Rebirth Island Bunker Code 2022 (May 2022) – COD Warzone

Rebirth Island Bunker Code

Rebirth Island Bunker Code – Hello gamers if you are not sure how to enter Call of Duty Warzone’s yellow door bunker in Rebirth Island so don’t worry here you will get a complete Rebirth Island Bunker Code list.

While everyone is getting excited about COD Season 5 Reloaded, there are still mysteries to be solved regarding Rebirth Island. But the interesting part is that developers continue to add various easter eggs and keep players interested in the COD Warzone game. That’s why in this article we are going to share some of the latest Rebirth Island Bunker Code and the process of redeeming so now let’s start.

Last Update – 13th May 2022

Rebirth Island Bunker Code >>

Here is the list of Rebirth Island Bunker Code 2022:

CODE 1425
CODE 214
CODE 3627
FINAL CODE42514627

The first three codes are the rebirth island bunker codes, and the next step is to assemble the bunker code for rebirth island. Next out of the three codes, there will be one 2 digit code and two 3 digit codes finally assemble the format will be XXX–XX–XXX.

How to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance >>

It will take some effort to get into the bunker itself. It not only demands that gamers sprint around the map, but also needed them to piece together the code required to enter the in-game room.

It’s worth noting that not all of the COD Warzone places for the 1st step have yet been discovered. Here is the best process for Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker’s yellow entrance.

  • First, on Rebirth Island simply look for the open briefcase with 3 images.
  • Visit each of the in-game locations depicted in the images.
  • Make a clear note of the numbers found at each of the 3 locations.
  • Then put the numbers in the correct order using the dash on each one.
  • Next enter the code on the bunker door.

The most difficult part of the easter egg that is sometimes locating the numbers is tedious and also players requires arrange the numbers in a precise order.

Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards >>

Warzone bunker wouldn’t be complete without any certain rewards. The COD Warzone Red Room blueprint of the Milano SMG is the main loot. Along with an amazing red color scheme, this model appears to have a suppressor, a grip, a magazine, a red-dot sight, and potentially the latest stock.

COD Black Ops Cold War is also available in this version, and since it is presently the only way to get it, gamers should take advantage of this COD easter egg.

FAQ >>

Some FAQ’s of Rebirth Island Bunker Code

What is the Rebirth Island Bunker Code?

In COD Warzone, Rebirth Island Bunker Code is a special code that you will get from in-game locations and the use of code that gets free loots and rewards.

How To Enter Rebirth Island Bunker Code?

Players enter the code in the format of XXX–XX–XXX.

What are Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards?

Main rewards Milano SMG and a grip, a magazine, a red-dot sight, and potentially the new stocks.

How To Actually Open The Rebirth Island Bunker?

There are a total of four steps to open the Rebirth Island Bunker first step is to locate the briefcase.

Second The Photographs mean you will see 3 photographs on the ground next to the briefcase. Third, assemble the codes and finally open the Bunker.

What is the Final Code To Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker?

The final code to unlock Rebirth Island Bunker is 42514627.

Conclusion >>

COD Warzone continues to push gamers back and constantly entertain with these rewards. Rebirth Island Bunker is a great way to make memories, have fun and curse the sniper sitting on top of the tower.

Hopefully, you enjoy this little rabbit hunt for the COD Warzone Red Room Blueprints. And with the help of our Reborn Bunker Codes, your in-game efforts and adventures might just be a little easier. If you have any queries related to Rebirth Island Bunker then comment on us.

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