Riis Reborn Key Codes 2023 – (Update) (Destiny 2!)

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Looking for Riis Reborn Key Codes? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the complete details of where to find and use Riis Reborn Key codes in Destiny 2.

In Destiny 2 Beyond Light, there is a special emote based event that gamers can unlock with the Riis-Reborn Key Codes. This special event will reward gamers with a unique piece of armor if successfully completed. To help you finish this quest learn where to get Riis-Reborn Key Codes and what to do.

Now without further delay let’s start the Riis Reborn Key Codes.

Riis Reborn Key Codes 2023

Riis Reborn Key Codes

The key codes may activate regardless of whether you killed this opponent or not. It seems to apply to anyone in the general vicinity when the opponent is killed. This Riis Reborn Key code is also a weekly activity so you can not repeat it once you actually complete it.

The Riis-Reborn Key Codes are actually special buff that gamers can obtain by killing a yellow bar opponent named the Technorunner in the Eventide Ruins in-game area. This opponent appears during snowstorms and you will see the message nearby, a powerful opponent waits out the storm.

Once this message appears, head to the abandoned ruins on the south side of the in-game area. Go into the building and defeat the enemy to get the Riis-Reborn Key Codes in the game.

What To Do With The Riis-Reborn Key Codes

Riis-Reborn Key Codes

Once you have the Riis-Reborn Key Codes then you will probably wonder what to actually do with them. Take the Key codes and proceed to the Riis-Reborn Approach.

Continue through this in-game area until you get to the room you reach by falling through pipes (just before room where you actually get the Salvation’s Grip).

Inside this in-game room, you will see a console you can use the Riis-Reborn Key codes to Drink Inert Radiolarian Fluid. Once this fluid is drunk then you will receive the Cadmus Ridge Signal. Now go to this in-game area of Europa now.

Cadmus Ridge Signal Location

Cadmus Ridge Signal Location

In Cadmus Ridge head to the location marked on the map above to locate the Radiolarian Signature in the game.

You can interact with this signature to be spawned on a vex object in the skies above. On this in-game structure, you will have to complete a puzzle to actually unlock the treasure chest there.

How To Solve Emote Puzzle

Solve Emote Puzzle

To solve the Emote puzzle you have to use a different emote on 4 round switches on the vex structure in the game. You will have two minutes to actually do this. To correctly solve the puzzle emote on the 1st round switch at the beginning. Once you have done this, look at the 3 pyramid shapes on the ground near the switch. These switches will point left, right, and straight.

The pyramid lit up indicates the direction of the next switch you have to emote on. If you do not follow the lit pyramids you will fail the in-game puzzle. Once you reach the switch in the direction the lit is pointing, change your emote and repeat until you actually reach the 4th switch.

When you emote on the 4th switch if you input the emotes properly a chest will spawn in. This in-game chest will contain a piece of legendary gear. Interact with the chest to solve the puzzle. After a few sec., the vex structure will be gone and you will fall back down to the Cadmus Ridge area in the game.

Riis Reborn Key Codes Video Guide

Here is the youtube video of Riis Reborn Key Codes


We hope you like this Riis Reborn Key Codes post. In this post, we covered the complete details of where to find and use Riis Reborn Key codes in Destiny 2.

Also, if you have any questions or doubts about the Riis Reborn Key Codes so comment box is always open for you.

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