(new!) Skullgirls Tier List – (Sep. 2023) (Best Characters)

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Skullgirls Mobile is a 2D RPG character that can help you win in the game. These are characters who are weak as well as strong. We have shown the papers according to their strengths and weaknesses in this tier list which will help you to understand the papers more. And you can decide which character is right for you.

Skullgirls tier list is a list that ranks all the Skullgirls characters in an order of their ability to win under competitive conditions in-game.

Tier List Update – 05 September 2023

Skullgirls Tier List 2023 – Find Best Characters

For this particular Skullgirls tier list, we’re categorizing the over 170 character variants in the game into one of five levels: S-, A-, B-, C- and D-tier. The S-Tier variants are your best bet. They are good at both situation offense & defense. Additionally, they can thrive in the various game modes of Skullgirl Mobile. On the other hand, the D-tier variants are the least useful on the list, mainly due to their low statistics. If he needs his specific skills, you can keep them close, but you shouldn’t invest too much in them.

Now that’s out of the way, we can get on with the Skullgirls tier list!

Meta Tier – SS
Core Unit Tier – S
Good Tier – A
Usable Tier – B
Poor Tier – C

Skullgirls Tier List – ANNIE

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Star ChildPoorUsablePoor
AgeleMeta WonderGoodUsableGood
Fire BrandedGoodMetaPoor
Galactic Glamour0Good0
Materia GirlGoodGoodUsable
Model LeaderGoodGoodMeta
MoonStruckGoodCore UnitUsable
Ninja Star0GoodPoor
Solar FlairPoorGoodPoor
Star ShineGoodMetaUsable
Timeless HeroGoodMetaUsable
Triple Threat000

Skullgirls Tier List – BEOWULF

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Beast KingMetaGoodUsable
Dark MightGoodGoodUsable
Dragon BrawlerGoodGoodPoor
Freedom FighterPoorUsableUsable
Hype ManUsableUsablePoor
Number OnePoorUsablePoor
Snake BiteCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Weekend WarriorCore UnitUsableGood
Wrestler XUsableUsableUsable
WulfsbaneCore UnitGoodUsable

Skullgirls Tier List – BIG BAND

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Beat BoxUsableUsablePoor
Dream BandPoorUsableMeta
Epic SaxGoodCore UnitUsable
G.I. JazzPoorPoorGood
Heavy MetalUsableGoodMeta
Private DickUsableUsableGood
Resonant EvilPoorPoorCore Unit
Treble MakerPoorUsableUsable

CEREBELLA – Skullgirls Tier List

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Armed ForcesUsableUsableGood
Big TopPoorPoorGood
Brain FreezeGoodGoodCore Unit
Criminal MindCore UnitCore UnitCore Unit
Gray MatterUsableUsablePoor
Heavy HandedGoodCore UnitGood
Star SpangledGoodCore UnitGood
Toad WarriorMetaCore UnitPoor

Skullgirls Tier List – DOUBLE

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Creature Of HabitNilNilNil
DoubliciousMetaCore UnitUsable
Evergreen EvilUsableGoodMeta
Heart of DarknessMetaCore UnitPoor
Immoral FiberUsableUsableMeta
Jaw BreakerMetaMetaUsable
Rainbow BlightCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Sundae SchoolUsableUsablePoor
Temple TyrantGoodUsablePoor
XenomorphGoodCore UnitGood

Skullgirls Tier List – ELIZA

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
In DenilePoorPoorUsable
Bloody ValentineUsableUsableUsable
Diva InterventionCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Inner PiecesGoodGoodUsable
Lapis LuxuryUsableUsableUsable
Mummy DearestPoorUsableUsable
Red VelvetCore UnitGoodGood
Scarlet ViperUsableGoodPoor
Stand OutMetaCore UnitGood
Tomb & GloomUsableUsablePoor

FILIA – Skullgirls Tier List

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Bad Hair DayGoodGoodPoor
Bad Ms FrostyGoodGoodPoor
ClaMeta CutterGoodMetaCore Unit
Djinn FrizzMetaMetaGood
Dread LocksUsableUsableMeta
Frayed EndsUsableUsableUsable
Hair ApparentGoodUsablePoor
Idol ThreatGoodGoodGood
Parasite WeaveGoodCore UnitUsable
Rock StarGoodUsableUsable
Wind SweptGoodGoodUsable

