PGSharp Not Working 2023 – (How to Fix!) (Complete Guide)

PGSharp Not Working

If you want to know how to Fix PGSharp not working issue so you are at the right spot. Here in this post, we covered the complete guide on how to Fix PGSharp not working and multiple ways to fix PGSharp not working problem.

PGSharp is an amazing gaming platform that allows players to use imaginary locations in Pokemon Go and catch more in-game characters. In this post, we will explain the PGSharp Update Not Working issue. Therefore, kindly follow this post till the end to learn all about the PGSharp Update Not Working.

About PGSharp 

PGSharp is one of the popular gaming platform that actually enables the usage of fictitious places in the Pokemon Go game and aids in increasing in-game character capture rates. To cheat at Pokemon Go, you often require to install different apps.

However, this app eliminates the requirement for any other apps on your Android smartphone. A joystick feature on the PGSharp makes moving around in the game really simple. With the help of the joystick option, right, left, moving forward, and backward is easy.

While playing the Pokemon Go game, PGSharp lets you choose the speed of your choice. You can either go slowly or quickly based on the game’s situation.

PGSharp Update Not Working

PGSharp Not Working

One of the tools that Pokemon Go gamers utilize the most frequently is actually PGSharp. Although many players are still getting used to it, many gamers use this program to pretend to be somewhere else while playing Pokemon Go game all over the entire globe.

If you are one of the many fans who actually have recently complained that the PGSharp app is not working for them, do not worry because we have got all covered below.

Reason For PGSharp Not Installing

The PGSharp application is not the main problem when we actually try installing it; rather, it’s with our own mobile phone. As a result, players who are actually ignorant of PGSharp’s system requirements are responsible for the problem.

The system needs for PGSharp are different from those of the Pokemon Go official because it actually has a GPS Joystick program and many different features. PGSharp’s system needs are therefore a little bit greater than those of the Pokemon Go official.

How To Fix PGSharp Not Working Issue?

Here is the complete process of how to fix PGSharp not working issue, follow the below steps:

Check PGSharp Server Status

First, visit the PGSharp official Twitter handle and check if the servers of the app are up or down. If the servers of PGSharp aren’t down then you will need to jump to the next step.

Clear Cache

  • First, go to your mobile’s Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > PGSharp app.
  • This process could be different for each mobile device.
  • Once found then click on it and then clear the PGSharp App’s Cache.
  • Once cleared, now launch the PGSharp app and see if the error remains.

Uninstall And Reinstall PGSharp

If you continue facing issues using PGSharp then uninstall and reinstall the PGSharp app. Sometimes, reinstalling completely fixes PGSharp not working issue.

Once you have successfully uninstalled and reinstalled PGSharp, now launch PGSharp app and check if the error still persists.


There are possibilities that PGSharp app might be not working due to your IP address and if that is the case then we advise you to change your location or use VPN before launching the PGSharp app. Once you have successfully changed your IP address location then launch PGSharp and see if it is now working.

How To Update PGSharp?

You should frequently upgrade your PGSharp application to the most recent version to prevent glitches and issues. With the latest versions, you can take advantage of additional settings and features.

  • To upgrade your PGSharp application, follow the below steps:
  • First, open the PGSharp app.
  • Then you will see a message requesting you to update in order to continue > choose OK.
  • By choosing the Download option, the program will open the official PGSharp site, from which you can actually download the most recent version of PGSharp.
  • After that, you can access downloaded files by going to File Manager to Downloads.
  • Now, click on install to get the PGSharp updated version.

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FAQs Of PGSharp Not Working

PGSharp Not Working

Here are some questions and answers about the PGSharp Not Working

Q. Is PGSharp Legal?

Clearly No, Spoofing location is actually illegal, in general.

Q. Is PGSharp Safe To Use?

 PGSharp app is one of the best options for Android devices since it is a safe and secure application for spoofing Pokémon Go game.

Q. Where To Install The PGSharp App?

You can simply download the PGSharp application from Google Play Store.

Q. What Is The Cooldown In PGSharp?  

A Cooldown is actually an amount of time you have to wait after using an in-game action.

Q. Will Niantic ban PGSharp?  

With PGSharp app, you have to create a PTC account to safely spoof mobile games. Don’t spoof or change location often, as this may bring you on the radar of Niantic, and your game account may get banned.


Hopefully, you like this how to Fix PGSharp not working issue guide. In this post, we covered the complete details on how to Fix PGSharp not working and multiple ways to fix PGSharp not working problem.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the PGSharp Not Working issue so comment section is always open for you.

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