Project M Tier List : (August 2023) (Best Fighters!)

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Project M Tier List 2023 – Choose your best fighter from Project M Game, here we mention a complete Project M Tier List 2023 guide.

Project M is an amazing action fighting game launched in 2011 for gamers around the world. Project M features fighters from various games. It features the main characters of Sonic, Pokemon, Mario, and many other characters of its kind.

You can choose your favorite character to play the Project M game. Each character has its own unique playstyle and fighting skills. You have to choose the best character to fight against the opponent, the fight can be played one by one and also in teams.

Different types of battlefields are designed in the game. You will fight against the opponent in any of them. The character will be equipped with weapons such as a sword and a gun. In addition, you can also block enemy attacks with various defensive and defense skills.

Project M offers you the option of playing tournaments. New characters and modes will be added as you progress through the game. This is a very interesting and popular action fighting game created with original characters.

Tier List Update – 24th August 2023

Project M Tier List 2023 Guide – (Best Fighters)

Project M Tier List

Project M game characters are classified into 4 group tiers.

The main tier of group S are Metaknight and Wolf. They have the highest score in-game world. The main characters in group A tier are Link and Mario. This tier A heroes perform almost as well as the tier S characters.

The main characters of group B tier are Charizard and Ike. They can be a good addition to your team. The main characters in group C tier are Bowser and Donkey Kong. These tier c characters are not recommended.

Tier S – Project M Tier List

Captain FalconTier – S25
Diddy KongTier – S21
FalcoTier – S24
FoxTier – S33
MarthTier – S21
Meta KnightTier – S31
MewtwoTier – S26
SheikTier – S24
Toon LinkTier – S24
WolfTier – S29

Tier A – Project M Tier List

LinkTier – A20
LucasTier – A19
MarioTier – A16
Mr. Game and WatchTier – A21
PeachTier – A19
ROBTier – A17
SamusTier – A13
SnakeTier – A12
SonicTier – A17
WarioTier – A13
Zero Suit SamusTier – A19

Tier B – Project M Tier List

CharizardTier – B11
IkeTier – B15
IvysaurTier – B13
LucarioTier – B9
LuigiTier – B12
PikachuTier – B10
RoyTier – B11
SquirtleTier – B11
YoshiTier – B8
ZeldaTier – B7

Tier C – Project M Tier List

BowserTier – C2
Donkey KongTier – C6
GanondorfTier – C5
Ice ClimbersTier – C10
JigglypuffTier – C9
King DededeTier – C6
KirbyTier – C3
NessTier – C7
OlimarTier – C5
PitTier – C4

Project M Tier List Best Fighter Details Wiki

Here is the Project M best fighters details that will help you to know more about your favorite Project M characters.

Wolf – Project M Tier List

It’s no secret that Wolf has the best in-game projectile attack. That allows him to zone effectively and knock opponents out of neutral to his advantage.

The trick of his laser is that it moves so slowly that it allows Wolf to move and move along with it. This maneuver always causes trouble for the opponent as it is very difficult to defend, let alone fight.

Peach – Project M Tier List

Princess Peach floats straight to the top level because of her incredible aerial controls and combo ability. His downstroke is something that opponents always want to keep in mind.

Peach can also take a surprising amount of damage before getting into trouble, which increases his survivability.

Captain Falcon – Project M Tier List

Captain Falcon with good recovery and a powerful combo ability can dispatch opponents quickly. What is impressive is that Captain Falcon is an approachable fighter with immense potential. You can be a beginner, pick it up for the first time, and still have more fun.

Despite this, it offers a lot to the gamers who spend time with it.

Wario – Project M Tier List

Wario despite its weight is surprisingly flexible and agile. He has a great combination that he ends up with a Bee Down, which in most cases hits an opponent. Wario also has some equipment to survive. It sways well in the wind, a quality that adds to its amazing health benefits.

Overall, Wario is a well-rounded good fighter with very few flaws.

Meta Knight – Project M Tier List

Meta Knight is a powerful aerial fighter with excellent recovery options. Contrary to the controversy, he is no longer very dominant. The balance he got on P+ is the correct amount. Because he is lighter, Meta Knight may lack survivability.

He compensates for this with quick speed, excellent maneuverability, and extreme offensive skills. If you are looking for a glass cannon receptacle, this is the one who is best for you.

Mewtwo – Project M Tier List

For professional gamers, Mewtwo is your boy. He is a very technical fighter, which may turn off some players, but the path to mastering his style is worth it. His aerial drift is unique but very effective in off stage/near ledge encounters.

His attack range is also better than most fighters, which eliminates some of the risks involved in combos.


That is our Project M Tier List guide, in this post we provide all Project M characters list according to their ability and skills. Next, we mention the best fighter’s character details that will help to know more about Project M characters. We hope you like this Project M Tier List share your feedback through the comment box.

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