Touhou Lost Word Tier List (April 2023) (Best Characters)

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Touhou Lost Word Tier List 2023 – Here is the all characters ranked from the Lost Word Game according to their abilities and skills. Or if you want to change your Lost Word characters then check the Reroll guide below.

Touhou Lost Words is an amazing lively gacha Role playing game with a beautiful soundtrack, deep story, and lovable good characters that are easy to love. Since the tier list of powerful and cute characters is huge, it can be difficult to determine who you should well battle.

Luckily, we are here to help make your decision easier. Our Toho Lost Word tier list guide will tell you where each global friend ranks in the grand scheme of things, and also tell you how to easily re-roll if you don’t manage to get the friends you want on your first good try.

Tier List Update – 30 April 2023

Touhou Lost Word Tier List Guide 2023 – Best Characters (April 2023)⇩

In this Touhou Lost Word tier list wiki, you will learn what to reroll, how to reroll, and the JP tier list that featuring global English characters as well to help you head start in the Touhou Lost game. So without wasting time now get to the main content Touhou Lost Word tier list & reroll guide:

Touhou Lost Word Tier List

Touhou Lost Word Tier List 2023| Global Characters List >>

The following Touhou Lost Word tier list characters global ranks in five tiers that of Tier 1 to Tier 5 characters. Touhou Lost Word tier 1 characters are the strongest and the tier 5 characters are the weakest.

Tier ListCharacters
 Tier 1Suika Ibuki
 Tier 1Marisa Kirisame
 Tier 2Reimu Hakurei
 Tier 2Youmu Konpaku
 Tier 2Medicine Melancholy
 Tier 2Yuyuko Saigyouji
 Tier 2Ran Yakumo
 Tier 2Remilia Scarlet
 Tier 3Alice Margatroid (Not good in PvE/Farm)
 Tier 3Yukari Yakumo (Not good in PvE/Farm)
 Tier 2.5Kasen Ibaraki (Good One)
 Tier 3Fujiwara No Mokou
 Tier 4Patchouli Knowledge 
 Tier 4Reisen Udongein Inaba
 Tier 4Cirno
 Tier 4Sanae Kochiya
 Tier 4Chen
 Tier 4Luna Child
 Tier 4Flandre Scarlet
 Tier 5Marisa Kirisame
 Tier 5Sakuya Izayoi
 Tier 5Lily White
 Tier 5Daiyousei
 Tier 5Nitori Kawashiro
 Tier 5Sunny Milk
 Tier 5Star Sapphire
 Tier 5Byakuren Hijiri
 Tier 5Hong Meiling

S+ Tier Characters – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Tier ListCharacters
 S+ TierYoumu (S. Saint)
 S+ TierMarisa (S. Dream)
 S+ TierToyohime
 S+ TierYuuka
 S+ TierTenshi
 S+ TierSuika
 S+ TierTewi
 S+ TierSagume

S Tier Characters – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Tier ListCharacters
 S TierRemilia
 S TierMedicine
 S TierShion
 S TierDoremy
 S TierHatate
 S TierYorihime
 S TierKoakuma
 S TierShou
 S TierMurasa
 S TierAunn
 S TierKaguya
 S TierYoumu
 S TierKosuzu
 S TierRan
 S TierYuyuko
 S TierReimu

A Tier Characters – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Tier ListCharacters
 A TierEirin
 A TierLunasa
 A TierKokoro
 A TierShizuha
 A TierBenben
 A TierMamizou
 A TierRumia
 A TierSuwako
 A TierKoishi
 A TierLyrica
 A TierYatsuhashi
 A TierMinoriko
 A TierAlice
 A TierChen
 A TierSeiga
 A TierFlandre
 A TierYuugi
 A TierMokou

B Tier Characters – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Tier ListCharacters
 B TierHina
 B TierReisen
 B TierCirno
 B TierLily White
 B TierSanae
 B TierAkyuu
 B TierMomiji
 B TierSatori
 B TierKanako
 B TierRingo
 B TierKogasa
 B TierKomachi
 B TierYukari
 B TierKasen
 B TierByakuren
 B TierLuna Child
 B TierAya
 B TierPatchouli

C Tier Characters – Touhou Lost Word Tier List >>

Tier ListCharacters
 C TierMeiling
 C TierJoon
 C TierNitori
 C TierSakuya
 C TierSeiran
 C TierNemuno
 C TierRei’Sen
 C TierDaiyaousei
 C TierClownpiece
 C TierSunny Milk
 C TierMarisa
 C TierStar Sapphire

How To Simply Touhou Lost Word Reroll⇩

if you are a seasoned gacha player, replaying should be nothing new for you. But for the benefit of reroll who have just picked up gacha games, playing again basically simple means starting a new account and reusing the resources available at the beginning of your game to get the desired characters.

The good news is that Touhou Lost Word is known for making the replay process easier than most gacha games as all the units have the same rates and there really is not a rarity aspect to it. You have the same chances of summoning all the characters that are available in the pool!

In Touhou Lost Word, as soon as you start the game, there is already a default Tutorial Roll, where you are given a forced roll of10. Now, if you don’t get the unit you want, simply roll again! Depending on the device you are playing on, you only need to do the following to play again.

Touhou Lost Word Reroll For Android users >>

  • First, Go to your android home screen and hold down on the Touhou Lost Word icon
  • Click app info
  • Press storage then clear the data
  • Now head back into the game and complete the tutorial to easily reroll.

Touhou Lost Word Reroll For iOS Users >>

  • First delete Touhou Lost Word Game
  • Then again install Touhou Lost Word Game
  • And now complete the tutorial and reroll


Touhou Lost Word is an amazing  game that really shines on its summoning aspect. It is what sets it apart from different gacha games; gamers need not worry too much about rates roll as they are the same for all in-game Friends that you esily can collect. What’s more, the game kicks off with the gamers already having more strong units in their in-game team, so you are sure to really enjoy the game right off the bat.

In addition you should do is to understand your different Friends. Elemental and stats affinities both of which are key to building a great team that will have more chance of defeating your opponents and progressing in the game story.

If you have not played Touhou Lost Word game yet, So what are you waiting for? The Touhou Lost Word game is available on Android and iOS devices, play now and enjoy.

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