Rivals of Aether Tier List (April 2023) (Best Characters!)

Here are the Rivals of Aether Tier List of all the characters in Rivals of Aether ranked based on their usability and strength in the game.

Rivals of Aether is a fighting game created by Dan Fornes and released on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. A spin-off version of the game, called Creatures of Aether, was also released for Google Android and Apple iOS in 2020. Rivals of Aether is the spiritual successor to Super Smash Land, a fan-made recreation of Super Smash Bros., and its gameplay. principles. Very impressed by this. In the two-dimensional realm, each character must strive to outdo the others.

Characters can use element-based attacks or passive skills that come across the stage in addition to fighting game-style actions. This creates a set strategy in which the participants attack each other as well as the arena. Compared to Smash Bros., the game promotes attack over defense; Attacks can be stopped by simply doing a timed “parry” rather than raising a shield, and characters cannot hold edges safely when they return to the stage. Here is our Ather tier list of competitors.

Tier List Update – 16 April 2023

Rivals of Aether Tier List – All Characters >>

Rivals of Aether Tier ListCharacters
S-TIERMaypul, Forsburn, Ori and Sein, Ranno, Sylvanos
A-TIERAbsa, Etalus, Clairen, Wrastor, Zetterburn
B-TIERKragg, Elliana
C-TIERShovel Knight, Orcane

Making this rival the Ather tier list has been a bit complicated (at least for us). That’s because the smaller roster of rivals makes it easier for game developers to provide comprehensive support and updates to each rival. Even some players would say that the difference between characters only matters in tournament and professional play.

Nevertheless, we will do our best to create an aether level list of rivals, hopefully helping newbies to choose a rival that will make them enjoy the game as much as possible.

The Ather Tier list of our competitors will have four tiers: S, A, B, and C. As you might have already guessed, the S-Tier will be made up of characters considered to be the most powerful in the game.

On the other hand, A-tier would refer to great options that offer relatively high chances of winning. Level B will give you opponents who are fine, average. In the end, C-Tier will list the “worst” characters (we’ve added guide intentionally so, as mentioned, all opponents are super viable).

Rivals of Aether Tier List

Rivals of Aether Tier List – S TIER >>

Below are the list of tier – S characters of Rivals of Aether game.

Forsburn –

Capable of harnessing the power of smoke, Forsburn has a lot of cool combinations and usefulness. The only drawback is that it has a steep learning curve, which makes it a difficult choice for beginners. Some of Forsburn’s elemental powers include smokescreen, decoy, and consumption/combustion.


Maypool is considered the best character in the Rivals of Aether game. He is very popular among players all over the world due to his great strength and agile moves. She can move quickly on the ground and has good aerial skills. The Watcher’s Mark is Mypul’s most prominent ability, it can be used to teleport enemies to another location or even wrap them.

When the enemies are wrapped up, you can prepare for the next attack. The maple can move rapidly and kill the opponent in the blink of an eye. Maypul is one of the best fighting characters in the Rivals of Aether game. But she is not a good character to retrieve, she cannot recover well after being hit by enemies. Therefore, it is essential for players to have all maple resources available while playing.

Ori and Sein –

Ori and Sean work together to defeat their enemy, arriving from the Blind Forest. While Ori uses Bash, Stomp, and Glide to achieve victory, Sean works his opponents with Spirit Flame or Charged Flame to place him between a rock and a hard spot.

Ranno –

As the third water-based character in the game, Raino takes on his enemies by throwing toxic traps that allow him to perform combos. He also uses poison spin and poison stacks that render his enemies defenseless.

Sylvanos –

Imagine a wolf, but with big leaves for fur and branches for legs, that’s Sylvanos. Marked as the ultimate villain in the world of Aether, he brings out his wrath through indomitable Evolution, Burrows, and Wine Pins.

Rivals of Aether Tier List – A TIER >>

Below are the list of tier – A characters of Rivals of Aether game.

