Random Dice Tier List : Check Dice Ranked September 2023

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In this post, we have prepared a Random Dice Tier List 2023. Have a look if you want to get a better vision of the Random Dice game!

If you love mobile games and especially deck builders, then you must play Random Dice: PvP Defense. This is a unique form of tower defense-style game that will blow your mind. The problem when you get into a game like this is that you can feel overwhelmed with all the information you need to progress through the game. There are many dice that are good but don’t look that way, and others that may look great in theory but lack the power or synergy that makes them useful in practice.

That’s where this post comes in. We’ve created a random dice tier list, ranking all the dice from best to worst. So if you are a new player to the game, take some notes and try them out for yourself. We guarantee that you will get the best result you want.

Tier List Update – 18 September 2023

Random Dice Tier List 2023

below you will get all dice in the Random Dice Tier List it’s really beneficial for you to choose the best dice according to your gameplay and ease.

S Tier – Random Dice Tier List

In these tier-s, you will get dice that shape the meta of the game. If you are lucky enough to find any dice at this level, you should focus on building your deck with these dice as the center of your strategy. Whether it is PvE or PvP, they will certainly help you destroy all your enemies quite efficiently.

  • Blizzard Dice
  • Typhoon Dice
  • Joker Dice
  • Growth Dice

A Tier – Random Dice Tier List

Random Dice Tier List – Tier A dice is much more than just great options to keep in your deck. They can deal very reliable damage and, especially if you pair them correctly, you’ll find them on par with strength comparable to S-tier dice. The only thing they may lack is the one-size-fits-all provided by the dice above on this list. But if you do find them, you should be overjoyed.

  • Combo Dice
  • Mighty Wind Dice
  • Flow Dice
  • Assassin Dice
  • Moon Dice
  • Sacrifice Dice
  • Summoner Dice
  • Solar Dice
  • Infect Dice

B Tier – Random Dice Tier List

Here we’ve included some dice that appear to be less useful than the Random Dice tier list A-tier or B-tier. Not necessarily a loss. They may have less synergy with other dice, or the synergies they provide may not be as valuable. Of course, they can still be useful and complement a deck of cards very well. But you need to be careful while investing in them.

  • Poison Dice
  • Shield Dice
  • Iron Dice
  • Metastasis Dice
  • Broken
  • Mimic Dice
  • Hell Dice
  • Atomic Dice
  • Arrow Dice
  • Thorn Dice
  • Gamble Dice
  • Nuclear Dice
  • Supplement Dice
  • Electric dice
  • Modified Electric Dice
  • Fire Dice
  • Critical Dice

C Tier – Random Dice Tier List

As you can guess, the C-tier dice is your average dice. You can still find usefulness in them, but the problem is they don’t excel at anything. You should try to use them at the beginning of the game, but the deeper levels you go, you should replace them with the ones above on this list.

  • Crack Dice
  • Mine Dice
  • Wind Dice
  • Gun Dice
  • Gear Dice

D Tier – Random Dice Tier List

In D-Tier we have the dice that barely work. Maybe early game they can help you grind some levels, and you can take some damage out of them if you mix them right, but they are intended to support you until you get better Would be This is how they were designed. Try to replace them as soon as possible.

  • Teleport Dice
  • Holy Sword DIce
  • Absorb Dice
  • Landmine Dice
  • Light Dice

LOL Tier – Random Dice Tier List

Obviously, here you will find the dice that you should forget about. Whether intentionally or by accident, these passes can only be described in one word. Bad. Avoid these passes as much as possible. You should only use them if you don’t have any other dice available. Still it doesn’t sound good, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Death Dice
  • Lock Dice
  • Star Dice
  • Wave Dice

Best Dice in Random Dice Game

We have to start with the strongest dice in the game, Blizzard Dice. The ability to slow down incoming waves of enemies is nice in itself, but if you combine it with a nuclear dice, you get a great combo where the nuclear dice stay in contact with enemies for a longer period of time, making more damage occurs. To those.

