Temtem Tier List : Best Characters Ranked September 2023

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If you are searching for the best Temtem tier list 2023 to help choose the best temtem. So we have prepared a list of some best Temtem according to their characteristics and skills.

Temtem has become extremely popular these days. In this article, you can check the complete Temtem tier list 2023 in the below section. Temtem tier list includes A tier, B tier, C tier, S tier, and more.

So if you are new to this game, you can go through this article to know Temtem Tier List and then select the strongest character. Gone are the days when we used to go to an internet center just to play games, but now we have smartphones and online games which provide us with popular and exciting games.

Last Update On – 19 September 2023

Temtem Tier List (Best Temtem’s) – UPDATE!

Temtem Tier List
Temtem Tier List

Here is the complete Temtem Tier List that helps players to choose the best temtem so without wasting time now let’s start.

SS Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier SS Temtem has a lot of potential and can be used in different ways. These Temtem can be used by many different teams.

#020Nature and ElectricAmphatyr
#034Mental and WaterNagaise
#063Electric and FireScaravolt
#085Toxic and MeleeMushook
#132Wind and FireTulcan
#144Rock and NatureVulffy

S Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier S Temtem which works well on its own and can be used to build a powerful team core; They can be used on a wide range of teams and provide solid checks & counters, but are not nearly as heavy.

#022Rock and CrystalMudrid
#028Neutral and MeleeSkunch
#050Neutral and CrystalValash
#056Crystal and MentalMyx
#065Digital and FireHedgine
#128Water nd ToxicKalabyss
#137Nature and MentalKinu
#140Fire and RockVulcrane
#143Water and FireKoish
#143Water and NatureKoish

A Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier A Temtem who are well balanced in their roles and are suitable options for different teams to consider; Each brings its own set of strengths and weaknesses to the table.

#036Nature and ToxicNidrasil
#045Nature and WaterBabawa
#047Digital and Electric0b10
#049Nature and WindSaku
#053Mental and WindBarnshe
#054Crystal and MeleeGyalis
#069Water and MeleeSaipat
#074Crystal and ToxicTortenite
#078Digital and ToxicCycrox
#094Melee and RockSeismunch
#110Toxic and WindVolarend
#112Rock and ElectricGrumper
#118Water and RockGaryo
#123Water and ElectricNessla
#126Digital and MentalLoatle
#131Wind and WaterTukai
#133Wind and CrystalTuvine
#134Wind and RockTuroc
#135Wind and DigitalTuwire
#163Fire and NatureTyranak

B Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier – B Temtem with medium-level team reliability and a specific application. Although not as adaptable as higher levels, they can be more powerful with the right strategies.

#004Digital and NatureChromeon
#011Nature and WindLoali
#026Water and WindWiplump
#031Neutral and RockRholder
#071Rock and FireDrakash
#075Electric and CrystalInnki
#114Electric and WindGazuma
#122Crystal and WaterShuine
#129Toxic and MentalAdoroboros
#143Water and ElectricKoish

C Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier – C Temtem with a small space that can allow them to fit into a team, but they are often impractical and may not function as well in their specialty.

#004Electric and DigitalChromeon
#004Fire and DigitalChromeon
#004Neutral and DigitalChromeon
#004Water and DigitalChromeon
#008Water and ToxicPlatimous
#083Electric and MeleeGolzy
#142Rock and ToxicAkranox
#143Water and DigitalKoish
#143Mental and WaterKoish

D Tier – Temtem Tier List

Tier – D Temtem which has some significant weaknesses that make them difficult to play or develop. If you have these Temtem in your team then you will be at a loss.

#004Rock and DigitalChromeon
#004Wind and DigitalChromeon
#143Crystal and WaterKoish
#143Melee and WaterKoish
#161Crystal and FireAnahir

About Temtem Game (Wiki)⇩

Temtem is an amazing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game developed by Spanish development studio Crema or published by Humble Bundle. Gameplay of Temtem is mainly influenced by the Pokémon video game franchise.

Players explore the environment, collecting and commanding titanic Temtem monsters in battle against an NPC or other Temtem controlled by another player.

In the game, players take on the role of Tamer, a novice Tamtem, who embarks on an adventure around six floating islands in the Airborne Archipelago while fighting the Belsoto clan, an evil organization that plans to take over the islands by force. Temtem has a beautiful and vibrant world that players can enjoy. There are a total of 133 Temtem species that players can catch.

Temtem have been trained and used as fellow passengers on the Airborne Islands. Collecting Temtem is also a popular hobby. Temtem is said to enjoy war, which is considered a sport among the people. Tempedia is a database containing information on a wide range of species.

Each species of Temtem may have one or two variants, and each technique also has a variant. The type of Temtem will affect the amount of damage dealt by different types of attacks.

The types are Neutral, Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Nature, Electrical, Psychic, Digital, Melee, Crystal and Toxic. It is important that you build your Temtem squad with all these advantages and disadvantages in mind. That’s where our Temtem Tier List can help you pick the best ones.

Who is The Rarest Temtem?

Kinu is the rarest Temtem with 4% occurrence (as opposed to 5% for the rest of the Temtem). Kinu is Nature and Mental type that makes them powerful against Neutral, Water, Earth, and Melee types.


This was our Temtem tier list of creatures that you can help for choose the best Temtem. With different types of creatures, you need to consider team synergies and how they work together as a team. Getting all the SS and S-level creatures might seem like a reasonable idea, but you should also consider which characters you like. After all, the purpose of any game is to have fun!

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