Best Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List (Top 10 Tanks!)

Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List

Best Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List : Overwatch has arrived and brought with it new heroes, game modes, cosmetics, and balancing tweaks. Perhaps more than any other class in the game, the change also brings significant modifications to Overwatch 2 tanks. Because of this, we have developed an Overwatch 2 Tank tier list, which we will update as the meta changes.

Some gamers will be disappointed to learn that the original game is no longer available and playable, but it does mean that some much-needed improvements and modifications were made. One of the most significant changes between Overwatch and Overwatch 2 is the transition from 6v6 to 5v5, in which each team loses a tank.

The move has undoubtedly influenced the meta, with several modifications for specific heroes, but it has had the biggest impact on the tank class. Even though there is currently only one new tank, the Junker Queen, the meta has changed as a result of the single tank. Prior to this, some tanks could fill an off-tank position, focusing more on inflicting damage and posing a threat to the other team, while the main could focus on protecting heroes with low health reserves. Now that all of these duties fall on just one tank, it affects how well each hero performs.

Some heroes in Overwatch 2 have seen a total overhaul. Others have only received minor kit changes and some have even transitioned from DPS to tank for the first time.

While players will undoubtedly appreciate the variation between heroes and many tank heroes fit this description more than others.

All of these heroes are still good choices, but some are undoubtedly more practical than others. Here’s how each of Overwatch 2’s 10 tank heroes compare.

Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List

Here are thi full list of best Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List.

OrisaRank 1
ReinhardtRank 2
RoadhogRank 3
Junker QueenRank 4
ZaryaRank 5
WinstonRank 6
SigmaRank 7
Wrecking BallRank 8
D.VARank 9
DoomfistRank 10
Overwatch 2 Tanks Tier List



While there isn’t a specific tank option in Overwatch 2, Doomfist does suffer from its DPS background and new single tank meta.

Tanks should be able to take a lot of damage without losing health in the new 5v5 structure. But they should also be able to disrupt the opposition team.

Doomfist excels at harassing opponents by using his skills to rapidly enter battles and knock out opponents.

He can absorb some damage and earn some shields due to his Power Block ability, which increases his value as a tank.

Doomfist’s weakness is that he performs best when he is surrounded by members of the other side, beating them up.

Doomfist is especially good at taking damage or accepting damage for his team due to his smaller frame and lower health pool than other tanks.

This was fine when there were two tanks, but now with only one, Doomfist isn’t as powerful a pick as the other tanks on the roster.



The second tank that is negatively affected by the transition to 5v5 is D.VA, though not as much as Doomfist. But his ability to inflict damage is somewhat limited as it only depends on his short-term protection metrics.

Your primary means of minimizing the loss for your deal, aside from that ability, is simply to take it. This is cool, but other tank characters either have stronger mitigation skills or have more durable skills.

While her tanking skills may improve somewhat, she compensates for it somewhat with her ability to do critical damage reliably.

The D.VA may contribute more as a damage dealer because of his efficient rocket and the fact that his primary fire doesn’t require a reload or cooldown.

But unless you have a healer by your side, your mech is going to be destroyed. When your mech is destroyed, switching to pilot DVA doesn’t seem beneficial.

Because it increases the duration of the tank’s stay without your team until you can survive, which is very difficult to accomplish without another tank.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball plays like Doomfist, relying on its ability to damage the tank while also harassing the other team. With sturdier equipment that enables him to function better as a disruptor and a tank, Wrecking Ball does this more effectively than Doomfist.

Their improved health pool and using their adaptive shields are two ways of gaining health benefits that greatly improve their survival. By swinging into opponents with his grappling hooks and firing his machine guns, he can also inflict significant damage.

His strongest attack releases a swarm of landmines, which can knock the opposing side down with a single round and turn the tide of a fight.

Although Wrecking Ball is a good option, you’ll once again have to strike a balance between distracting opponents and defending your squad in a single tank battle.

Things won’t go well for you if you face a rival squad that is clever enough to ignore you in favor of your healers.



The only real drawback to choosing Sigma as his tank is that there are other tanks that can perform his tasks better than him. Although it has a throwable shield and only 700 damage in its health pool, it will be destroyed faster due to its short cooldown.

The Sigma also has his own kinetic grip, which enables him to defend against damage for short periods of time, while receiving overhealth dependent on the amount of damage deflected. His rock throwing skills can obstruct the opposing players. It is no longer stunned, but it knocks opponents to the ground, temporarily impeding their movement.

