Soul Calibur 6 Tier List of September 2023, Best Characters

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Win more fights in Soul Calibur 6 game by using the best fighters! Here is the ultimate Soul Calibur 6 Tier List to give you the best overview of all the characters.

Soul Calibur 6 is an amazing fighting video game that was launched on 19 October 2018 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. Players have been engaging in its unique characters since the game’s release. Bandai Namco Entertainment published this game. When it comes to video games, we all know how important it is to choose a memorable character. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, so we must choose wisely to be successful in the game.

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List
Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

In the game, there are more than twenty combat characters to choose from. Some of them are downloadable, so if you need them, you can have them. Also, for the first time in the series, some new warriors have been introduced. You can fully customize your characters in the game Soul Caliber 6, choosing their clothes to your liking. Combatants are equipped with different variety of weapons to fight their enemies. Here’s our unbiased Soul Caliber 6 tier list.

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List Wiki – (Characters Ranked)

Below are the lists of Soul Calibur characters tier wise so now let’s start.

S TIERGreat matchups with minor flaws that are almost a non-issue.AMY, CERVANTES, NIGHTMARE, GERALT, RAPHAEL
A TIERAll-rounders and excellent against most matchups.YOSHIMITSU, CASSANDRA, TIRA, SEONG MI-NA, SETSUKA, IVY, SOPHITIA
C TIERNo unique advantage but no glaring flaws either.MITSURUGI, GROH, HWANG, MAXI, 2B, HAOHMARU, TAKI
D TIERNot recommended for highly competitive matches.VOLDO

S Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

  • AMY

Note – Inferno is not included in this list because he is banned from competitive tournaments and online play otherwise he is the best character ever.

A Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

  • TIRA
  • IVY

B Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List


C Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

  • GROH
  • MAXI
  • 2B
  • TAKI

D Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Soul Calibur 6 CharactersWeapons
GeraltSteel Sword & Silver Sword
NightmareSoul Edge
Haoh MaruFugudoku

F Tier – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Soul Calibur 6 CharactersWeapons
VoldoManas & Ayus
GrohAerondight Replica
HildeGae Dearg & Moralltach

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List Guide – Best Characters Details

Here are the Soul Calibur 6 best characters details that will help you to know more about your favorite characters.

Raphael – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

The Raphael is a highly efficient fighter with a high maneuverability range. This means that as the player’s skill level increases, his viability increases exponentially. They have a diverse set of adaptable combos with different ranges, which allows them to adapt to any situation. Raphael’s dominance in tournaments and ranking matches attests to his greatness. Raphael’s weapon is Flambert.

Amy – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

One of the scariest things is Amy Soulcalibur with a whole heap of purple roses. She takes a while to warm up during combat, but once she does, the opponent is bound to lose. Up close, she is a beast, but she doesn’t have complete control over Raphael’s floor. Amy’s weapon is Albion.

Ivy – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Ivy is the best at controlling the battlefield in the game. She can demolish opponents who focus in close quarters with her long-range sweep attacks and her long-range melee. However, she is not particularly powerful in terms of damage and can fight against fighters who use ranged weapons. Ivy’s weapon is Ivy Blade.

Yoshimistsu – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Yoshimitsu’s inconsistency is due to 2 factors: the setting and the skill of the player. Yoshimitsu’s opponent is in a difficult position when the player has enough skill. He is a master of deception with ultra-fast attacks, high damage, and strong counterattacks. Their animations are very fast, so you can use them with little preparation. Yoshimitsu’s weapon is Manji Sword and Fu-Ma Blade.

Siegfried – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Siegfried is most effective as a counterattack, with the ability to shift momentum substantially in his favor. He can do this because he has excellent defensive equipment and a long-range that allows him to dominate the space. If Siegfried’s opponent plays temporarily, he will also be able to freeze him. This can be achieved by their initial approach and techniques. Siegfried’s weapon is Clockwork.

Sophitia – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Sofia is an attractive option even for beginners due to its simple yet solid move set. He has good combinations, quick pace and low risk initiative that takes minimal skill to execute. Sofia’s weapon is Sword and Elk Shield.

Cassandra – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Sopithia’s fundamentals are nearly identical to Cassandra’s. Cassandra’s biggest advantage is that she has more offensive tools at close range. She works best as a rush character, winning the neutral game first, then pinning the opponent in the corner. Cassandra’s weapon is Owl Sheild and Omega Sword.

Zasalamel – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Dealing with Zasalamel, especially online, is a huge undertaking. Chances are you’ll get caught up in his tricks if your latency changes even a little. In addition, Zasalamel has good zoning options, solid neutral play, and a powerful soul charge. Zasalamel’s weapon is Kafziel.

Cervantes – Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

Cervantes has a high skill potential, so it’s worth spending extra time practicing with him. His moves are focused on medium- to long-range footies, making him an excellent brawler who can also deal damage. Cervantes’s weapon is Acheron & Nirvana.


This is our Soulcalibur VI Tier List post, in this post we mention a complete list of Soulcalibur characters tier-wise. Then we put all Soulcalibur best character’s details for a better understanding of actually good characters.

We hope that this Soulcalibur VI Tier List post will help you a lot in choosing the best characters thanks for reaching out and enjoying your game play.

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