The Baby In Yellow Code 2023 – (Update) (Vent Lock Code!)

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Are you searching for The Baby In Yellow Code? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the locations to find the vent lock code, the solution, the locations of the fuses, and what to do with them to escape through the elevator in The Baby In Yellow game.

Now without any delay let’s start The Baby In Yellow Code details.

The Baby In Yellow Code

The Baby In Yellow Code

The baby will continue to steal fuses in the game until they are moved to the Vent Code is located and used to open the cover in The Baby In Yellow. With every night that passes, the baby actually gets more harder and violent to pacify. As the baby becomes more hostile and meddlesome, gamers will have to solve more difficult puzzles and explore new ways to actually stop or settle them in the game.

During the first few nights, gamers will enter a chapter named Pickman’s Madness, where they have to follow a white rabbit to avoid the baby. During this in-game chapter, the elevator will actually lose power but fuses will restore it.

The fuse room is reached after completing Pickman’s apartment by stealing the in-game baby’s key. Through a few doors, gamers will enter the elevator, but it immediately loses in-game power. To restore power in the game, pink and blue fuses have to be placed in the correct boxes in the game.

However, as gamers begin placing fuses, the baby will actually steal them. There is no way to finish this section unless the baby is dealt with, but it is unclear how to stop them in the game.

The baby will have to be placed in the vent to the right of the green color lockers, but a number combination is required to be first entered. Fortunately, the vent door code can be actually found by exploring the same in-game room where the fuses are located.

How To Find The Baby In Yellow Code?

The Baby In Yellow Code is a 4-digit code, and you can actually find the numbers around the in-game room. In fact, there are two 2-digit numbers, and combined they are the code you are looking for in the game.

First 2 digits of the Baby In Yellow code – As soon as you enter the in-game room, look at the numbers that are displayed on the whiteboard that you will see on the left.

The second 2 digits of the code – You will actually find them in a note inside Baumbach’s locker in the game.

If you carefully followed our instructions then you will have found the code on your own. However, if you are a lazy person so keep reading the post and we will give you the complete solution.

Solution Of The Baby In Yellow Code

The Baby In Yellow Code

We left this solution section for last in case you only need a little help and do not want any spoilers.

The no. on the blackboard is 43 and the number on Baumbach’s locker note is 17. You need to put them together and you will get The Baby In Yellow Vent Lock Code = 4317.

What To Do After Using The Baby In Yellow Vent Lock Code?

Currently, you have everything you require to stop stealing fuses, you only need to place the ones of each color where they correspond in the game.

Place the pink and blue fuses in the in-game boxes.

  • Blue fuses → On the table near the in-game entrance
  • Pink fuses → Top shelf of Lee’s locker in the game

Once you place the fuses (blue and pink), they will be actually stolen, so you can take the baby and place them in the vent.

Place the fuses in the correct places and you can restore power to the elevator in the game. Therefore, that is all you have to be able to escape and finish this phase of the game.


Thanks for reading this The Baby In Yellow Code post. In this post, we covered the complete details of locations to find the vent lock code, the solution, the locations of the fuses, and what to do with them to escape through the elevator in The Baby In Yellow game.

Also, if you want to ask anything about The Baby in Yellow Code Answer so comment section is always open for you, Happy Gaming.

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