(COD!) New Zombies Map – (March 2023) (Cold War Map)

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COD Black Ops Cold War New Zombies Map Season 3 may be another great step. In the right direction for multiplayer gamers but its Zombie gameplay is concerning. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War New Zombies Map Season 3 has been publicly revealed. And plenty of content is set to come to the game in the near future.

Fans have gotten their wishes regarding more 6v6 new zombies map cold war, as three new multiplayer maps will be coming during the season.

Fans of big-scale modes are getting access to a new multiple-team location called “Duga”, with a new game mode called “Elimination” being released soon. Even party game fans are getting some love, with Stick and Stones making a return for Call Of Duty Season 3.

Last Post Update – 7 March 2023

New Zombies Map – Vanguard Zombies Maps

Vanguard Zombies Maps
New Zombies Map

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Maps had a less than best launch in the COD Zombies department. But with every new season of Vanguard, we get a new Zombies map, and they are becoming better every time.

COD Vanguard Zombie Maps Work

If you have come to Call of Duty: Vanguard hoping for a traditional Zombies experience, then you are going to be actually disappointed.

In Vanguard, the New Zombie maps are like home bases; you just start in these areas, but during every wave, you teleport to one of a no. of smaller maps to do specific in-game objectives, then return to the home base map at the end of every wave.

So with each new Zombie map, you are sort of getting multiple COD maps. You are getting a big central map and also smaller maps to teleport to.

But, the good news is that Treyarch has already announced that they are working on bringing back the popular COD turn-based maps. Shi No Numa Reborn is said to be the 1st turn-based zombies map to appear in Vanguard in Season 4.

Unfortunately, the work on this new map costs Treyarch too much time that there will be no new zombies map in Season 3 for the time being, which is why we have the latest COD Zombies map for you here.

Vanguard Zombies Have A Ray Gun

Terra Maledicta, the new COD Season 2 Zombies map, will bring the amazing Ray Gun back into Zombies. This has been the cool Zombies killing weapon since the mode was released all those years ago in Call of Duty: World at War.

Fun fact, the original COD Zombies mode was a secret add-on that you could begin playing after watching through the in-game credits at the end of the campaign. It is pretty insane to think of how big a factor in the COD game it’s become.

Next Maps Coming To Vanguard

According to Treyarch’s new big blog post, the team is working on bringing back the popular Call of Duty round-based maps.

After Vanguard broke with the tradition of COD round-based maps, which was not well-received, Treyarch wants to get back to the door- and wall-buys and the typical COD zombies feeling, where you need to unlock the New map bit by bit.

The 1st of these new maps will be Shi No Numa Reborn, which will probably be released with Vanguard Season four in mid of July.

New Cold War Zombies Round Based Map

As with Season 5, the call of duty developers has revealed that the upcoming Classic Rounds-based Zombies map is in progress.

Unfortunately, Black Ops Cold War Season 5 has been delayed. However, when it drops, players are promised a lot more content in the patch notes.

In addition to a host of new content for Zombies, including new perks and content for Outbreak Mode, the developers have also confirmed the development of the next classic round-based map for Black Ops Cold War.

As many Zombies fans will tell you, the mode doesn’t get any better than the classic round-based maps, which offer exciting gameplay and easter eggs that have become a staple of all round-based maps.

Luckily, Season 4 brought Mauer der Toten, the latest round-the-clock zombie map that fans seem to be overjoyed at, expanding the story of the Dark Aether.

With the Season 5 blog launched by Call of Duty, fans were able to see what to expect from Season 5 and beyond.

Confirmed Next Round-Based Zombies Map

This is what the developers said:

In an update for Black Ops’ fifth season, Treyarch Studios said, “As we continue to develop our next round-the-clock zombie map in Black Ops Cold War, Season 5 will bring new content to experience every pillar of the Zombies experience.” Get ready for.” Cold War. patch notes.

So there you have it, a new round-based zombie map is in development and will likely be released in Season 6 of Black Ops Cold War.

With the overall positive reception Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4 received, there is no doubt that many players will be excited to experience all that the following round-based map for Zombies has to offer. make an offer. in the future.

