ProSports11 Referral Code 2022: Get ₹50 Sign Up Bonus

ProSports11 Referral Code

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Hello friends, today we are going to give you information about another new fantasy cricket app, this app name is ProSports11.

This app is a fantasy cricket application, if your cricket knowledge is good, then you can earn money online by playing ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket. In this post, we will also give you ProSports11 referral code and promo code which you can use to earn app bonus amount.

In this mobile app, you will also get many offers that you will like. You have the chance to play fantasy cricket with ProSports11 app and earn money online.

Prosports11 Referral Code 2022

Use Prosports11 Referral Code And get Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 Signup Bonus.

Prosports11 Referral Code & Signup BonusAmount & Code
Referral CodeBONUS100
Refer & EarnEarn Upto Rs. 500
Signup BonusRs. 50

What is ProSports11 App?

The prosports11 app has been in the news for quite some time and has become a bit popular.

ProSports11 is a fantasy cricket app. In which you can earn real money by playing fantasy cricket with your cricket knowledge. Fantasy cricket matches are not very difficult to play. This gaming app can be difficult only for those people who have less cricket knowledge.
Those who have good knowledge in cricket, they can earn good money through this app & also earn from ProSports11 Referral Code.

In the last few cricket matches, this fantasy app has given a cash price of lakhs of rupees to the players. Which is good enough that even though the application is less popular, the number of players playing fantasy cricket is quite good.

There are three ways you can earn with the ProSports11 app.
1. The first way is the sign up bonus, Use ProSports11 Referral Code Players will get Rs. 50 to Rs.100 sign up bonus on registering in the app. You will get this bonus only once.
2. The second way is to refer and earn, so that you can earn 500 rupees per referrer. In this post you will learn more about refer and earn.
3. The third way is fantasy cricket, you can earn money by playing fantasy games.

Not only can you earn real money with ProSports11, you can also transfer the won money to your bank account. With this app you can do a minimum withdrawal of 200 rupees. Read this post completely and get all the information & ProSports11 Referral Code about this app.

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ProSports11 App Video Intro

Features Of ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket App

  • Good App UI & UX interface
  • Easy UI & UX to play which makes it even better.
  • Get Rs.50 to Rs.100 signup bonus by using Prosports11 Referral Code (BONUS100)
  • Get 2X winning amount.
  • Use maximum bonus amount on every match
  • Daily Exciting offers on prosports11
  • Earn Rs. 200 by referring your friends.
  • Fast withdrawal on your account.
  • Low competition and More chance of winning.

How to download & Use ProSports11 App

Downloading the ProSports11 app is very easy, follow the steps given below and download the app.

  • Download the app from the ProSports11 website. Click here
  • Install the app after download
  • Open ProSports11 app & create your account
  • Now Click on New User? Sign up Link
  • If you have already created an account, then fill in your login information.
  • Then Accept App T&C and Click on Signup button
  • After successful login, enter the ProSports11 referral code (BONUS100)
  • You will earn Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 signup bonus
  • Go to your profile section and verify your mobile number
  • Also verify your Email Id from profile section
  • Now your account is ready to play fantasy cricket game

How to Earn From ProSports11 Referral Code

To earn Rs 200 per refer, you can use the refer & earn feature. It is easy to use it, copy your ProSports11 referral code and share it on Facebook and Whatsapp. Whoever registers in the application with your referral code will earn Rs 200.

ProSports11 Refer & Earn

Refer & earn is the most efficient way to 2x your earnings. To earn from ProSports11 Refer & Earn, follow the steps given below.

  • Open your ProSports11 mobile app.
  • Click on profile section
  • In the left side, click on the button Refer & Earn.
  • Now copy your referrer and share it on social media
  • When someone from your referral code completes the signup in the app, then you will earn from 50 to 100 rupees.
  • You will get 50% on your 1st deposit.
  • Get 25% for on your next Five deposits.
  • All future deposits done by your friend & earn up to 10% .

Prosports11 App Download

Prosports11 app not available on playstore, this app can be downloaded from its official website. From the given link, you can download this fantasy cricket game and earn signup bonus by using the ProSports11 Referral Code.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket Game On ProSports11 Fantasy

There are two ways to play ProSports11 fantasy cricket game.

  1. Regular Mode – Use regular mode for submit your team before toss.
  2. Backup Mode – Use backup mode for submit the team even after the toss.

You can select up to four additional players, which cannot be used to play any of the players of the main team. So if you want to play safe and want to play well then my suggestion is that you should use backup mode. And if you want to take the risk, then you should use regular mode.

