpowder > Go Through Bees (Answer) > Tap the orange bright light and use the whip > go to the river (south) turn left > use the whip on the top rocks to get the key to the chest
  4. Teleport to the beginning of the part> go left to the end of the path> then the river (up)> click on the orange light (under the palm tree)
  5. Tap on Lighthouse > Gun > Use Ammo on it
  6. Go left (new location) > take the crypt key, read the diary and also open the chest with the key > don’t forget to take the crafting page (to prepare the Jasmine Massage Oil)
  7. Cemetery > Use the Crypt Key (Chapel Door) > Take the Broken Key, Rosa Moss, and also break the vase to get the Gold Amulet
  8. Craft Jasmine Massage Oil: Jasmine + Rosa Moss + Basic Container + Love Potion > Then Give It to the Presie (Parlor)

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 51092

Here is the V 51092 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Estero Park > go to the park entrance > there will be a view > take the machete and go up > take the old pill and go up > use the amazing machete to simply cut the bushes and now keep going
  2. Go to the new location in the cave (you went there with the crew in previous versions) > 2 Rosa Moss and pick up a cockroach
  3. List > Phone > Talk to Diana
  4. Teleport to the park and go where the old bullet was > A few meetings with Diana and Claire > Go up > Take the gaffer tape and the grand talisman > Burn the bowl > The key to the now locked chest is inside the cave, down
  5. Go down the river > then left > use the machete to cut down the bush in the lower-left corner and pick up the tikpak artifacts
  6. Cave (where the stone with the Tickpak artifact is) > Use the Ticpak artifact to place it
  7. go home > then sophia’s mansion (through the fence) and give her the tikpak artifact
  8. squalmart > buy plastic wrap and go to a basic container
  9. Cave > Prepare the Rat Trap (Plastic Wrap + Gaffer Tape + Roach + Basic Container)
  10. go to the park (where you distracted the jaguar with the mouse) > use the machete to take the girl’s profile
  11. Squalmart > Give Emily the Rat Trap > Doctor’s Office > Squalmart > Buy Multivitamins (use them in a room with the girls)
  12. Buy an outfit for Claire, invite her home and use the new page
  13. Here’s another girl’s profile:

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 54101

Here is the V 54101 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

  1. Use the pickaxe to break the library (back > left), where you spawn > Open the library with the Libraries key
  2. Squalmart > Talk to Michael (Parking) > Buy Cleaning Oil and Silver Ore > Craft Loaded Muscat: Cleaning Oil + Old Bullet + Old Muscat + Silver Ore
  3. Park (where the tiger was) > Meet Ash to take a photo > Take Gunpowder, Pirate Medal, Broken Key, and Motion Detection Camera
  4. Parking > Give Michael the Camera > Squalmart > Meet Aaliyah > Full Mast Bar > Janet’s House (Her Room) > Lighthouse > Go Down (Crypt) > Use Ammo on the Gun > Go to Open Space > Take the Gothic Chest Key, Open the Broken Key and Chest (Diary + Hints)
  5. Church > Madeline’s Room > Upper Room Right > Gothic Key Open chest
  6. Chest Key = x4 Broken Keys to Open Closed Chest Craft
  7. (*) After the broken key disappears: teleport down and west until the map is over (the same where you reach with the boat), it’s near the water (thanks to Player 1!).

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Walkthrough V 56102

Here is the V 56102 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

Library > Teleport to the Jungle > Head north until you find a cave > go left to the third palm tree (starting on the right) and then go up

Park > turn left to the end > go north

Bar (Meet Claire) > Full Mast Bar > There’s an orange light on the left side of the building (from the palm trees), take it (Profile of Pricia)

Back to the Cave > Puzzle: Click on 3 circles at the same time to move Claire down and Diana to the left corner, then stand on the circle > On the left is a broken key, off a cliff

Also, take the chest key (on the circle to the right of the chest) > and another key in the second cave (use the teleport), on the left side of the stairs

squalmart > bat shop > buy a top right box (costs $5,000), also buy silver othe (if you don’t have one)

Craft: Broken Dehumidifier + Small Screwdriver + Silver Ore + Gold Talisman

Give Emily a dehumidifier (SQUALmart) > Exit the store, move to another location and return to the store > Go to the store’s parking lot.

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 58111

Here is the V 58111 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

Doctor’s Office Get Nitroglycerin from Jessica

Parlour > Get Lotion from Precia

Stores > Buy x4 Basic Container

Craft Rock Bomb: Nitroglycerin + Basic Container + Silver Talisman + Jade Talisman

Teleport to the new cave (Last Update) and blow up the middle rock with the Rock Bomb > Come inside and take the Aloe plant, also use the pickaxe to get the key to the buried chest

Exit > Go Left > New Cave (Last Update – Claire and Ash) > Teleport

Lighthouse > Basement > Take Kelly’s profile on the way > Blow up a stone block blocking a hallway > Open the chest (Burial Chest Key) and also read the crafting page

Craft Aloe Potion: Aloe Plant + Shea Butter + Ginseng Plant + Basic Container

Doctor’s Office > Give Jessica the Aloe Potion

Janet’s House > Upstairs > Sophia Mansion > Library (Talk to Diana) > Parlor (Jessica) > Squalmart

Treasure of Nadia Walkthrough V 60113

Here is the V 60113 Treasure Of Nadia Walkthrough

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