Skullgirls Tier List – FUKUA

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Rough copyPoorPoorPoor
Chameleon TwistUsableGoodUsable
Feathered EdgesPoorUsableUsable
Infernal TwinUsableUsablePoor
Night TerrorUsableUsableUsable
Phantom ThreadsMetaCore UnitUsable
Rain shadowPoorPoorUsable
Shadow PuppetMetaMetaGood
Souls sisterUsableGoodPoor
Splitting ImageGoodGoodMeta
Vaporwave VixenCore UnitCore UnitCore Unit

Skullgirls Tier List – MS. FORTUNE

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Just KittenUsableUsableGood
Claw & OrderCore UnitMetaUsable
Feline LuckyPoorUsableUsable
Furry FuryGoodGoodUsable
Hack n’ SplashCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Meow & FureverGoodGoodCore Unit
Ms. TrialGoodGoodPoor
Purrfect DarkCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Rogue AgentGoodGoodGood
Time Thief000
Wind StalkerGoodUsableGood

PAINWHEEL – Skullgirls Tier List

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Biting ColdBeToDeclared
Blood DrivePoorUsablePoor
FireflyUsableGoodCore Unit
FlytrapMetaCore UnitCore Unit
Freaky FridayGoodMetaGood
Grim FanUsableUsableCore Unit
NeuromancerMetaCore UnitMeta
Rage AppropriatePoorPoorUsable
Raw NervUsableUsableGood
Twisted MettlePoorUsableGood

Skullgirls Tier List – PARASOUL

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
ShelteredGoodCore UnitPoor
Heavy ReignUsableUsablePoor
Ivy LeagueGoodGoodPoor
No EgretsGoodUsablePoor
Princess PrideCore UnitUsableUsable
Regally BlondeUsableUsableGood
Risky GingerPoorPoorPoor
Shadow OpsCore UnitCore UnitPoor
Star-CrossedGoodCore UnitPoor
Summer SaltMetaMetaUsable

Skullgirls Tier List – PEACOCK

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Dream CatcherGoodGoodUsable
Freeze FrameGoodMetaGood
Mean OneMetaMetaPoor
Pea ShooterCore UnitGoodPoor
Prism PlumageBeToDeclared
SketchyCore UnitUsablePoor
That’s All Folks!UsableUsableMeta
UntouchablePoorPoorCore Unit

ROBO-FORTUNE – Skullgirls Tier List

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Blue BomberUsableUsablePoor
Blue ScreenPoorPoorMeta
Head HunterGoodGoodGood
OverclockedCore UnitCore UnitMeta
Persona AMetaistantGoodGoodCore Unit
Terror ByteGoodGoodPoor

Skullgirls Tier List – SQUIGLY

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
Stage FrightUsablePoorPoor
Bio-ExorcistMetaMetaCore Unit
Dead HeatPoorUsableUsable
Dead of WinterPoorPoorCore Unit
Gang GreenGoodGoodGood
Love CraftedMetaMetaCore Unit
Nearly DepartedPoorPoorPoor
Plot TwistedGoodGoodMeta
PoltergustCore UnitCore UnitUsable
Scared StiffUsablePoorUsable
Thrill ShriekerGoodCore UnitPoor

Skullgirls Tier List – VALENTINE

VariantRift OffensePF Offense  Rift Defense
AMetaasin’s GreedUsableGoodMeta
Graveyard ShiftGoodGoodPoor
Icy HotUsableUsableUsable
Kill JoyCore UnitCore UnitCore Unit
Last HopeUsableUsableCore Unit
Oh MaiUsableUsablePoor
Silent KillMetaCore UnitGood
Surgeon GeneralMetaMetaCore Unit
Trés ChicMetaMetaGood

Who is the best character in Skullgirls Game?

Here is the list of the best character in Skullgirls Game

No.NameScorePlayed Percentage
5Ms. Fortune23676.73
7Big Band17064.81


Skullgirls Mobile is a different game in the mobile gaming community. This is due not only to its novel gameplay mechanics, but also to its innovative approach to the character roster.

Plus, the game’s cute and cartoony style can be reminiscent of titles like Genshin Impact and Pokemon Masters EX. But it offers a very different experience than these games. High-octane combat, tactical combo execution and quick thinking is what you can expect from Skullgirls Mobile.

Combine this with a plot that delves into ancient parasites, questionable laboratory research, and wars between nations, and you have an engaging mobile game that takes itself seriously.

So if you want to improve your fighting game skills, download Skullgirls Mobile from the official website and start collecting the variants you need.

Our Skullgirls tier list should tell you everything you need to know about the best picks in the game. Alternatively, you can try out other Skullgirls games.

Finally, the original Skullgirls is playable on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. Meanwhile, its re-release, Skullgirls 2nd Encore, is available on PC, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4.

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