Even opponents employing ultimate powers can be stopped by this rock toss, and he can deflect damage from his other ability.

Although his damage-dealing skills could go a long way, he had a high mitigation cap.

Despite being somewhat cumbersome and difficult to target, his main attack deals respectable damage.



Winston ranked higher than Wrecking Ball and Doomfist for achieving the best balance between troubling the opposing team and minimizing damage to his own squad.

Winston is armed with a Tesla cannon that detonates lightning at close range.

And a backup shot that, after charging, fires at a distance. He can also drop a defensive barrier on himself and make a jump that deals damage when he falls to the ground.

Leap’s cooldown is so brief that it can be used to enter and exit a fight in just a few seconds. Bubble shields can be used to block opponents or protect allies.

Winston can take a lot of damage with his Primal Rage ability, which also allows him to surround and inflict damage on enemies.



Zarya has always been an aggressively oriented tank, and Overwatch 2 doesn’t change that, despite the fact that her kit now offers a bit more versatility. Zarya has the power to transform herself into a teammate or bubble shield.

Zarya can offer both charges to teammates or keep one for herself at a time. These protective bubbles increase his power charge and deflect damage, increasing the amount of damage his pistol does.

Zarya excels at damage mitigation due to its bubbles, which have a short enough cooldown that you almost always have a charge available.

Zarya does excellent close-up damage, and these bubbles are helpful for putting pressure on an opposing squad. Zaria does well on the offensive but struggles to defend as she likes to be in action.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen

The newest member of the Overwatch 2 roster is Junker Queen. This is one of the strongest tanks for players who want to be aggressive.

Although the Junker Queen has a health pool that is at the bottom end of a tank, she has several abilities that create a wound condition effect, which deals damage to enemies and heals them while replenishing the Junker Queen’s health. unable to do.

Wounds are a huge concern as there aren’t many heroes in the game right now who can heal them, which makes enemies easy targets.

With an ax she can swing to inflict and a throwing knife that can charm enemies, the Junker Queen also has a high damage output.

She can strike multiple targets at once with her ultimate caliber and her gun, both of which inflict a respectable amount of damage. Although you may need a therapist to focus on you because of its low health pool, Junker Queen is still a great option.



One of the tanks most likely to benefit from the change to 5v5 is Roadhog. Prior to the promotion to the health pool, he was regarded as an off-tank, but now he is challenging rather than losing.

Even though his damage-mitigation status won’t be very high since he only protects himself from damage when he is recovering, he can take a lot of damage before he loses consciousness.

When you combine this with personal healing, which restores almost half of his health and a minor cold, Roadhog becomes nearly unbeatable.

This tank can easily stay in the center of the conflict if it has a healer. He can also do a ton of damage instantly with his shotgun, and he can lure and defeat opponents with his hook.

He is quite capable of eliminating a healer or DPS all by himself. Even though his ultimate mainly kills opponents rather than pushing them away, it rarely changes the course of a game, he still excels in the heat of battle.



In the first edition of Overwatch, Reinhardt was a well-known player with almost always one of the two tank spots going to him. Because of his unequaled ability for damage mitigation, the original Shield Tank in Overwatch 2 is still as great as ever.

His shield has a health rating of 1200 and regenerates quickly when held away. It is also wide enough to cover most of his team or the target he is attempting to catch.

His one weakness is that he is a melee character; The only range skill he possesses is Fire Strike, a medium-speed projectile that can be challenging to target from afar.

He cannot use a shield to defend himself in the meantime, but his charge helps him to bridge a distance and enter the field more quickly. It’s possible that some individuals may find it monotonous to carry a shield for the most part of the game, but that doesn’t make it any less useful.


In Overwatch 2, Orisa makes a triumphant return, largely due to her extensive makeover. Although Orisa performed brilliantly in the first game, her skills reduced her to the level of a subpar Reinhardt.

She can now stand alone and largely intimidating, because of how tough she can be. And

She can repel enemies with her spear spin, as well as negate incoming damage, including in melee.

She gains more health from her fortifications, takes less damage overall, and is immune to being shocked or staggered.

His combined abilities make him challenging to defeat. If you add a healer who is focused on keeping him alive, your squad will struggle to get past Orissa’s rescue.

His rifle has a respectable damage output, especially up close, and his energy javelin toss can knock opponents back. Orissa tops the list as it has all the advantages a tank has to offer without any obvious drawbacks.

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