There is a lot of dice that can be combined with Blizzard, and this is a must for most decks. This need marked us as the best pass in the entire game.

Random Dice Tier List – Best Random Dice Deck (PvP)

  1. Atomic + Flow + Typhoon + Growth + Joker
  2. Flow Dice+ Growth Dice + Modified Electric Dice + Joker Dice + Sacrifice
  3. Assassin + Typhoon + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker
  4. M.E. + Moon/Lunar + Iron + Growth + Joker
  5. M.E. + Critical + Growth + Iron + Joker
  6. Flow Dice+ Critical Dice+ Modified Electric Dice + Growth Dice+ Joker Dice
  7. Hell + Blizzard + Typhoon + Growth + Joker
  8. Flow Dice + Growth Dice + Typhoon Dice + Joker Dice + Thron
  9. Critical + Sacrifice + Gear + Growth + Joker
  10. Sacrifice + M.E. + Assassin + Growth + Joker
  11. Flow Dice+ Joker Dice+ Typhoon Dice+ Growth Dice + Sacrifice
  12. Atomic Dice + Blizzard Dice+ Typhoon Dice + Joker Dice + Growth Dice
  13. Thorn + Blizzard + Iron + Growth + Joker

Random Dice Tier List – Best Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Random Dice Tier List

In Random Dice: PvP Defense, your main goal is to build the best possible deck and dominate the PvP rankings.

There are a lot of dice in the game; Each dice plays differently and has its own characteristics. For example, there is a famous dice in the game Nuclear Dice that causes a nuclear explosion; For AOE damage.

The player can build three decks with different combinations of dice; In a deck of dice, you can add up to five dice. Let’s know everything in detail and see all Random Dice – PvP Defense Tips and Tricks

How To Get Dice (Learn) –

You get dice from loot boxes that you can earn by winning PvP matches. If you go to the store, you can buy dice cards or dice boxes with gold coins; A store will have a free dice chest; You can claim it daily and get free dice card.

In addition, you have the Imperial Crate section in the store, which has premium crates with high-level cards; legendary, unique, rare – also, common. In competitive play, single-level legendary cards work well. For these premium boxes, you will have to spend a lot of diamonds; You can earn diamonds by completing missions, reaching a certain trophy milestone. Or purchase at the store.

Familiar With The Random Dice In The Deck

As we talk about above, each dice is played differently and has its own characteristics. The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with all the dice you have in your inventory so that you can go with the best combination of decks.

Go to the Dice tab in the footer menu and in the Dice List tab, tap Received Dice, and tap the Information button. On the information page, you will see your type; There are several types of dice; Magical, Physical, Debf, Transform, Install, Buff, Merge, etc. Plus, you’ll see your attack speed, attack power, aim, and more.

Slow Debuff Dice

It is better to add a slow type die to the deck; for example Ice Dice and Blizzard Dice. These dice can slow down enemy actions and help damage dealers deal more damage; The slower they are, the longer they stay on the field and the more damage they do.

Fill The Board As Soon As Possible

As you enter battle, spend your SP and fill in all the blanks on the first board x15. This is the best strategy you should use. SP: The number of points you need to roll the dice on the board. You get random dice by spending SP. Tap the round button beside the bubble message to spend SP and create dice. Don’t Merge and Upgrade: First, make the dice and fill the entire board.

Merging : By merging , you will get random dice (from your deck of course), but with more pips (points on the dice). The more points, the higher the attack speed.


Random Dice is an amazing challenging game that gets progressively more difficult as you play through its content you can download this game through Play Store. If you’re in it only for the satisfaction of blasting beautiful lights and wave after wave of enemies, then you might pass up this Random Dice Tier List.

But if you want to beat the game content and dominate PvP, we recommend that you study this Random Dice Tier List and build your best deck very carefully. Of course, you should adjust your dice to your preferred playing style. After all, it is a game. Hopefully, you really like this Random Dice Tier List and our guide.

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