Tower Of Fantasy Reroll 2022 (Complete Guide!)

Looking for Tower of Fantasy Reroll so you are at the best spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete guide on How to Reroll Tower of Fantasy characters.

Rerolling actually takes time, also to complete the tutorial you have to farm Golden Nucleus by completing in-game quests. And the Gacha system is extremely generous, so even if you do not get them at first you can get the Tower of Fantasy character you want later on. So although we are going to show you the Tower of Fantasy Reroll guide now let’s start.

Tower Of Fantasy Reroll

Tower of Fantasy Reroll

Here is the complete process for Tower of Fantasy Reroll

First, create a new Tower of Fantasy game account and start the prologue – Use an email account to register your game account and skip cutscenes.

Then complete the game tutorial – Chain of tutorial quests in Aldia provided by Shirli and skip in-game cutscenes.

Next, unlock the Gacha System – Go to Astra Omnium Tower in the game and talk to the Scrapper to actually start the Ecological Station mission then defeat the opponents and again talk to the Scrapper.

Now unlock the Main Continent – Talk to the Scrapper to start the Simulacra Mission in the game then complete the chain of questlines and next Unlock the second map for +3 Golden Nucleus.

Final step rerolling for better pulls – Register and create a new Tower of Fantasy game account and character with a new email id.

Tower Of Fantasy Best Characters

Here is the list of best characters for Tower of Fantasy

Tier S – Tower Of Fantasy Characters

Tier S characters are the best Tower of Fantasy game characters, really OP:

  • King
  • Samir
  • Tsubasa

Tier A – Tower Of Fantasy Characters

Tier A is quite good in-game characters, not actually the best but almost

  • Cocoritter
  • Meryl

Tier B – Tower Of Fantasy Characters

Tier B characters are average characters in the game, choose them if you really like them:

  • Shiro

Tier C – Tower Of Fantasy Characters

Tier C characters are below the average in-game characters, so if you actually use them, let it be because you like them a lot in the Tower of Fantasy game:

  • Zero
  • Crow

Tower Of Fantasy Reroll Our Suggestion

Tower of Fantasy Reroll

The Gacha system of the game is really generous, so our suggestion is that you do not waste your time with the Tower of Fantasy Reroll. While above we explain who are the best characters in the game you can get, take it only as additional information.

Later it will be really simple for you to get these in-game characters playing and you do not need to reroll, it takes a long time and it is not so much worth it.


Hopefully, you enjoy this Tower of Fantasy Reroll guide. In this post, we covered how you can reroll your Tower of Fantasy character and choose the best character.

If you want to ask anything about the Tower of Fantasy Reroll guide so do comment on us and also share your valuable feedback.

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