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With the help of Qureka Pro App, you can earn money by playing games. Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, you can download this app from Google Play Store,

Install the app on your phone and open the app, then signup by entering your email address and correct mobile number, (OTP will be sent to the number to verify the phone number)

With this, you will be logged into Qureka Pro App, now you will get to see many simple game’s, you can play them and you can play some games for free and get Coins, in this app coins would have been very useful. That’s why you can collect Coins by taking part in the quiz or watching the video.

What is Qureka Pro App?

Qureka Pro is a mobile application in which you can earn money by playing many simple games and participating in daily live quiz shows, if you answer all the questions asked in the quiz correctly. So according to that quiz prize you get full money and if you answer questions wrong then you don’t get money but in return you get Coins, in Qureka Pro you will get to see Quiz from time to time every hour you do something Not only can earn some money, if you forget the timing of the quiz then you can also set an alarm on it so that whenever a new quiz starts, you will know,

Each Qureka Pro QUIZ starts with a different prize, if you participate in the question-answer contest on the night, then the winning amount in that game is kept higher, if you get the answers to all the questions, then by selecting the correct option. Can win money.

What is Qureka Coins >>

You can consider this as your life because this is the work of coins in the Qureka app, when you participate in a quiz and give correct answers to all the questions – suddenly it is the turn of a question whose answer you do not know. At the time, even if you choose the wrong answer, you are not out of the game, because at that time the Coins saves you from being out of the game, so keep the Coins in the Qureka app,

How To Earn Money With Qureka Pro App >>

In the home page itself, you will get to see games like Fruit Slash, Live cricket, Ball Shooter, Candy Burst, Fruits Chop etc. To play any game simply tap on the game then select free game or paid option,

In this way the game will be played, if you are playing free game then you will get Coins and if you are playing the game by paying money then you will get money according to the price of that game if you win the game.

How Much Money Do You Get For Winning Games?

Different prize money has been kept for every game and you can get different prize money in the same type of game because the more money you pay, the more you will earn, different for the same game On the Prize Money and Entry Fee screen, you will see something like this,

From here, you will know only by looking at how much entry fees you can win, if you do not have any idea of the game, then you can practice by playing the free game first.

Now you must have come to know very well that how you can earn money by playing the game, all you have to do is type on the game we want to play and enter the fee, after that if you win the game then the prizes given to you. Money will be given according to the money which will come in your Qureka Wallet, now you know how to withdraw the money won?

How to withdraw money from Qureka >>

Withdrawal from Qureka Pro App Se Pay can be done in two easy ways, UPI and Paytm Wallet. You can select any of these two options, if I believe you can transfer money in Paytm, for this you will need the mobile number from which you have opened Paytm account.

Share Qureka Pro Referral Code >>

This is a very easy way to earn money through this app, if you share your referral code with your friends, then when they sign up with your referral code, then some percent of their earning from this app is in your wallet. Similarly, if you share Qureka app invite link with many people and all use the app through their referral code, then you earn a lot even in less effort than if you invite a friend. If you have then you can get 100 rupees, similarly if you invite 10 people then you can earn 1000.

Best Games In Qureka Pro >>

By the way, you will find many games in this app, there are also some favorite games which people like to play more.

Qureka Pro Quiz Games >>

  1. Sports Quiz
  2. Politics Quiz
  3. Geography Quiz
  4. GK Quiz
  5. World Quiz
  6. Literature Quiz
  7. Business Quiz
  8. Flim & Celeb Quiz
  9. Math Quiz
  10. History Quiz

Qureka Pro Fun Games >>

  1. Fruits Chop
  2. Live cricket
  3. Fruit Slash
  4. Ball Shooter
  5. Candy Burst