Absa –

The representation of enlightenment is Absa. Fast on his feet, he is one of the most difficult characters to learn because of his unique play style. Still, Killer Cloud Control, Thunder Bolt, and Condensed Storm are worth spending time with.

Etalus –

Heaviest in the bunch, Atlas is a tough guy to kill. His ice armor minimizes recoil and his icicles make for the strongest edge protection in the game. His elemental powers are Armored Up, Heaviest in the bunch, Atlas is a tough guy to kill. His ice armor minimizes recoil and his icicles make for the strongest edge protection in the game. His elemental powers are Armored Up, Home Ice Advantage, and Avalanche

Clairen –

There may not be anything extraordinary about Claren’s attributes, but he can certainly deal damage with his sword. Additionally, his extraordinary force field can also make it difficult for enemies to get close to him. The fundamental forces of the Klairn are the ionized tip, the plasma echo, and the energy field.

Wrastor –

The Wrastor is definitely the best character in the game who comes with quick movements and can even fly through the air. With his great jumping abilities, the raster can move from point to point quickly. He can jump 4 times at a time and can launch serious air strikes on his enemies. He has the ability to destroy competing enemies in the air. And most of his attacks are airborne and can be done when you have him in the air.

You can hit opponents with either a downward or forward-leaning attack skill. The raster can create a stream of air that allows it to move quickly enough to deal with enemies. Apart from this, he can also attack from the field in certain situations in the game. Raster has the highest kill rate in the entire game.


Zetterborn is one of the oldest characters in Aether’s rivals, having the element of fire. He is a very lethal and fierce attacker who has strong and powerful attacks. Zetterburn is the best attacker for every situation and level of play, as he is able to kill all enemies and bosses. The Fire Amp ability allows Zetterburn to attack opponents using flames and is considered the deadliest attack ever.

Apart from this, it also has the ability to completely burn the enemy. With the Fireball projectile, Zetterburne can launch his attack from afar. He hits the enemies so hard and it becomes a scary dream for them. Zetterburn has the highest kill rate in the game. You can add Zetterburn to any team combination because he is the best attacker and can win you more battles than any other attacker.

Rivals of Aether Tier List – B TIER >>

Below are the list of tier – B characters of Rivals of Aether game.

Shovel Knight –

Shovel Knight is a guest character from the game of the same name, which can be adapted for different matchups and playstyles. All you have to do is visit the store and get some updates. Shovel Knight’s elemental powers are Treasure Hunter, Relic and Armor, and Shovel Drop.

Orcane –

Orken is cute, yes, but he’s as dangerous as he is cute. He is also capable of performing long and complex combinations through his swift attacks and control over the puddle platform. His elemental powers are puddle teleportation, bubble evaporation, and water amps.

FAQs Of Rivals of Aether Tier List >>

Here are some FAQs related to Rivals of Aether Tier List

Q. What Is The Rivals of Aether Tier List?

The Tier List for Rivals of Aether is a best ranking system that determines the relative weaknesses, strengths, and powers of each character in the game.

Q. Who Are The Best Rivals of Aether Characters?

Ori, Sein, Ranno, Sylvanos, Maypul, Forsburn are the best Characters in Rivals of Aether game.

Q. Who Are The Worst Rivals of Aether Characters?

Shovel Knight and Orcane are the worst Characters in Rivals of Aether game.

Conclusion >>

There you have it, a concise and easy-to-follow Rivals of Aether Tier List that players of varying abilities can rely on for a fun fighting game mixed with natural elements. With a team of dedicated developers, the fan-made rivals of aether continue to improve day by day. In fact, we can expect four new characters to join the roster of already impeccable fighters in this indie game. Before the end of this year, Molo: The Smoldering Rage, Pomme: The Superstar Songstress, Hoden: The Hot Springs Sage, and Olympia: The Amethyst Fist will battle with our rivals.

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