Realm Of Gods Tier List of September 2023 | Best Units List

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Realm Of Gods Tier List 2023 is here, in this post, you will get Dokkan Battle Best Realm of God Teams so now let’s start.

Last Update On – 26 September 2023

Realm Of Gods Tier List – Best Realm of God Teams

Today we’re taking a look at one of the amazing fearsome if not the ultimate category in the game “Realm of Gods”. Buckle up and let’s go through my top strongest RoG teams in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Global!

Gods on Sale – Realm Of Gods Tier List

Realm Of Gods Tier List
“Realm Of Gods Tier List”

Since this has become a tradition for me, I’m bringing you a completely free-to-play (or F2P) team to get you started. There are several options for free units in this category, but they’re all over the place, meaning you always end up with at least 1 unit with a link that doesn’t go good with the rest of the team.

Note that this is a perfect F2P team, so treat it more like a template and feel free to play with whatever you have on hand to build your team.

  1. It’s completely free to play and mostly easy to farm, as its events give you boosts with specific types of units. Hopefully Vegito Blue and SSGSS Goku are already in your box, assuming you’ve taken advantage of the events that make them easy to get to.
  2. All of these units have good growth, especially offensively, giving this team some decent damage potential for a F2P team.
  3. The major feature of this tool is the availability. With a leader who gives you +5 ki, lots of shared links, and a friend who will give +4 ki to your team, all this never lets up when using SA. Let’s say 1 link is shared as “Battle Ready” and starting key, then your team will start each round with at least 11 ki.

Units – Realm Of Gods Tier List

  • Awakening to a New Dimension SSGSS Goku (Leader)
  • Sign of a Turnaround Goku (Friend) (UI -Sign-)
  • Saiyan of a Best Dimension SSJ Goku
  • SSGSS Vegito All or Nothing
  • The Power of a God Unleashed SSGSS Vegeta [Extreme Z-Awakened]
  • Dawn of Darkest Justice Zamasu [EZA] (Goku)
  • New Form on the Ultimate Horizon Goku (Top Ultra Instinct)

Rotations –

  • Main: SSGSS Vegeta-Vegito Blue; LR Goku UI-SSJ Goku
  • Floaters: UI Goku, Goku Black, and SSGSS Goku

Saiyan Gods – Realm Of Gods Tier List

Realm Of Gods Tier List
“Realm Of Gods Tier List”

There are so many Saiyan units in RoG that I thought a team made up of (mostly) Saiyans would be a good idea. Like the previous team, this one is more than ideal and you should not limit yourself to just these units. Almost any Saiyan would work well in this team.

  1. Because they are mostly Saiyans, they have a great rapport, which makes for a strong team for you.
  2. SSGSS Kaioken Goku’s activated ability serves as an ace up your sleeve that can get you out of difficult situations by ending a fight or drastically reducing your opponent’s health. If you plan to modify this costume just be aware of SSGSS Goku’s conditions.
  3. This team has a strong defense overall, you just need to make sure that Vegito doesn’t get hit by the super attack. Ui Goku’s dodge will be especially helpful in maintaining your health.
  4. Offensively, even these Saiyans are not hooked. Each has incredible firepower, most notably Yui Goku (the star of the team) who can even disable your opponent’s defense, making damage of the type meaningless.

Units – Realm Of Gods Tier List

  • Sign of a Turnaround Goku (Leader) (UI -Sign-)
  • Sign of a Turnaround Goku (Friend) (UI -Sign-)
  • Super Saiyan God Goku (Legend Reborn)
  • SSGSS Goku Final Super Power (Kaioken)
  • SSGSS Vegeta Observance of Pride
  • Azure Omnipotence SSGSS Vegito [EZA]
  • Supreme Kai of Time [Power Unleashed] Sacred Power of Time

Rotations –

  • Main rotations: UI Goku-SSGSS Goku ; UI Goku-Vegito Blue
  • Special rotation: if type disadvantage is some kind of issue, SSG Goku with swap SSGSS Goku in that rotation
  • Floaters: SSG Goku, Kai of Time, and Vegeta

Evil Gods – Realm Of Gods Tier List

Realm Of Gods Tier List
“Realm Of Gods Tier List”

Some of you savvy readers may notice something in particular about this setup. This team has a lot going for it, the only problem being its defense, but that won’t be a big problem as its attacking power will propel it through each incident.

  1. The synergy in this team is amazing. They all share a bunch of common links, which means lots of keys, stat boosts, and debuffs for your enemy.
  2. Most units here contribute to the team in some way, whether through defense enhancements, healing (oh so much healing), and/or debuffs. I am sure they all will make your life easier.
  3. As I said earlier, the offensive power of this entire team is very good. Combine this with allied debuffs and buffs, and you’ll hardly have a problem destroying your opponents.
  4. It is also very easy to use in the sense that even a beginner will have an easier time using this rig because regardless of the turns he will always end up with a lineup that will connect well and work hard .
  5. An added small bonus is that if you’re missing any of these cards, you can easily replace them with any Zamasu or Goku Black unit while maintaining excellent synergy.

