Smite Tier List (March 2023) – Season 9 God List

Smite Tier List

Looking for Smite Tier List 2023? So you are at the best spot here you will get smite god tier list & Smite Tier List that gives you the best Arena, Gods for Joust, and other modes in ranked order. With almost 99+ playable in-game smite characters it might seem difficult to choose the best Gods, but we have listed them in best – worst from Smite S to E Tier to make it a simple choice for you.

If you’re logged into Smite, we feel sorry for you. Do you know what you are doing in-game smite? Smite is a demanding competitive game in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena or MOBA. This genre of Warcraft 3’s most famous DOTA mod, is famous for its superb and attractive gameplay. The players are very competitive and you have to know your stuff if you want to survive in this jungle.

Smite Tier List

This is where this list comes in. We have listed all the Smite Tier List characters from best – worst for you and other players so that you understand where you should focus on your in-game skills. Some characters dominate by default (at least in the current state of the game). If you want to win and improve the ranks of this demanding game then you check the Smite Tier List .

Tier List Update – 14 March 2023

Smite Tier List 2023 March

Here’s you will get Tier List for Smite Season 9 check below

Here are the list of Smite Tier List 2023

Smite Tier List Description
Level SS These characters are ruthlessly overpowered.
Tier S+ These characters are the top tier as they are often the first choice for their roles.
Level S Although they are somewhat less powerful than Level S+ characters, these deities are highly suggested.
Tier A+ These gods are the quiet and safe choice. While he may not be the strongest of the group, they each have seen some serious playing time within the common goal.
Tier A These characters are frequently used in modern meta, but they are not always the optimal selection for their situation. Nevertheless, each has its own uses.
Level B+ Each of the characters within Level B+ are generally powerful. However, each of them requires a highly skilled player to use properly.
Tier B These characters require a higher level of skill, but they also offer fewer rewards than Tier B+ gods.
Tier C These tier characters can not be considered viable in competitive gameplay.
Tier D Not considered viable in gameplay, these tier gods have often been considered the worst characters for the smite game.

Smite Tier List S – Tier

At the top, we get the gods who are the gods in the smite game. On a side note, these characters are where the meta is focused right now.

You don’t have to be blind to see that they dominate the rhythm of the game they are in. Professionals are favoring these gods, which means there is an advantage to choosing them. Of course, to play most of them effectively there is a skill limit that you must match.