New Zombies Map

Cold War New Zombies Map – The dead are rising once again in COD Black Ops Cold War. The latest Call of Duty game is getting a brand new cold war zombies map called Firebase Z developer Treyarch announced. The new zombies map will be free for all players it’s released on Feb 4, 2021.

The only thing we know about the new cold war zombies map right now. Is that it’s another secret scientific research lab and that there’s another Dark Aether outbreak there.

This means that we should look forward to plenty more zombies along with a few of the twists and unique enemies that always pop up on the map of Zombies.

However, developer Treyarch released a picture this did offer players one small clue in the form of a black-and-white photo. That shows a portal, talks about teleportation, and mentions both the omega facility and the village. So in the future, we are looking for something amazing in the call of duty.

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Firebase Z is a Zombies map featured in COD Black Ops Cold War. This is the second map in the “Dark Aether story”, and the thirty-fifth new Zombies map overall. It was released on February 4th, 2021 along with the reloaded Season One content of the game.

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The Lack Of New Zombies Survival Maps

Although Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War offers some powerful mechanics in its Zombies mode, its Survival map count is quite low.

The game only launched with 1 map, Die Maschine, and gamers quickly grew tired of battling Megatons and Zombies in the old Nazi base.

Even though the addition of Firebase Z in early February seemed like a good sign. This has been the last Survival update to come to COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies. With only one map on offer and only one DLC release thus far, gamers are going through a fairly large drought.

As much as Outbreak is a fine mode, some Zombies fans enjoy classic Survival. However, Treyarch has seemingly noticed the mode’s popularity, with Season 2 Reloaded and now Season 3 providing more gameplay content and updates.

While this is positive for the fledgling open-world offering, Survival content has become stagnant. With classic, round-based combat being the mode’s main draw for so long, fans are naturally a bit disappointed to see Survival taking a backseat.

While there are many advantages to its success, one big negative to Outbreak being so popular is that the classic mode is seemingly getting less attention.

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New Zombies Survival Maps possibility

Despite the fact that code for a Berlin-based Zombies new map has supposedly been seen in the game’s files for a while, Developer Treyarch has not begun to tease the location.

Additionally, this is the only Survival map left in the code for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, meaning that there is a possibility that the game ends with only 3 original Survival maps.

With Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies offering three full maps on launch day — and four if users purchased the Season Pass then this would be a major step down in terms of most important values.

If Treyarch continues to double down on Outbreak, though, it does seem like a definite possibility, meaning that players could be looking at more limited Seasons going forward.

New Zombies Berlin map

The Gaming Revolution then states that Call Of Duty Black Ops Season 4 will finally release the new survival map set in Berlin, a new traditional map those classic Zombies fans look forward to.

Although COD fans have waited a long time for a new survival cold war zombies new map, this Berlin setting could be the perfect setting for those looking to dive into a classic Zombies map filled with easter eggs.

It is also rumored that just like Nacht Der Untoten was part of Die Machine, Kino Der Toten will also be a part of the New Berlin map.

In addition, we will also be seeing some new perks, one with the second outbreak new map and one with the Berlin map.

Youtuber TheGaming Revolution believes that Double Tap will definitely be a part of Season 4, which will get many Zombies gamers excited.

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What’s To Come In Future Seasons 4 To 6?

If we look at Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 3’s roadmap that suggests no new Survival map is coming this Season, which means that players should not assume the rumored Berlin location until COD Season 4.

Going by this current pattern, we think Season 5 would also lack a Survival offering, with Season 6 more possibly providing one of the final Survival maps.

In any case, if this turns out to be the case, Zombies fans would be staring at a three-map DLC Season. Not happening since Call of Duty World at War, Zombies gamers have look at least four post-launch maps added to every Treyarch game since 2008.

With only 1 launch map, Zombies fans are likely looking at four total Survival maps in the best-case scenario, with 3 total Survival maps also being a realistic option.

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Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War New Zombies Trailer

Look this amazing Cold War New Zombies Trailer



How many Call of Duty maps are Available?

currently, 7 Maps are avilable for Call of Duty Mobile this is for multiplayer game modes, In addition, one for Battle Royale.

biggest call of duty map?

If we look at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 then Fuel is the largest map, competing with Derail, Overgrown, and Wasteland in terms of size.

What is the easiest zombies map?

We can clearly say that Ascension is the easiest zombies map.


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