Mythic Heroes Tier List (April 2023) (Best Characters!)

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Looking for Mythic Heroes Tier List 2023? so you are at the best spot here you will get Mythic Heroes Tier List that will help you to get the Mythic Heroes character ranked by role with handy Mythic Heroes tier list.

Mythic Heroes is an amazing idle role-playing game full of powerful heroes and gods from different cultures, where you summon and build your own best in-game team. As you embark on a gameplay adventure to save the kingdom, you must battle against the dark powers that threaten the game world, while improving your army’s abilities, weapons, and skills.

Of course, it takes some power to be successful even in idle games, so if you want to reach the top you have to make sure your team is the best of the best. This is where we come. With our Mythic Heroes tier list, you’ll know which champions can lead you to victory. Whether you’re looking for the best options for PvE, PvP or boss battles, we’ve rounded up all the heroes in each class to help you out.

Last Post Update – 26 April 2023

Mythic Heroes Character Ranked List 2023

There are 4 roles in Mythic Heroes: Mage, Support, Tank, and Fighter. Some characters can play multiple roles, but they do best in a specific role or lineup, so be careful when building your team. There are also 3 types of battles, PvP, PvE, and boss fights. Many heroes are more powerful in different game situations, so it’s the best idea to build an individual team for each in-game battle mode.

Mythic Heroes All Best Heroes List

In Mythic fighters, heroes are either melee or ranged characters. They deal an enormous amount of physical in-game damage through flurry or quick attacks. Stronger melee fighters should be positioned at the front of a formation, while softer melee fighters should be positioned at the rear.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – Best Heroes Overall

Mythic Heroes Tier ListCLASSPVEBOSSPVP
Ganjiang & MoyeMageSA+S
Tamamo No MaeMageA+A+S
Joan of ArcSupportACA
Lu BuFighterCAB

In our Mythic Heroes tier list guide, we have mentioned all the heroes so far. Since there are a good number of characters in the game, we have divided them into 7 groups: Tier SS, Tier S, Tier A+, Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, and Tier D.

Tier lists are largely opinion based from different gamers and can vary on how you weigh your results against theoretical feasibility. Also, among many level lists, you will see similar trends due to the general community concept of a character’s strengths based on their results.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – Best Mythic Heroes for PVP

Tier List Characters
Tier – SLucifer
Tier – AIzanami, Nuwa, Ganjiang, Cleopatra, Flora, Susanoo, Zeus, Persephone, Tamamo No Mae, Idun,
Tier – BLilith, Medua, Hades, Anubis, Athena, Artemis, Joan of Arc, Hercules
Tier – CLu Bu, Iset, Dionysus,
Tier – DOberon

If you’re looking forward to becoming a Mythic Heroes PvP master, the Mythic Heroes tier list above will point you in the right direction. Using the best combinations of the above characters will build a team that is generally more strong on the field than any other player’s team. The end game result will still depend on how you build and use them in Mythic Heroes game combat, but these heroes are primarily designed for player vs player and will work outstanding in the right hands.

Mythic Heroes Tier List – Best Heroes For Boss Battles

Tier List Characters
Tier – S Dionyus, Artemis
Tier – EHades, Anubis, Athena, Lilith, Gaia
Tier – BNuwa, Ganjiang & Moye, Lu Bu, Flora, Lucifer, Izanami, Medusa,Cleopatra, Tamamo No Mae, Idun
Tier – CIset, Joan of Arc
Tier – D Herculus, Oberon
Tier – A Zeus, Persephone, Susanoo

Will you test your strategy against PvE boss encounters instead of real people? These are the best mythological heroes for the job. There’s a more obvious change in meta here than in the general and PVP-focused tier lists. Many more characters show their weaknesses in this area of ​​the game. Just stick to the ones included in the top three tiers and you should be able to build a reliable team for boss fights outside the main campaign.

And that’s all for now. Mythic heroes in-game gods and heroes have just been launched, so you can expect the Mythic Heroes tier list to grow fast as new characters are released and others balance to keep the peace and best gameplay. By having this in hand when redeeming code rewards, you can be sure that you’re only using valuable resources on the best characters for the job.

About New Mythic Heroes Unit Release

Last new entity launched in Mythic Heroes on December 25, 2021. The name of the unit has not been revealed, but a silhouette and a brief summary of its capabilities are available. A multi-faction hero, this new character can give birth to three types of Demon Snakes instead of fallen allies, who will then inherit their qualities, creating a power backup that can help you win a battle.


In this guide, we have covered Mythic Heroes Tier List for choosing your best character ranked by role, also we add all the tier lists of Mythic Heroes game from SS to TBD. We discuss every Mythic Heroes character rank in all game modes through our Mythic Heroes tier list. Mythic Heroes is amazing you can easily download this game from the play store.

Hope you like this Mythic Heroes Tier List so check also our other games tier list.

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