Revived Witch Tier List (February 2023) (Characters Ranked!)

Revived Witch Tier List

Looking for Revived Witch Tier List 2023? so you are at the best spot here you will get Revived Witch Tier List that will help you to be better at the revived witch game. 

It’s time to embrace your inner sorcerer and go on a thriller zone through a diverseness of game worlds in Revived Witch. From magical forests to ice caves, lava caves, and spooky towers, you travel the land with your team of characters, providing them with the best equipment available. Think about your surroundings and enjoy the beauty around you. Also, when you are not caught up in real time game battles. Keep your wits about you – one wrong move and your team could collapse.

Our Revived witch tier list is intended to do the simple things, and that’s to tell you Revived witch character spells are worth your valuable time. Some witches are incredibly powerful, while others make a young Ron Weasley look like a capable wizard. If he’s unhappy with his summons, we also have a step-by-step replay guide from Revived Witch.

Last Update On - 12 February 2023

Revived Witch Tier List – Best Characters >>

Revived Witch global version is now officially available on Google Android & Apple iOS. In this article, we have shared Revived Witch Tier List 2023 ranked the best tier heroes list in the Revived Witch game, and helped you pull the best characters in the starting.  If you need free soul cryolite, stamina potions, avatar frame, and other amazing rewards then check out our active Revived Witch Codes post.

Revived Witch Tier List – Tier S (Best Characters) >>

Character Class Faction
Afallen Guardian & Mercury Light of the Sanctuary
Mineer Mage & Mercury Waxing Moon
Metamorphoses Compeller & Saltstone Soul Collection
Mayahuel Mage & Mercury Natural Law
Ella Destroyer & Saltstone Ancient Inheritance
Tuonel Healer & Saltstone Child of Taboo
Amanami Compeller & Mercury Kalavin
Celanya Assassin & Brimstone Dashing Arrows

Revived Witch Tier List – Tier A (Above Average Characters) >>

Character Class Faction
Akasha Assassin & Brimstone Field of Swords
Caledonia Guardian & Brimstone Sacred Beast Strengthen
Nannar Guardian & Mercury Reflection of the Mirror
La Crima Compeller & Mercury Tear of Pearl
Lilia Mage & Mercury Aurora’s Blessing
Flora Healer & Saltstone Cheerful Chord
Yui Destroyer & Saltstone Spear Princess
Cynetia Healer & Saltstone Joy of Agony
Goorveig Compeller & Mercury Call of the Abyss
Arcana Compeller & Mercury Foresight
Ushpia Mage & Mercury Paralyzed
Cersivey Compeller & Mercury Divine Judgment

Revived Witch Tier List – Tier B (Below Average Characters) >>

Character Class Faction
Kyphon Destroyer & Saltstone Restless
Inn & Lou Assassin & Brimstone Precise Execution
Luan Guardian & Mercury Rebirth
Norn Healer & Brimstone Holy Heart
Pakane Mage & Mercury Frozen Body
Tama Compeller & Saltstone Hollow Dream

Revived Witch Tier List – Tier C (Worst Characters) >>

Character Class Faction
Hilda Destroyer & Saltstone Royal Glory
Elis Assassin & Brimstone Hunting Instinct
Miku Destroyer & Saltstone Bravery in Battle
Croche Healer & Brimstone Dark Contract
Eulalia Healer & Saltstone Celestial Blessing
Czerni Compeller & Mercury Wordsmaster
Avil Guardian & Brimstone Hold Ground
Cuspidata Mage & Mercury Evil Eye
Ruda Healer & Brimstone Collect
Octavia Destroyer & Saltstone Windrunner
Shuffle Assassin & Brimstone Thirst
Mortimer Healer & Saltstone Delicate Hands
Anemone Mage & Mercury Frozen Body
Primula Healer & Brimstone Flower Dress
Yothaya Healer & Saltstone Heart of Healer
Fey Destroyer & Saltstone Penetrate
Acheronte Mage & Mercury Divine Tsundere
Nemesi Assassin & Brimstone Spot Weakness
Viola Mage & Mercury Rebuild
Yurugu Guardian & Mercury Power of Void
Cetess Guardian & Brimstone Scarlet Dance
Nocturna Assassin & Brimstone Eternal Night
Mikoto Compeller & Mercury Soulbound

Easy Steps Of How to Reroll in Revived Witch >>

It’s simple to reroll in Revived Witch game since the gameplay has actually functionality in-built to do it, so there are no requirements to mess around with clearing game storage and caches. First, complete the tutorial, then summon. If you’re happy with your characters, click on confirm, if not, now click on the reroll button and try once again. You can do this reroll up to 100+ times in the game.

About Dolls in Revived Witch >>

Dolls are characters that are referred to in Revived Witch. You pull for them using game world banners, next use them to build a party with which to battle, fight and defeat different enemies. Each party is made up of 3 primary characters and 3 backup characters, but in order to build a balanced fighting force, each doll belongs to one of the 6 in-game classes:

  1. Assassin
  2. Mage
  3. Healer
  4. Guardian
  5. Destroyer
  6. Compeller

Get More New Characters In Revived Witch >>

You’re able to get more new characters in Revived Witch by game’s banners. New gamers will be easier using a starting pool with a hundred times summons until they get the different UR characters they want from the 4 on offer. Also, there will be 2 summon options: the regular pool and the other rate-up pool, which will offer a good chance at a 50 percent discount for a 10 summon with each new banner. In addition, some of this info and characters might be chances to change when the game is started.

Conclusion >>

In this post, we have covered Revived Witch Tier List 2023 for choosing your best characters also we add all the tier lists of Revived Witch game from S to C. We discuss Best, Average, and Worst Characters also how to reroll in revived witch. Revived Witch is an amazing game you can easily download this game from the play store.

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