S Tier God – Cthulhu

This is Smite Tier List of S Tier God – Cthulhu

S Tier God - Cthulhu

Cthulhu Stats –

  1. Speed – 370 (+0)
  2. Health – 500 (+95)
  3. Attack/Sec – 0.9 (+1.2%)
  4. Mana – 210 (+38)
  5. Range – 16 (+0)

Cthulhu Protection –

  1. Magical – 30 (+0.9)
  2. Physical – 21 (+3.2)

Cthulhu Basic Attack –

  1. Progression – 1/1/1x damage & swing time Range of 16/20/20+AoE
  2. + 20% of Magical Power
  3. Damage – 38 (+ 1.5)

Cthulhu Regen –

  1. HP5 – 8 (+0.8)
  2. MP5 – 4.6 (+0.42)

S Tier God – Kukulkan

This is Smite Tier List of S Tier God – Kukulkan

S Tier God - Kukulkan

Kukulkan Stats

  1. Health – 380 (+75)
  2. Attack/Sec – 0.87 (+0.91%)
  3. Range – 55 (+0)
  4. Mana – 265 (+45)
  5. Speed – 360 (+0)

Kukulkan Protection –

  1. Physical – 13 (+3)
  2. Magical – 30 (+0.9)

Kukulkan Basic Attack –

  1. + 20% of Magical Power
  2. Damage – 34 (+ 1.45)
  3. Progression – None

Kukulkan Regen –

  1. HP5 – 7 (+0.46)
  2. MP5 – 5 (+0.45)

S Tier God – Odin

This is Smite Tier List of S Tier God – Odin

S Tier God - Odin

Odin Stats

  1. Range – 12 (+0)
  2. Mana – 200 (+35)
  3. Attack/Sec – 1 (+1.1%)
  4. Health – 470 (+83)
  5. Speed – 370 (+0)

Odin Protection –

  1. Physical – 16 (+3)
  2. Magical – 30 (+0.9)

Odin Basic Attack –

  1. Progression – 1/1/1/1.5x damage & swing time
  2. Damage – 38 (+ 2)
  3. + 100% of Physical Power3222

Odin Regen –

  1. HP5 – 9 (+0.63)
  2. MP5 – 4.1 (+0.4)

S Tier God – Tsukuyomi

This is Smite Tier List of S Tier God – Tsukuyomi

S Tier God - Tsukuyomi

Tsukuyomi Stats

  1. Health – 455 (+78)
  2. Attack/Sec – 1 (+1.3%)
  3. Range – 12 (+0)
  4. Mana – 205 (+35)
  5. Speed – 375 (+0)

Tsukuyomi Protection –

  1. Physical – 13 (+2.8)
  2. Magical – 30 (+0.9)

Tsukuyomi Basic Attack –

  1. + 100% of Physical Power
  2. Damage – 35 (+ 2.4)
  3. Progression – None

Tsukuyomi Regen –

  1. HP5 – 8 (+0.68)
  2. MP5 – 4.5 (+0.46)

S Tier God – Yemoja

This is Smite Tier List of S Tier God – Yemoja

S Tier God - Yemoja

Yemoja Stats

  1. Attack/Sec: 1 (+1.2%)
  2. Mana: 0 (+0)
  3. Health: 490 (+95)
  4. Range: 55 (+0)
  5. Speed: 365 (+0)

Yemoja Protection –

  1. Physical – 19 (+3)
  2. Magical – 30 (+0.9)

Yemoja Basic Attack –

  1. Damage – 34 (+ 1.5)
  2. Progression – Projectile hits allies passes through them and also larger radius
  3. + 20% of Magical Power

Yemoja Regen –

  1. HP5 – 6 (+0.7)
  2. MP5 – 0 (+0)

Smite Tier List A -Tier

If there is a dominion of all the gods, then there is none. All we can say is that the A-Tier is not as strong as the Smite Tier List S-Tier. Of course, they are some of the best characters you can choose from, and especially if you take the time to master one of them, you’ll very easily rise up through the ranks.

It’s helpful to learn some of the gods of this level as they can surprise your opponents and create incredible rapport with your team.

  1. King Arthur
  2. Susano
  3. Janus
  4. Athena
  5. Hera
  6. Raijin
  7. Ao Kuang
  8. Thor
  9. Isis
  10. Jing Wei
  11. Ratatoskr
  12. Tyr
  13. Bastet
  14. Agni
  15. Merlin
  16. Ullr
  17. Ah Puch
  18. Bakasura

Smite Tier List B-Tier

At the top of this Smite Tier List , we have one of our personal favorite deities, Hou Yi. Just to show that we’re fair, we didn’t put her in the Smite Tier List S-tier (though for us she deserves it) because she can’t compete there.

Smite Tier List – Tier B characters are slightly above average god, but not by much. There are still top-tier players who like them, so if you have enough skills you can put them to work, it just takes a little longer.

  1. Hou Yi
  2. Cerberus
  3. Persephone
  4. Fenrir
  5. Xbalanque
  6. Ne Zha
  7. Cu Chulainn
  8. Geb
  9. Ganesha
  10. Terra
  11. Pele
  12. Hercules
  13. Kuzenbo
  14. Ares
  15. Discordia
  16. Chiron
  17. Zhong Kui
  18. Kumbhakarna
  19. Ravana
  20. Rama
  21. Artio
  22. Vulcan
  23. Baron Samedi
  24. Vamana
  25. Chang’e
  26. Da Ji
  27. Thoth
  28. Zeus
  29. Erlang Shen

Smite Tier List C – Tier

Picking full of Tier C gods isn’t exactly what you’d call mad, but it’s more close. Many characters can do what C-level characters do, but better, so it doesn’t make sense to choose only C-level. One or two may not even be punished, but what’s more, you don’t want to win.

  1. Neith
  2. Medusa
  3. Achilles
  4. Serqet
  5. The Morrigan
  6. Ra
  7. Cupid
  8. Hun Batz
  9. Bellona
  10. Sylvanus
  11. Sol
  12. Anhur
  13. He Bo
  14. Hachiman
  15. Nemesis
  16. Cernunnos
  17. Aphrodite
  18. Mercury
  19. Horus
  20. Izanami
  21. Chronos
  22. Scylla
  23. Khepri

Smite Tier List D – Tier

Some of these characters were once pretty high on this list (Apollo), but looking at the game’s meta, they’re not what you’d consider the best options.

On the other hand, some characters never managed to get some glory (Ymir) and you are just an average lord who will do his work from 9-5 and then go to sleep at 10. nothing to worry about.