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Units – Realm Of Gods Tier List

  • True Power of a God Zamasu (Leader)
  • True Power of a God Zamasu (Friend)
  • Justice Zamasu Dawn of Darkest (Goku)
  • Goku Black Mark of Almighty Power (SS Rosé)
  • Goku Black Merciless Condemnation (SSR) & Zamasu
  • Fusion Zamasu [EZA] (Wrath of the Absolute God)
  • A Lesson in Good, Evil Gowasu and Zamasu

Rotation –

  • Main: Zamasu (Goku)-Goku Rosé; Zamasu-Fusion Zamasu
  • Floaters: Zamasu, Gowasu & Zamasu, Goku Black & Zamasu

Creation & Destruction – Realm Of Gods Tier List

Realm Of Gods Tier List
“Realm Of Gods Tier List”

A team made up of literal gods who meet the standards of their class. I set up this best team to revolve around Beerus and his tremendous ultimate offensive power. While the focus is on offense, this team can do a lot more thanks to the other units supporting Beerus. While the main rocker doesn’t leave much room to experiment, you can certainly switch the supports in and out depending on what you have and what you don’t.

  1. PHY Beerus has tremendous attack power, but the fact that his best Link partners are on this team means you can bomb your opponent at every turn and even more so with his active strike.
  2. While having 3 supports is a bit unusual, it also means that your main turns will be consistently at their best thanks to debuffs, stuns, healing, key and stat boosts, as well as West’s extra chance Kai. To deal critical hits for your entire team.
  3. This team does well defensively, not only because of the support, but also because their main units can take care of themselves, especially with the whois, one of the best defensive cards in the game. Is.

Units – Realm Of Gods Tier List

Hot blooded God of Destruction Beerus (Leader)

Hot blooded God of Destruction Beerus Friend)

Global Harmony through Destruction Beerus and Whis

Great Measure Whis

Supreme Kai (Best Sacred Power of Time) [Power Unleashed]

West Supreme Kai (Duty to Maintain Peace)

Tension Vados (Unprecedented)

Rotations –

  • Main: Beerus-Beerus and Whis; Beerus-Whis
  • Floaters: Kai of Time, West Kai, and Vados

Show off – Realm Of Gods Tier List

Realm Of Gods Tier List
“Realm Of Gods Tier List”

If you are reading my material, this team may sound very familiar to you. While Zamasu may be an odd inclusion, it is his incredible ROG leader ability that earned him a spot on this team. Despite their links, the majority of this team is fairly self-contained, so there is little need for them to be fully linked.

  • In terms of support, this team is doing well thanks to Time’s awesome Kai, but also thanks to Zamasu’s healing abilities. However, this is more of an advantage because…
  • Your main units are completely self-sufficient, thanks to their powerful passive boosts and their ability to give each other. On top of that, they connect so well that you are practically guaranteed SA for your main units every time.
  • This team’s APT is through the roof. Combining SSGSS Vegito’s counters and bonus attacks with activated abilities and LR Fusion’s bonus attacks means a lot of damage per battle. Add to this the Zamasu boost and the deactivation of Goku’s guard and you have a team that hits like an asteroid falling from space.
  • Lastly, defense isn’t much of a concern, especially once the LR Fusion morphs, so feel free to bring them into events like Fighting Legends. And don’t forget UI Goku’s ever-present dodge ability.

Units – Realm Of Gods Tier List

True Power of a God Zamasu (Leader)

True Power of a God Zamasu (Friend)

Ultimate & Invincible Fusion Vegito

Ultimate & Supreme Fusion Gogeta

Azure Omnipotence SSGSS Vegito [EZA]

Turnaround Goku (Ultra Instinct – Sign)

Supreme Kai of Time (Sacred Power of Time) [Best Power of Time Unleashed]

Rotations –

  • Main: Gogeta-UI Goku; Vegito-SSGSS Vegito
  • Floaters: both Zamasus & Kai of Time

Realm Of Gods Tier List – Realm of Gods is an excellent team that can be built flexibly to include either Super or Extreme types, or a mix of both. The number of reasonable members on this team is unbelievable, but these are some of the best.

Goku Ultra Instinct (Super INT) – Awakened UR Transdimensional Instinct


He was the original class leader of the team and can lift his weight very well. It is a complete card with good passive ability to improve ATK and DEF. He also has a transformation that increases damage and dodge by up to 70% at the cost of losing his DEF buff.

Super Saiyan God SS Vegito Super STR – Awakened LR All or Nothing


In the Realm Of Gods Tier List this is a wonderful addition to the team, especially as it is an F2P card. His high stats along with a strong Passive and Super ATK make him an easy top-tier pick for the team.

Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta Super AGL – Awakened UR Observance of Pride


He himself is a decent class leader and a great card. He shares a lot of Link abilities with the other Super Cards in the team and is an excellent combination of dealing damage and tanking. Once he transforms, he has the chance to deal serious damage for every attack he makes, making him well worth his place on the team.

Beerus & Whis Super STR – Awakened LR Global Harmony Through Destruction


Both of them are great choices for the team. After his passive kick, he gains a massive ATK buff and enough DEF buff to tank. He also has HP recovery upon landing on Super ATK, which helps the team survive. When paired with UR Diving Punishment – Beerus (S. TEQ), who also fits into this team, the two make a ridiculously good rotation.

Jiren Super STR – Awakened UR Absolute Power


It’s a niche pick for the team, but its usefulness for the Realm of Gods Super Battle Road setting can’t be overstated. His passive ability has the chance to stun all enemies on the battlefield for that turn and is guaranteed to deal serious damage to stunned enemies.

This means that not only does the player get a free turn without taking damage, but Jiren will end it with twice as much power. His main ki links are “Shocking Speed” and “Tournament of Power”, so he needs a good Link partner to launch a super attack.


Hopefully, you like this Realm Of Gods Tier List post, in this post we try to help you choose Dokkan Battle Best Realm of God Teams.

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