Taffy Tales Cheat Codes List : (Oct. 2023) Working Codes

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Looking for Taffy Tales Cheat Code 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the working Taffy Tales Cheat Code that helps you to get free in-game money and other amazing rewards.

Now without further delay let’s start all the updated Taffy Tales Cheat Code list.

Last Update On – 01 October 2023

Taffy Tales Cheat Code 2023 – October UPDATE!

Here are all the working Taffy Tales Cheat Codes

>>> Latest Code – V0.95.7

  • dilder – Use this code and get Max stats and money (New Cheat Code!)
  • ocusar – Use this code and get start right at the new update (New Save Code!)
  • Tiffany’s box Code – 06310
  • Tiffany’s Computer Password in the game – RedQueen (Password)

New Codes of V0.89.8a

  •  Cheat Code Max stats and money – adbcbe 
  • Cheat Code Start right at the new update – qmsaeg 
  • dsfpewor
  • lskdn39d
  • mnxbvw
  • skndbfei
  • mzbcvw

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Max Stats and Money

The Cheat Code to Maximum Money and Stats is only available when you start a new Taffy Tales game. So to use this code, First, start the game then choose New Game and one in-game window where you can actually change the MC game (before starting Taffy Tales playing). Now you will see that below and finally you can enter the Taffy Tales Cheat Code.

Cheat Code – adbcbe (New Code!)

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Save Unlock

With the Taffy Tales Save unlock Cheat Code you will start right at the new game update. So to use it, first launch the game then select Load Game, next click on the padlock (Click to Unlock), and finally enter the Taffy Tales code. You also have to enter the names of MC, Tiffany & Mary, but you do not need help for that.

Cheat Code – adbcbe V0.85.1a

Taffy Tales – Other Cheat Codes

Other than the Taffy Tales infinite money cheat code, there are many other similar Taffy Tales codes available that are really helpful for your gameplay.

Cheat Codes List —-

  • gnkdoxbe
  • ozllpw
  • qcjvhfli
  • arnmcq
  • qmsaeg
  • euueiu

Taffy Tales Cheat Code – Make Money

If you actually don’t want to use the Taffy Tales cheat code so making in-game money is not really hard. All you have to do is play through the game story until you unlock the in-game special container, which allows you to make more money whenever you actually want in the men’s toilet. Once there the mini-game is really easy, simply hit the yellow and green bars in the game.

You will actually unlock the special container on day nine night. And you can start making in-game money from day ten.

How to Redeem Cheat Codes in Taffy Tales Game?

Taffy Tales Cheat Code

There are 2 possible ways that players can redeem cheat codes in Taffy Tales game, which one works for you will depend on your game version and platform.

#1. Making New Save File

For the 1st method, you will have to create a new save file. This is actually done from the main menu by choosing New Game. After a brief message then you will be prompted to make do 2 things – Enter an MC name and enter the cheat code.

Considering MC stands for the main in-game character, this will be the character’s name will refer to you as. After this, you are able to enter a Taffy Tales cheat code, which will modify your gaming experience.

If the entered Taffy Tales code is correct, the red cross (next to the box) should change to a green arrow. Also, remember that cheat codes are case-sensitive. Finally, click OK at the bottom of the box to redeem cheat code.

#2 Changing Existing Save File

If the above method does not work for you then there is an alternative option that allows for redeeming cheat codes. First, you will have to open the menu by clicking the GameBoy icon located in the top right, then click on Settings.

Next, a new box will appear, and at the bottom should have a button that’s saying Enter cheat code. Here, you can enter Taffy Tales cheat codes. And finally, click OK at the bottom of the box to redeem the code.

How To Find Taffy Tales Items And Locations?

There are various items and locations in the game. if locations and items are required to progress, like the School Closet, the rope, Ruler, Tiffany Ball, the Camera, and more but there are currently no cheats for them.

You require to unlock certain dialogues and scenes or you have to go to certain in-game locations to unlock most of the important items.

So if you can’t find something so you can get help through the Taffy Tales walkthrough. In the Taffy Tales walkthrough use CTRL + F to find the item you need in the text and get the in-game location.

If you actually can not find it once the playing is because you missed a previous step. Also if you can not find the previous step we suggest you start a new game using the walkthrough from the beginning.

Where To Find Cheat Codes For Taffy Tales?

Taffy Tales Cheat codes are freely available by the game developer (UberPie), on their different social media accounts, such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

On these platforms, cheat codes are usually released for special occasions, such as game anniversaries, achieving milestones, new year, festivals, or other events.

If you don’t want to follow the developer (UberPie) on various platforms so one best option is you can bookmark this page whenever new codes arrive then we mention in this post.

Taffy Tales Game Story

Interactive fiction games are a popular genre of adult adventure that has actually come to stay and one such title you did find really interesting is Taffy Tales. A game that centers around a teenage boy who resides in a town where the citizens seem to have different secrets and dark sides.

In Taffy Tales Game, gamers are depicted as regular guy with split personalities whose main objective is to advance through everyday activities, create relationships with different in-game characters, and solve puzzles and quests which can lead to comedic and erotic situations.

The game features amazing art alongside different locations and mini-games. While complex, with no linear storyline, it is got a money and inventory system full of various items that can really help to move around the game’s world quickly.


Hopefully, you like our Taffy Tales Cheat Codes. In this post, we covered all the updated and working Taffy Tales Cheat Code that helps you to get free in-game money or other amazing rewards.

If you have any questions or some feedback related to Taffy Tales Cheats Code so do comment on us.

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