  1. Thanatos
  2. Sobek
  3. Camazotz
  4. Bacchus
  5. Amaterasu
  6. Xing Tian
  7. Fafnir
  8. Chaac
  9. Nox
  10. Apollo
  11. Jormungandr
  12. Guan Yu
  13. Chernobog
  14. Kali
  15. Sun Wukong
  16. Artemis
  17. Awilix
  18. Nu Wa
  19. Ymir
  20. Hades
  21. Skadi

Smite God Tier List Worst

It’s the character’s moment that no one wants to talk about. Please, it is imperative that you do not choose these gods.

They have nothing to offer the team and usually suffer mostly at the hands of the players. Pretend that you don’t even know these gods.

  1. Hel
  2. Arachne
  3. Cabrakan
  4. Osiris
  5. Poseidon
  6. Nike
  7. Ah Muzen Cab
  8. Anubis
  9. Loki

Tips For New Smite Gamers

Smite Tier List

Maybe you haven’t played any other MOBA game, maybe you did. It seems that the more we repeat this advice, the more it is never enough. We know it doesn’t feel good when you spend gold on something that won’t add to your losses, but you have to fight this feeling.

Wards will give you a significant advantage in the game. It’s like being wallhacked in an FPS game. You also start with a free room. If you place them in the right places, you’ll notice that the game becomes much easier and you’re not under attack like before.

Best Hero For Each Role In Smite Game

As you should know, there are 5 different roles in the game, which define how you are going to play the game. These roles are Support, ADC, Mid Laner, Solo Lanner, and Jungler.

There is always a discussion about which role is more important in the game, but we are here to tell you that none of them is more important than the other. If none of these roles play out, you will have a very tough game. Now let’s move on to our choice.

Smite Support Tier List – The Best Support

We think the best support in the game is Yemoza. Between their abilities that don’t use mana and each ability that provides something extra.

Yemoza has a high skill limit, this god will be either a win factor or a loss factor for your team. A large part of this god’s kit is set up and maintained for your team.

Smite ADC Tier List 2023 – The Best ADC

If you’ve played Olorun, you know why it’s one of the most powerful ADCs in the game. He can deal with big critics, even though he is a magical damage dealer for his passivity.

His Focus Light has a great wave evasion and cleansing ability, while his Ultimate Sacred Sphere is one of the last most powerful in the game.

Smite Solo Tier List – The Best Solo

Set is arguably the best god in the game today, so naturally, he’s the best character for the role of Solo. The only problem is that he has high risk and high reward, as his high skill range is quite high and requires a lot of understanding of his mechanics.

As Set says, “With chaos and fighting, the strong survive” Now they suck and kill those kings and obliterate them.

Smite Mid Laner Tier List – The Best Mid Laner

One of our personal favorites is Kukulkan, he happens to be the best mid laner in the game. Kukulkan is an amazing hero in this patch who can deal large area damage, he is very strong on the lane with the ability to knock the enemy back and has a divine supreme ability that can almost shoot people. If he masters his toolbox, he will have many easy victories in the future.

Smite Jungle Tier List – The Best Jungler

As an assassin, Tsukuyomi’s style of play is to push the characters away with their attacks and then get closer to them to finish the task. Sure, he can jump the baseline to destroy soft supports and ADCs, but he lacks the maneuverability to escape, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you have to be careful not to stretch yourself too thin. Spread.

Strongest Character In Smite Game         

Even though Set isn’t our favorite god to fight the ranks, we have to give him credit for being the most formidable opponent. By this, we mean that He is the most powerful God in Smite. You can clearly see this if he checks his selection rate in the higher rankings.

With his seemingly in-game clones, there is no other solution to play the opposite skilled team. Tanks do nothing for him, and every load or support can be his victim in a matter of seconds. Truly an ultimate animal.

How To Rank

The Meta The only thing we took into account when making this list is the state of the meta in Smite at the moment. It may sound like a simple question, but as you know, achieving a goal is a difficult task. It is always changing and you need to work hard to make it happen.

Smite’s meta position for this patch is still baseline pressure and trying to snowball whatever little lead you can get. If the enemy generates a crit, Spectra basically kicks it out of the game.

As well as the Death Toll, the Fail Knot was effectively removed from the game, thus weakening the Predator.

We all look forward to patch 8.3 with the big changes it brings to the game.


All MOBA games are known for being extremely tough and competitive. If you want to take a chance you have to know what you are choosing. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you choose the best gods of all time if you don’t set the time. You will have a lot of free time if you plan to move up the ranks.

Also, more importantly, if you have studied our Smite Tier List, you will be better able to get out of this experience with the mental fortitude of a Shaolin monk. Still, if you have any questions then please ask through comments.

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