Let’s now know how you can play the game by joining the match.

  • Open ProSports11 Fantasy on your mobile & desktop.
  • In the team you have to select 1 wicketkeeper, 5 batsman, 3 all rounders and 3 to 5 bowlers. You can reduce and increase their number.
  • You have to select 11 players. Each player has a few points mentions. And after selecting the players, the total will be 100 points.
  •  Select one vice-captain and captain for your prosports11 team.
  • Successfully joined the league & play game.

Prosports11 Fantasy Cricket Points System

In the Prosports11 Fantasy Cricket game, you will see three types of point systems.

  1. Batting Point System
  2. Bowling Point System

Batting Point System

Betting points include Base Points (Per Run), Duck, Every Six Hit and Every Four Hit.

Betting points have two types and point systems. These points consist of Milestone Bonus and Batting Strike Bonus points. Milestone Bonus Point consists of Scoring 50 runs and Scoring 100+ runs points.

And Batting Strike Bonus includes points like Strike Rate Below 50 runs per 100 Balls, Strike Rate Between 50-60 runs per 100 Balls and Strike Rate Between 70-70 runs per 100 Balls.

Bowling Point System

Bowling points include points such as Per Maiden Over, Wicket, Four Wicket Haul and Five Wicket Haul.

In Bowling Points also have two types of point systems Pace Bonus Bonus Point and Fielding Points.

Pace Bonus Bonus has 6 types of points. In which Economy Below 4 runs per over, Economy Between 4 – 5 runs per over, Economy Between 5 – 6 runs per over, Economy Between 9 – 10 runs per over, Economy 12 + Economy Between 10 – 11 runs per over and Economy Above 11 runs per over included

Fielding Points have 5 types of points. Which includes For each catch, For each stumping, For a run-out, Caption and Vice-Caption points.

All these points may look complicated to see here, but when you play the game, then slowly you will become aware of these points.

ProSports11 Promo Codes

ProSports11 Promo CodesAdd wallet AmountGet Extra Amount
PLUS50Add Rs 50Get Rs 10 extra
PLUS200Add Rs 200Get Rs 40 extra
PLUS500Add Rs 500Get Rs 100 extra
PLUS1000Add Rs 1000get Rs 200 extra
PLUS10000Add Rs 10000get Rs 2000 extra

Note: All the given promo codes are valid till just a few, so use the promo codes before the time is over and get the extra wallet amount.

How To Do KYC In Prosports11?

KYC is required to transfer money to Paisa account. Without KYC, you cannot transfer money from ProSports 11. So let’s know how you can do your KYC and transfer the won money to your bank account.

You will need a PAN card or Aadhaar card to perform KYC. You can use one of these documents for KYC.

Read and follow the steps given below to complete the ProSports11 KYC process.

  • Open the app in mobile.
  • Go to your profile section.
  • Click on the Complete KYC button.
  • Complete the KYC with the help of PAN card and Aadhaar.
  • On completion of KYC, you will be able to transfer the won money to your bank account.

How to Withdraw from ProSports11 App?

Withdrawing from the ProSports 11 app is very easy. The amount won by playing the game can be transferred to a bank account.
You cannot withdraw the bonus amount received from the ProSports 11 referral code. Neither the refer & earn amount can be withdrawn.
You have to play the game with bonus amount and refer & earn amount. You can transfer that amount to our bank account as much as the game will get.

Go to your ProSports 11 wallet. From where you can transfer money.

Amount will be credited to the bank within 2 hours after requesting withdrawal. To transfer money to the bank, a minimum amount of 200 rupees should be withdraw and your KYC should be completed in the app.


Friends, in this post you have got information about ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket game and ProSports11 referral code. By doing referral code, you can earn app signup bonus and can participate in free money by playing online games by participating in free. With your cricket knowledge, you can earn thousands and millions of rupees by playing the ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket game.
Read this post in its entirety and share it with your friends

ProSports11 Fantasy Cricket FAQ

What is ProSports11 App

ProSports11 is a fantasy cricket app. In which you can earn real money by playing fantasy cricket with your cricket knowledge.

What is the Minimum Withdraw Amount?

In prosports11 app, Minimum withdraw amount is 200 Rs.

Is ProSports11 Safe in India ?

Yes, Prosports11 app is safe in India. You can play & Earn from this app.

How to download ProSports11 App?

Prosports11 app not available on playstore, this app can be downloaded from its official website & also from FAINDX.