Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List : September 2023

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Looking for Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List? So you reach the best spot here in this post you will get the Slayers Unleashed Breathing Styles & Demon Art Rarity List.

In the Roblox Slayers Unleashed game, if you actually want to be the most powerful in-game character then you are going to require to get yourself a rare breath.

Most of the time you will require to roll for a new in-game breathing skill, but sometimes there will be some events that will actually allow you to earn them in the game.

If you are wondering which of these are the rarest, then we have got a look at what your chances are to obtain the breathing powers of your in-game dreams.

Each time you roll your in-game breathing, you have a specific percent-based chance to receive one. Generally, the more strong the breathing ability, the less likely you will get it when you actually roll.

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Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List – Rarity

Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List
Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List

Here is the Slayers Unleashed Breathing Rarity List

BreathingRarity By Chance
Sun (Kamado)100%
Sun (Sun Breathing Event)10%
Dark Thunder (Hybrid Race to Roll)15%

Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List – Secondary Breathings

Here is the Slayers Unleashed Breathing tier list of secondary breathings

  • Sun Breathing – Can be obtained from Sun Breathing Event (Ten Percent Drop Chance/100% if Kamado)
  • Moon Breathing – Can be obtained by defeating the Kokushibou boss (Eighty-Five Percent Drop Chance for Tsugikuni/50% if Tokito)

Slayers Unleashed Demon Arts Rarity List 2023

Here is the Slayers Unleashed Breathing tier list of Arts Rarity

Arts Rarity By Chance
Daki3% Chance
Blood7% Chance
Shadow3% Chance
Arrow15% Chance
Swamp30% Chance
String12% Chance
Hantengu2% Chance
Speed5% Chance
Gyutaro Sickle3% Chance
Akaza2% Chance
Tamari30% Chance
Doma4% Chance
NEW: Muzan1% Chance
Enmu5% Chance
Drum10% Chance
Gyokko3% Chance

Slayers Unleashed Breathing And Skill List

Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List
Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List

Here is the Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List of Breathing and Skill

Beast Breathing —

  • Spatial Awareness – Sense every demon and human around you, taking fifty percent reduced damage from everything for five seconds.
  • Second Fang – Unleash a dual slash with your amazing blade.
  • First Fang – Strike Gamers down with a thrust from your in-game blade.
  • Whirling Fangs – Unleash a massive tornado of slashes ahead of you.
  • Spatial Slash – Unleash a massive tornado of slices in front of you.

Blue Flame Breathing —

  • Azure Unknowing Fire – User charges toward their opponent or enemies at high speed
  • Cobalt Rift – Slam down in a fit of amazing blue fire
  • Sapphire Sun – The user actually releases an arching slash attack upwards
  • Azure Universe – Rain down powerful blue fireballs

Dark Thunder Breathing —

You can only roll for in-game Dark Thunder Breathing if you are in the Hybrid race. If you own Dark Thunder, reroll your race, and become something different than Hybrid, your Dark Thunder will actually turn into Thunder Breathing!

The skills are the totally same as the ones from Thunder Breathing, however, they have a black/white color scheme, faster recovery, shorter cooldowns, and slightly buffed damage.

  • Dark Thunder Swarm
  • Dark Spirit
  • Dark Thunderclap
  • Dark Sixfold
  • Dark Lightning
  • Dark Thunders

Flame Breathing —

  • Scorching Bound – Slam down with a torrent of in-game fire.
  • Rising Scorching Sun – Release an arching slash attack that actually travels upwards.
  • Blazing Universe – Rain down powerful Blazing Fireballs.
  • Unknowing Fire – You charge toward your opponent at high speed.

Flower Breathing —

  • Floral Rush – You charge toward your in-game target at a short distance.
  • Flower Blossom – You summon flowers at your target at a specific distance.
  • Whirling Pedals – You spin actually toward your target at a distance.
  • Vermillion Eye – You summon a large flower at your target at a close distance.

Frost Breathing (Not Available) —

The user is imbued with the amazing power of frost and ice. Must be actually a human to use.

  • Frost Lily
  • Cold Excalibur
  • Frost Floor

Hantengu Breathing —

This demon art enhances the user with the power to control belts made from an in-game special material.

  • Dragon Jolt – Launch multiple Obis at selected targets.
  • Lightning Strike – Launch one of your Obis at a chosen in-game target, dealing actually massive damage.
  • Winged Hurl – Unleash your Obis on surrounding opponents, dealing massive damage.
  • Lightning Orbs – Summon your in-game Obis. Increases damage reduction by Ten percent (Allows you to actually use skills).
  • Wind Typhoon – Unleash a storm of Obis in front of your in-game character.

