Tales of Grimm Tier List : (Best Characters) (March 2023)

Tales of Grimm Tier List

Looking for Tales of Grimm Tier List 2023? So you are at the right spot here in this post you will get the complete characters ranking for Tales of Grimm game.

A good story never ends in a book, it will continue in your mind always – and the best story of the Gacha RPG Tales of Grimm certainly continues in our memories. With its awesome stylized art reminiscent of Tim Burton and Do not Starve, creative take on a bunch of familiar fairy tales, fun gameplay, and laid-back, there is much to love.

But with different unique characters and in-game fantasy beasties on the roster, it can be hard to choose which ones should go with you on your fairytale game adventure through the perilous land of Ozzy. For you, we are here to offer a glass slipper in the form of our tier list for Tales of Grimm, highlighting the best characters in each class so without delay let’s start.

Last Tier List Update – 14 March 2023

Tales of Grimm Tier List 2023

Tales of Grimm Tier List

Every character in Tales of Grimm falls under four different roles. Choosing the correct line-up formation is one of the really important elements of the game, as it is essential to effectively counter specific opponents skills.

The primary formation requires one guardian character in the front, accompanied by 2 support characters. At level twenty, you unlock a new formation that actually allows you to put 2 guardians hero at the front, but only leaves in-game room for one support.

As such, we have separated our Tales of Grimm tier list by role, so you know who is the best to choose for every situation. We have also included a short description of each of the in-game roles and what they actually do.

Tales of Grimm Guardian Tier List (Best Guardian)

Guardians are the tank class in the Tales of Grimm game. They are actually tough and strong, able to take a lot of damage to enemies. Although, they are not as mobile as warriors and have some difficulty dealing with faster opponents.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
ShahryarTier – S
Dark Knight, Quasi Mortal, TritonTier – A
Genie Cuya, FedernTier – B
Bean SageTier – C
Hans in Luck, HookhandTier – D

Tales of Grimm Warrior Tier List (Best Warrior)

Tales of Grimm warriors are the strongest melee attackers and capable of dealing significant damage from up-close. In order to truly shine, they require both supports and guardians on their in-game team to maintain their safety.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Prince CharmTier – S
Blade Gina, Dark Queen, Fencer Pedro, Yuri Schnee, Glade Laddin, Red Queen, Wukong, Quickcut PinnoTier – A
Rogue Jack, Swift Ali, Lil PrinceTier – B
Princess Ophelia, Prince Adam, Madman Gatton, GerdeTier – C

Tales of Grimm Mage Tier List (Best Mage)

Mages are as same as warriors in Tales of Grimm game, but instead of in-game mele fighting, they actually deal damage from a distance. They have low defense but high attack, so, like warriors, they require supports and guardians to keep them kicking.

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Wonder Allish, CindyTier – S
Queen Lilith, Raven Irene, Bunny BrideTier – A
Caraboose, Raven Maal, Cindy’s Stepmother, BritneyTier – B
Wicked Hag, Anne, Goddness Bella, Emerald MageTier – C

Tales of Grimm Support Tier List (Best Support)

Supports play a really important role in any Tales of Grimm in-game team. Offering support, buffs from the backlines, and shields, they keep their allies in perfect shape, be sure that they live to battle another day – after all, you can not deal damage if you are in-game dead!

Tales of Grimm CharactersTier List
Miss Conch, Mad Granny, maid SophieTier – S
Larissa, Dottie, Nightmare Ella, NesyTier – A
Thumboy, Thumbelina, Bremen, Princess Peaya, LettuceraTier – B

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Tales of Grimm Tier List Benefits

Here are some benefits of Tales of Grimm Tier List

  • Tales of Grimm tier list is the best way to compare the power levels of Tales of Grimm characters.
  • The tier list for Tales of Grimm helps you make informed decisions when choosing your in-game team.
  • It is simply fun to see where your favorite Tales of Grimm characters rank.
  • It can provide you a sense of accomplishment when you see your favorite Tales of Grimm characters at the top of the tier list.


Here are some questions and answers related to Tales of Grimm Tier List

Q. Who are the Best Guardians in Tales of Grimm Game?

Shahryar, Quasi Mortal, Triton, and Dark Knight are the best Guardians in Tales of Grimm.

Q. Who is the Best Warrior in Tales of Grimm Game?

Prince Charm is the best Warrior in Tales of Grimm gameworld.

Q. Who are the Best Supports in Tales of Grimm Game?

Mad Granny, maid Sophie, and Miss Conch are the best Supports in the Tales of Grimm game.


Hopefully, you enjoy this Tales of Grimm Tier List. In this post, we covered all the Tales of Grimm characters ranked according to their skills and in-game abilities.

If you want to share any feedback and you think some Tales of Grimm characters deserved better positioning so comment section is open for you, Happy Tales of Grimm Gaming.

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