Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List – (Update) (August 2023)

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It is important to have a Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List because with the help of it you can understand the powers and abilities of your hero and character. So that is why in this article we have come up with Princess Connect Re Dive Tier.

Which will help you to understand your hero more. Although there are many types of games like role playing, RPG battle royale, each type of game has its own story. In which game characters play an important role

There are similar games with Princess Connect Ray: Dive Game, in which there are characters, heroes, enemies and everyone wants to fight and rise up in the game but for this it is also necessary that you have to play Princess Connect Ray: Dive Tier.

Be aware of the list. Which will help you a lot to win the game. And can take his own decision in selecting a right character.

The Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List is divided into five tiers. In which from strong to weak characters are included. The strongest characters in the tier list are included in tier one. Which is also called as S Tier.

As the last passage of the tier list, the list of weak characters will appear. There are tier D characters, they should be avoided or if u say not to select them, then it is correct because these are weak characters, you may not be able to perform well in the game with these characters.

Last Update On – 17th August 2023

Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List – 2023 August List

It is important to know the tier list to know the letters of the game because the characters with higher capacity have been kept in the top tier in the Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List mentioned here.

Princess Connect Re Dive Tier ListOverview
S TierThese are Princess Connect Re Dive great characters and are more powerful and more stamina than the other characters in the game.
A TierThese characters have more power which makes them a character for your team. There is power in these letters but it is not necessary that they perform well every time. But also if you want to perform well in the game then you can use these letters.
B TierThese characters are also quite powerful and can fit into most teams. If you want an average eligible then you can select the eligible from this tier list.
C tierThese characters are not as powerful as the A and B tiers, but they still perform well. Maybe, the possibility of being fit in the team will work. So you have to be a little careful while using these characters.
D TierThis can be used only when you have no other option. This is the weakest character in the tier list

S Tier List >> Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Overall Djeeta, Monika, Rino, Anna, Hatsune, Akino
Defensive Miyako, Akino, Shizuru
Offensive Jun & Akino
Middle Kokkoro & Saren
SupportMisato, Rino, Hatsune

A Tier List >> Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Overall Eriko, Io, Rin, Ayane, Saren, Kokkoro, Ninon, Tsumugi, Makoto, Shizuru, Kurumi, Maho, Shiori, Misato, Suzuna, Jun
Defensive Nozomi, Pecorine, Djeeta, Kuka, Jun
Offensive Kaori, Tsumugi, Makoto, Shizuru, Tamaki, Ayane, Djeeta
Middle Anna, Akari, Mitsuki, Ninon, Monika, Rin
SupportShiori, Suzuna, Maho, Kyoka, Yuki, Io

B Tier List >> Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Overall Mitsuki, Nozomi, Kaori, Illya, Karyl, Rei, Shinobu, Kuka, Miyako, Mimi, Yori, Misaki
Defensive Lima & Makoto
Offensive Rei, Hiyori, Nozomi, Eriko
Middle Yukari, Mifuyu, Shinobu, Illya
SupportYui , Aoi, Karyl, Misaki

C Tier List >> Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Overall Yuki, Tamaki, Akari, Chika, Hiyori, Mifuyu, Lima, Misogi
Defensive Eriko, Kurumi, Misogi, Rei, Tamaki
Offensive Miyako, Misogi, Kurumi
Middle Yori & Mimi
SupportChika & Arisa

D Tier List >> Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List

Overall Matsuri , Aoi, Yukari, Mahiru, Suzume, Tomo
Defensive Kaori & Hiyori
Offensive Lima, Kuka, Matsuri, Tomo
Middle Mahiru

What are the character roles in Princess Connect Re Dive?

There are 6 types of characters role in princess connect.

  1. Magic Attacker
  2. Supporter
  3. Healer
  4. Tanker
  5. Debuffer
  6. Physical Attacker

Magic Attacker Role

Magic attackers have magical powers. They do not use a bow and sword and their main take is at the dealer, the role characters are in the middle line or back line. They have less defense, so use carefully

Supporter Attacker Role

Supporters role is known to support the team. They known as buffers.

Healer Attacker Role

It works to save the team. Heals the HP reduced by the enemy’s war so that you stay in the game.

Tanker Attacker Role

Tanker units act as a shield for your team. Decreases the blow from the enemy. So that you don’t get hurt. If your team has weak characters then tankers are good for them. And there are many tankers which have the capacity to handle more damage.

Debuffer Attacker Role

These role characters work for your team and also help your team. It works attack and damage and helps you win the game

Physical Attacker Role

These role characters are attackers. Those who inflict bodily harm have bows, swords and other weapons which are perfect in harming enemies. These characters are in the forefront of the battle and some are behind and support.

Final Words

We hope all your doubts about the Princess Connect Re Dive Tier List and characters ranking are now cleared. If you want to ask anything more related to Princess Connect Re Dive characters ranked so the comment section is always open for you. Happy Princess Connect Re Dive gaming.

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