Roblox Jailbreak Value List 2023 : Check Rarity, Vehicle & Value

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Looking for Roblox Jailbreak Value List 2023? So you are at the best spot here in this post you will get the latest Jailbreak Vehicle Value list and Rarity list.

Jailbreak is an amazing popular Roblox game where you choose between the roles of criminals and police, which means you are playing a virtual type of robbers and cops in Roblox.

It is your choice whether you will want to live the life of fighting for justice or a criminal by upholding the law as a cop. Whatever you select, grab some friends and have fun in the game.

Now without further delay let’s start the Roblox Jailbreak Value List guide.

Last update – 19 September 2023

Roblox Jailbreak Value List – September UPDATE!

Here is the Roblox Jailbreak highest value list

  • Lia’s Spaceship – 100,000,000
  • Torpedo – 55,000,000
  • Beam Hybrid – 50,000,000
  • Arachnid – 40,000,000
  • Icebreaker – 35,000,000
  • Beignet – 25,000,000
  • Celsior – 22,500,000

Below is the Roblox Jailbreak Value List is influenced by in-game Vehicle rarity values. Everything on this Roblox Jailbreak Value List is founded on authentic facts and figures from reliable sources.

RarityVehiclePriceDays Available
1Beam Hybrid$042 days
2M12 Molten$599,00010 days
3The Agent$600,0006 days
4Raptor$150,000133 days
5JB8$200,000133 days
6Arachnid$750,000316 days
7Torpedo$750,000316 days
8Torero$599,0009 days
9Crew Capsule$043 days
10Volt 4X4$057 days
11Rattler$058 days
12Banana Car$051 days
13Beignet$058 days
14Icebreaker$043 days
15Celsior$051 days
16Jackrabbit$052 days
17Airtail$600,000309 days
18Megalodon$300,000932 days
19Brulee$500,0001,008 days
20Posh$70,0001,275 days
21Steed$50,000889 days
22SUV$40,000862 days
23Classic$50,0001,293 days
24Mighty$25,0001,023 days

How To Start Playing Roblox Jailbreak Game?

In the Jailbreak game, gamers can choose whatever character they want to play. Gamers can play as either a prisoner attempting to escape or as cops attempting to stop the prisoner from escaping. The choice is totally yours in the game.

While playing As The Prisoner –

Roblox Jailbreak Value List
  • Use the 3rd-person view to see everything around you and be more aware of your in-game surroundings.
  • Take advantage of the surroundings to escape. To get away from the trailing cops, go in circles around buildings and climb mountains.
  • Try getting your hands on an in-game key card: it may seem actually tough, but with a little planning and practice, it is possible.

While playing as The Police Officer –

Roblox Jailbreak Value List
  • Except for the sewage system and the exploding in-game wall, prisoners appear to have no other option but to camp out at the front of the jail. Simply keep your handcuffs on you and wait for the prisoner.
  • For an actual productive workout, consider heading to the Shooting Range in the little in-game town with only the Doughnut Shop. Also, you can shoot criminals to reduce their in-game health, making them weaker and making it really difficult for them to flee.
  • The tranquilizer gun is a better solution, but it is not without flaws. It takes actually a long time to reload, which makes apprehending the prisoner really difficult.

Which Is The Rarest Vehicle In Jailbreak Game?

The number one Jailbreak Vehicle is the Beam Hybrid, and it was available for actually 42 days and of course did not cost anything.

The reason we put it on number 1 is that the Asimo literally said it was actually the rarest Jailbreak vehicle. In a recent tweet, he announced the Beam Hybrid to be the rarest in the game right now so there is no debating on it.

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FAQs Of Roblox Jailbreak Value List

Here are some questions and answers related to the Jailbreak Value List

Q. How Long Is A Day In Jailbreak Game?

Ans – Each hour is 40 seconds long in the game so every day is 16 minutes unless weather such as storms or rain occurs, which will actually stop the time from advancing.

Q. How Much Is The Airtail worth In Jailbreak?

Ans – 600K in-game cash, until its retirement on 9th January 2023. The vehicle is well-known for its really good performance and is commonly compared to the Roadster or the Eclaire by the Jailbreak community.

Q. Who Is The Richest Jailbreak?

Ans – The richest gamer in Jailbreak is L_iiaa with 1.1 Billion in-game cash so far. More impressively, L_iiaa plays on mobile, which is really difficult for many gamers and more lag can be experienced because of weaker mobile processors.


We hope you like this Jailbreak Value List guide. In this post, we covered the latest Jailbreak Vehicle Value list and Rarity list that help you to know all the values in the Jailbreak game.

Also, we tried our best to cover as much information as possible in this Jailbreak rarity list. We highly recommend that you create your own Jailbreak Vehicle Value List based on the rarity and personal in-game demands.

If you have any questions related to the Jailbreak Value List so ask in the comment section that is always open for you.

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