MTG Arena Codes 2023 (March) (Get Free Reward!)

MTG Arena Codes

Looking for MTG Arena codes 2023 to get free cards, cosmetics, and experience boosts? You’ve come to the right spot. In this post, we’ve put together all the latest Magic The Gathering active codes which you can redeem for free booster packs, cosmetics, Mastery XP, individual cards, and more.

We provide the most up-to-date MTG Arena Codes list that you can redeem for free cards, cosmetics, experience boosts, and other amazing stuff, etc. This is a quick and amazing way to Level up in the Magic The Gathering game.

Each MTG Arena codes unlocks booster packs, cosmetics, Mastery XP, cards, and experience boosts that will speed up your deck building, and come in handy for new gamers wanting to expand beyond the starter decks, as well as old hands more hungry. We’ll be updating this Post regularly to list the latest Magic The Gathering Arena codes, so make sure to check back and grab the latest rewards.

Last Post Update - 23 March 2023

Here is the list of Active MTG Arena Codes 2023

With the release of new sets, MTG Arena is kind enough to regularly provide peoples with a couple of new packs. There are also occasional out-of-nowhere bonuses, absolutely delightful. You can use these MTG codes on the store page to get yourself some free Magic The Gathering Arena packs to boost your card collection and decks while you’re at it.

In addition to updating New and active MTG Arena codes, we would also keep a watchful eye for the expired ones and move them to this expired list.

if you get any code from our MTG Arena Codes list there is no working so you can inform us through the comment section then we add these Magic The Gathering codes to the expired code list.

Experience boosts MTG Arena Codes

The codes above will give you free experience points right away! Every 1,000 XP nets you one Mastery level on the Mastery Tree, and (depending on the route you take) each level has the possibility for extra rewards!

MTG Arena CodesRewardExpiration Date
RestorativeBurstExperience boosts Code Level up two levelsNA
LevelUpExperience boosts Code 2,000 XPN/A
PARCELMYRExperience boosts Code 2,000 XP, 2,000 gold + ICRs and CosmeticsSeptember 15, 2021
SCALEUPExperience boosts Code 3,000 XPSeptember 15, 2021
BORROWEDTIME Experience boosts Code 4,000 XPSeptember 23, 2021

MTG Arena Booster Pack Codes

These MTG Arena codes will give you a pack or 3 of some of the themed sets to add to your own collection. You can use these cards to expand your collection and help you to build amazing decks.

MTG Arena CodesRewardsExpire on
PlayRavnicaRedeem boosts Code & get 3 Guilds of Ravnica packs01/07/2020
PLAYWARSPARK Redeem boosts Code & get 3 War of the Spark packs0 1/07/2020
PlayM20 Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Core Set 2020 packs01/07/2020
PlayEldraine Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Throne of Eldraine packs01/07/2020
PlayTheros Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Theros Beyond Death packsUnknown
PlayIkoria Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths packsUnknown
PLAYM21 Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Core Set 2021 packsUnknown
PlayZendikar Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Zendikar Rising Booster PacksUnknown
TryKaladesh Redeem boosts Code & get 1 Kaladesh Remastered booster packUnknown
PlayKaldheim Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Kaldheim Booster PacksUnknown
PlayStrixhaven Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Strixhaven: School of Mages Booster PacksUnknown
PlayDND Redeem boosts Code & get 3 D&D: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Booster PacksUnknown
PlayMID Redeem boosts Code & get 3 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Booster PacksUnknown

MTG Arena Cosmetics Codes

MTG Arena CodesRewardExpiration Date
ENLIGHTENMERedeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Narset, Parter of Veils (WAR) glass card style01/01/2023
FOILFUNGUS Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Deathbloom Thallid (M19) card style 01/01/2023
INNERDEMON Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted (WAR) glass card style 01/01/2023
OVERTHEMOON Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Arlinn, Voice of the Pack (WAR) glass card style 01/01/2023
PARALLAXPOTION Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Revitalize (M19) card style 01/01/2023
SHIELDSUP Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Teyo, the Shieldmage (WAR) glass card style 01/01/2023
SHINYGOBLINPIRATE Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Fanatical Firebrand (M19) card style 01/01/2023
SPARKLEDRUID Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Druid of the Cowl (M19) card style 01/01/2023
SUPERSCRY Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Opt (M19) card style 01/01/2023
WRITTENINSTONE Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Nahiri, Storm of Stone (WAR) glass card style 01/01/2023
FNMATHOME Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Promo pack with two cosmeticsUnknown
RockJocks Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Lorehold college card sleevesUnknown
DebateDuelists Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Silverquill college card sleevesUnknown
MathWhizzes Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Quandrix college card sleevesUnknown
SwampPunks Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Witherbloom college card sleevesUnknown
ArtClub Redeem this Cosmetics Code & Get Prismari college card sleevesUnknown