Insect Breathing —

  • Caprice – Make a vortex around yourself.
  • True Flutter – Move forward creating in-game poisonous butterflies around your opponents.
  • Compound Eye – Summon butterflies that fire in-game poisonous blasts.
  • Nectar Eye – Use Butterfly Nectar to actually heal your HP.

Love Breathing —

  • Love Shower – You require to aim this ability and it will rain down hearts onto where you randomly targeted. This can sometimes miss if the gets lucky target.
  • First Love – A fast dash forward that in-game damages everything on your path with amazing hearts.
  • Passion Grasp – Drops a heart where you are targeted and tethers you to it. If you actually move around the tether increases and anyone nearby the tether or heart will take damage.

Mist Breathing —

  • Eight Layered Mist – Make mist slashes that actually hurt opponents.
  • Distant Haze – Move forward make wind around you.
  • Obscuring Clouds – Make mist clouds that blind opponents.
  • Lunar Disperse – Teleport to nearby opponents and slash them.

Moon Breathing —

  • Mirror of Misfortune – User actually thrusts there blade and calls down Slashed from the in-game Sun
  • Moon-Dragon Ringtail – The user spins the in-game air and slashes down near the mouse cursor
  • Evening Palace – User fires off 2 Solar Dragons that actually track to the closest in-game character to your mouse cursor
  • Loathsome Moon – The user performs Multiple dances in a row and strikes the closest opponent

Sound Breathing —

There are actually no official descriptions for the Slayers Unleashed skills of Sound Breathing.

  • Blade Reverb
  • Roar
  • Resounding Slashes

Serpent Breathing —

There are actually no official descriptions for the skills of Slayers Unleashed Serpent Breathing.

  • Coil Move
  • Serpent Slash
  • Serpent Slide

Stone Breathing —

  • Upper Smash
  • Rapid Conquest
  • Polar Stone

Sun Breathing —

  • Flame Dance – Can only be actually used by the Kamado Clan.
  • Sun Ray Thrust – You thrust your in-game blade and call down the Slashed from the Sun.
  • Solar Dragon Haze – You fire off 2 Solar Dragons that actually seek the closest character to where you are aiming.
  • Dancing Flash – You perform multiple strikes and dances near the closest opponent.

Thunder Breathing —

  • Thunder Swarm – Generates a spinning wave that actually strikes all directions of the opponent.
  • Distance Thunder – The user releases multiple ranged strikes towards an aim.
  • Rice Spirit – The swordsman is actually able to generate 5 straight attacks around the user in a single move.
  • Heat Lightning – A focused, single, slashing attack.
  • Thunderclap and Flash – The user actually dashes forward and slashes at their enemy with incredible speed. Zenitsu has honed this skill to the extent of being able to repeat the dash many times in quick succession.
  • Thunderclap and Flash Sixfold – A compilation of the 1st Form with a series of 6 dashes. Primarily used by Zenitsu.

Wind Breathing —

  • Whirlwind Cutter – Thrust towards your opponent building a Wind trail.
  • Purifying Wind – Make a wind vortex that actually surrounds you.
  • Rising Hurricane – Build a large hurricane that damages everything in its path.
  • Gale Slash – Build a large wind blast in front of you.

Water Breathing —

  • Water Surface Slash (Five Stats) – The swordsman actually generates enough momentum to make a powerful single concentrated slash.
  • Water Wheel (Seven Stats) – The vertically spins and the swordsman leaps forward in the air while releasing a flowering attack in actually a circular motion.
  • Whirlpool (Ten Stats) – The swordsman swings their blade at their enemy in a way that mimics the movement of waves on the surface of the water.
  • Piercing Rain Drop (Thirteen Stats) – A modified strike that actually hits an arc from an angle in order to minimize the impact of the target moving.
  • Waterfall Basin – The swordsman actually cuts the target vertically with a sword slash.
  • Constant Flux – A continuous attack that powers up with each rotation, building a strong slash.

Demon Arts and Skills List

Here is the Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List of Demon Arts and Skills

Akaza BDA —

  • Flying Planet – Fly towards the closest opponent and then actually punch them.
  • Air Type – Fire a blast of air toward your in-game target.
  • Annihilation Type – Fire multiple air shock waves at your opponent.
  • Crown Splitter – Teleport to your closest opponent and kick them.
  • Compass Needle – Power up and actually increases all of your damage by 1.5x
  • Chaotic Type – Hit your opponent with multiple fist blasts.

Arrow BDA —

  • Arrow Shot – Send a fast-moving arrow at your opponent.
  • Direct Force – Fire a storm of arrows at an opponent.
  • Arrow Parade – Fire many arrows that knock the opponent back.
  • Arrow Crash – Fire a charged-up arrow that actually explodes.

