Pokken Tournament DX Tier List (Aug. 2023) : (Best List!)

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Pokken Tournament DX Tier List 2023 – Want to improve your gameplay in Pokken Tournament DX so here is the tier list of best Pokemon that you can choose and level up in the Pokken Tournament DX Game.

Pokken tournament tier list made by pro gamers, with a great insight into the Pokemon battlers in the Ferrum League. Support Pokemon will also be included in this Pokemon Tier List. We put the best Pokken characters at the highest tier as known as the God tier and the worst at the lowest tier (tier 3).

Playing with the Pokemon fighters from the highest list will ensure you a higher win rate. This will be very useful when you are facing your opponents in blue, green, green, and chroma league.

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List – Best Pokemon 2023

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

Below is the tier list of all Pokemon characters from god-tier to tier-3 so now let’s start the tier list.

God Tier – Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

This pokken Tournament list includes some of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. They are among the strongest selections in the game with less to minimum in-game counters. If you know these picks well, you know how to win the tournament.

Tier ListPokemon
Tier List – SDecidueye
Tier List – SAegislash
Tier List – SPikachu
Tier List – SMewtwo
Tier List – SSceptile
Tier List – SLucario

A Tier – Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

Pokemon Tournament Tier list A Pokemon’s are some of the strongest, the Pokken Monsters in Tier A are some of the most powerful options you can have in the game. If you choose one of these, your in-game victory is definitely just a few steps away.

Tier ListPokemon
Tier List – ASuicune
Tier List – APikachu Libre
Tier List – AShadow Mewtwo
Tier List – ACharizard
Tier List – AGarchomp
Tier List – ABraixen
Tier List – AWeavile
Tier List – AChandelure

B Tier – Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

Weaker Pokemons are not included in this Pokken Tier List B, but compared to higher-ranking Pokemon, they may not be a great match. This means they are not the weakest and these Pokemon’s can be a suitable counter character for many different Pokemon.

Tier ListPokemon
Tier List – BScizor
Tier List – BGengar
Tier List – BEmpoleon
Tier List – BMachamp
Tier List – BBlaziken

C Tier – Pokken Tournament DX Tier List

This Pokken Tier List C has significantly weaker Pokemon than the higher ranked Pokemon. If the opponent has a strong Pokemon ready for battle they may end up on the losing battle.

Tier ListPokemon
Tier List – CGardevoir
Tier List – CDarkrai
Tier List – CCroagunk
Tier List – CBlastoise

Pokken Tournament DX Tier List : Best Support Pokemon 2023

These Pokemon are used in conjunction with your Battle Pokemon. By mixing and matching these support Pokemon can create great combos.

The only annoying thing is that some of them have to be unlocked, so they’ll help you collect all your best Pokemons.

Support PokemonWho To Defeat
Espeon & UmbreonTop 8 – Green League
Dragonite & VictiniElinn in the Red League
Croagunk & SylveonTravis in the Green League
Jirachi & WhimsicottTravis in the Green League
Farfetch’d & ElectrodeElinn in the Red League
Reshiram & CresseliaTop 8 – Blue League
Rotom & TogekissKeith in the Blue League
Mismagius & NinetalesKeith in the Blue League
Cubone & DiglettTravis in the Green League
Pachirisu & MagikarpKeith in the Blue League
Magneton & QuagsireTop 8 – Red League
Yveltal & LatiosTop 8 – Chroma League

God Tier Support

These are some of the most effective Pokemon supports. These are strong support Pokemon, no matter which battles Pokemon you add them to and they have little or no counter play.

Eevee / Emoolga + Fennekin / Yveital + Frogadier + Latios / Reshiram + Cresseli

Tier 1 Support

These are great supports, even better with the right fighting Pokemon. This support picks will be the most fun to experiment with different combos.

Diglett / Magneton + Dragonite + Victini / Cubon + Guagsire / Croagunk+Sylveon 

Tier 2 Support

There may be some hidden synergy in this support pick, though they don’t stand out by any means. there because they are average support pokemon.

Ninetales  / Rotom + Togekiss / Snivy + Jirachi + Whimsicott / Mismagius + Lapras / Espeon + Umbreon

Tier 3 Support

These Pokemon require a buff, or perhaps a very specific Battle Pokemon, to be effective as a support pick.

Electrode / Pachirisu + FarFetch’d + Magikarp


This is our Pokken Tournament DX Tier List post, in this post we provide a complete list of all the pokemon from best to worst. This Pokken Tournament Tier List definitely helps you to choose the best pokemon to win the battle. We hope you really like this Pokken Tournament Tier List guide thanks.

What is Pokken Tournament DX?

There is a Nintendo Switch port of Pokken Tournament game which is Pokken Tournament DX and you are going to love this game very much. Pokkén Tournament DX is created by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Or should you say that it has been developed. Pokémon Tournament is one of the best fighting games in the Pokémon universe. And it gets even better because it also combines the Tekken fighting game series with the heroes of the Pokémon franchise, giving you a unique gaming experience.

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