Magic The Gathering player knows

Every Magic The Gathering player knows that there is something more important than simply winning, and that’s winning with awesome style! With the introduction of card styles, you’ll be able to customize your collection. The codes above will add new cosmetics to your MTG account.

Note – Cosmetic styles don’t always give you a copy of the card, but you only need to get a card style once to apply it to every copy of that card that you own!

We will keep you updated with new MTG Arena codes once additional codes are released. You need to make sure you redeem this MTG Arena codes list as soon as possible because we will never know when they might expire. All of these MTG Arena codes have been tested as of the issue date of this post.

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Twitch Prime Codes Of MTG Arena

if you have a membership to Amazon Prime, then you’re in luck! Wizards runs promotions where you can get free decks. You need to have an Amazon account connected to Twitch. tv. All you have to do is head over to the Twitch Prime loot section and redeem the code.

In addition, Twitch Prime recently offered a Liliana’s Legion deck, but that promotion is now over.

Currently, No MTG Arena Codes Twitch Prime are available.

MTG Arena Unique Codes from Other Sources

If you’re asking about anything else? then our answer is yeah! Casual players have access to just a few of the codes available to them. On occasion, you may get exclusive MTG Arena Codes similar to the ones above.

If you’re more deeply involved in MTG especially if you play paper⁠ you can get A LOT of cards for Magic The Gathering Arena as well.

MTG Arena Codes from Special Events

Also, you can attend pre-release events and get an exclusive Magic The Gathering code card inside your pre-release kit that can be redeemed for extra rewards in MTG Arena. In the past, packs and Free Limited events have been offered. There is a one-time use limit for these codes.

If you have friends or internet strangers who are generous enough that attended multiple events, you might be able to get their extra codes. A reminder: each MTG account can only redeem one pre-release unique code, no matter how many events you attend!

Reddit is a popular place to share extra pre-release codes, so be sure to check there when the time comes. Events like these take place in real life whenever a new set is released. An official list of pre-release events can be found from Wizards here.

Friday Night Magic at Home show

In addition to pre-releases, there you can also get some additional Magic The Gathering Arena codes by participating in the Friday Night Magic at Home show. As the organized play has been suspended for few times in almost all the local game stores because of the reason pandemic, Wizards has stepped up with support by giving free Magic The Gathering Arena codes to the stores to hand out.

If you connect with a local store online, then say through Discord, and participating in their weekly FNM event, you can get MTG arena codes for two cosmetic items per week — such as some pretty unique card sleeves.

MTG Arena Pre Release Codes Buy

Sure, you can buy your way into some free packs. In the same way as the gift packs and planeswalker decks, you can get these Magic The Gathering pre-release codes inside sealed kits that are available online. It is important to note that older codes may be for a sealed event, so if MTG Arena is not running that format anymore, you may not receive anything. Read the product details and do your due diligence.

Finally, remember that you can only redeem one code per set per account. However, if you haven’t redeemed your code yet, now is your chance to complete your Magic collection and add some MTGA swag to boot.

Each kit includes six sealed booster packs, an exclusive foil promo card, a spindown D20 life tracker, and of course, a card with an MTG Arena codes.

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MTGA Secret Lair Codes

In November Ending 2019, Wizards of the Coast announced a series of products named are Secret Lair that would include small drops of amazing collectible reprints of cards with alternate arts and different tokens. Now Secret Lair is available from WotC directly.

Included in the products are special codes to redeem cards in Magic The Gathering Online as well as different cosmetics card sleeves and styles for Magic The Gathering Arena. If you want this exclusive sleeve and style Magic The Gathering Arena codes, you can only get them from these products.