Blood BDA —

There are actually no official descriptions for the Slayer Unleashed skills of the Blood Demon Art.

  • Blood Shot
  • Blood Curdle
  • Blood Siphon
  • Blood Shatter

Daki BDA —

This demon art enhances the user with the skill to control belts made from an amazing special material.

  • Obi Slash – Launch one of your Obis at a selected in-game target, dealing huge damage
  • Sentient Flesh Slash – Unleash your Obis on surrounding opponents, dealing huge damage
  • Obi Barrage – Launch multiple Obis at a selected target
  • Obi Summon – Summon your in-game Obis. Increases damage reduction by actually Ten percent (Allows you to use abilities)
  • Eight Layered Obi Slash – Unleash a storm of Obis in front of your in-game character


  • Scattering Lotuses – Unleash a flurry of frozen lotus that actually stuns the selected target.
  • Frozen Lotus – Build ice spikes that stun an opponent.
  • Wintry Icicles – Build frozen swords that target opponents around you and stun them.

Drum BDA —

  • Drum Hit – Hit your drum to build a shockwave.
  • Double Drum Hit – Hit your in-game drum twice to make a bigger shockwave.
  • Drum Resonance – Nullify your opponent’s sight.
  • Drum Blast – Hit your drum actually hard to create a large blast.

Enmu BDA —

  • Doze Off – Unleashes a wave that damages opponents inside of it.
  • Induce – Summons an in-game dream ball that damages every opponent it touches.

Gyokko BDA —

  • Flying Fish Needles
  • Gliding Slime Fish
  • Shark Triad

Gyutaro Sickle BDA —

To use this BDA, you will require to have the Crimson Sickles which actually drop off the Gyutaro boss. The boss can be found by entering the in-game Daki Boss.

Once Daki reaches a specific amount of health, Gyutaro will join the battle. You will require to defeat both bosses to actually get a chance at the in-game drops.

Note – This Blood Demon Art actually allows the user to infuse his sickles abd body with explosive blood powers.

  • Flying Blood Sickles
  • Circular Sickles
  • Rebound Sickles

Shadow BDA —

Note – This demon art enhances the user with the ability to manipulate in-game shadows

  • Shadow Gun – Build a gun that unleashes a blast of in-game darkness
  • Shadow Hounds – Summon 3 demonic hounds that explode upon in-game activation
  • Black Hole – Build a black hole that draws opponents in, stunning them
  • Shadow Step – Surrounds yourself in actually shadows and casts a side-step

Speed BDA —

Note – This demon art enhances the user’s agility with ultimate in-game speed

  • Speed Stun – Run extremely fast towards all enemies in the vicinity.
  • Tempo Tantrum – Move your hands extremely fast, creating tornado punches.
  • Speed Rush – Increases run speed for actually a short amount of time.
  • Rate Blitz
  • Diable Velocity

String BDA —

  • Thread Shot – Strike opponents down with your in-game thread.
  • Ensnare – Snare opponents that are standing in front of you.
  • Thread Lock – Lock your opponents in mid-air with thread.
  • Thread Manipulation – Fire a wave of thread toward your opponent.

Swamp BDA —

  • Swamp Vanish – Vanish into a puddle and actually appear at your in-game mouse location. You deal damage if an opponent is above the swamp location.
  • Swamp Explosion – Create a swamp and it will explode causing AOE in-game damage.
  • Swamp Tunnel – Create a swamp and it will explode causing more AOE damage than the in-game explosion skill.
  • Swamp Clone Uppercut – build a swamp clone to knockout a gamer.

Tamari BDA —

  • Ball Throw – Throw a ball at the aim target.
  • Multiple Throw – Throw multiple balls at the aim target.
  • Six arms – Throw 6 balls at the target’s location.
  • Foot Ball – Kick a ball at the aim target.

Slayers Unleashed Best Breathing – Boss Drops

Moon Breathing

  • 1st Moon Breathing form: – Evening Palace – 30 Stat Points
  • 2nd Moon Breathing form: – Loathsome Moon – 50 Stat Points
  • 3rd Moon Breathing form: – Mirror of misfortune – 80 Stat Points
  • 4th Moon Breathing form: – Moon-Dragon ringtail – 120 Stat Points

Sun Breathing

1st Sun Breathing form: – Solar Dragon Haze – 45 Stat Points

2nd Sun Breathing form: – Dancing Flash – 65 Stat Points.

3rd Sun Breathing form: – Sun Ray Thrust – 75 Stat Points

4th Sun Breathing form: – Flame Dance – 100 Stat Points


We hope you like this Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List guide. In this post we covered Slayers Unleashed Breathing Styles & Demon Art Rarity list.

If you have any doubts and questions related to Slayers Unleashed Breathing Tier List so comment section is always open for you.

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