Streamer Promos Codes

Finally, any game without promotions from Twitch or streamers is simply not to be totally complete. Like, there was a Twitch Prime Promo Code event that ended July 2019, which you could use for a full sixty card Boros Deck! So you should occasionally check the game developer’s Twitter account, visit our faindx website, and watch some MTGA streamers to not miss out on any chances to get more cards and rewards.

if we talk about other events that have awarded special Magic The Gathering Arena codes include ”San Diego Comic-Con” and ”TwitchCon”, so be sure to ready for updates from those events. Wizards often use these weekends as advertising showcases, so they release promo codes to build hype and attention for the Arena.

if you want to play different amazing games once try Dead By Daylight then use promo codes and get free blood points.

MTG Arena Expired Codes

  1. TreeFriend – Get Free Happy Little Gathering Forest
  2. HappySwamp – Get Free Happy Little Gathering Swamp
  3. OneBillion – Get Free One War of the Spark pack
  4. DelightfulMeadow – Get Free Happy Little Gathering Plains
  5. TryKaladesh – Get Free One Kaladesh Remastered pack
  6. Crumbelina – Get Free A card style for Harmonious Archon
  7. PlayM20 – Get Free Three Core Set 2020 packs
  8. TisAScratch – Get Free A card style for Oathsworn Knight
  9. MythicMagic – Get Free Three random Mythic cards
  10. FoodCourt – Get Free A card style for Midnight Clock
  11. StarterStyles – Get Free Five unique card styles and one card sleeve
  12. MoveMountains – Get Free Happy Little Gathering Mountain
  13. ThatsWild – Get Free A card style for Grumgully, the Generous
  14. PlayRavnica – Get Free Three Guilds of Ravnica packs
  15. BroughtBack – Get Free 2000 XP[5]
  16. ZendikarLands – Get Free Three full-art basic lands from Zendikar Rising
  17. IslandWilderness – Get Free Happy Little Gathering Island
  18. PlayAllegiance – Get Free Three Ravnica Allegiance packs
  19. PlayEldraine – Get Free Three Throne of Eldraine packs
  20. PlayWarSpark – Get Free Three War of the Spark packs
  21. BingoIVMythicChamp – Get Free One Core Set 2020 pack
  22. FiveBonusLevels – Get Free 5000 XP

Tips for entering codes

  1. All the codes are case sensitive
  2. Most codes are limited to only one account
  3. Avoid any leading or trailing spaces like extra spaces before or after your code, which can appear as a result of copying and pasting text
  4. when codes that are expired, incorrect, or already redeemed then result in a Redeem Code Failure message.
  5. Afterward, check your Prerelease Pack for a code that will let you participate in an event! It’s located on the back of the Token Card next to the rules information.
  6. When redeeming some older codes on MTGA, the inventory is not visually displayed. There is a prompt that indicates if the code redemption was successful, however

What is MTG Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena( MTGA ) or MTG Arena is one of the best free-to-play online collectible card games. This game has been developed and published by “Wizards of the Coast”. The game is an amazing digital adaption of the Magic The Gathering card game, this game has allowed players to gain cards through booster packs, in-game achievements, or microtransaction reward purchases, and build their own decks to challenge other players.

Game NameMagic: The Gathering Arena
Developed byWizards of the Coast
ReleasedNovember 2017 (Beta)
Game TypeCollectible Card Games
Available ForAndroid, iOS, Macos. Microsoft Windows
Play StoreDownload

The MTG Arena game was launched in a beta state in November 2017 and was fully released for Microsoft Windows users in 2019 September, and a macOS version on June 25, 2020. Finally, MTGA Mobile device versions were released in March 2021.

How to Redeem Codes in MTG Arena 2023

It’s an easy process to redeem your MTG Arena codes If you’re not sure how to do this, please follow the simple instructions below:

  • First Go to
  • Then Sign in.
  • Now click into the text box you can see on the right, under Redeem promo Code.
  • Finally, Enter a code.
  • Press On Redeem.
  • If you have entered a code correctly, you will get a confirmation message.

How to Get More MTG Arena Codes

You can follow the developers on Twitter to get the newly released MTG Arena promo codes, or you can follow the official Twitter page of MTGA.

Second, You will Join MTG Arena social media groups like FB and telegram groups. you are also connected with the latest updates through these MTGA groups.

We regularly update our posts so if you want to get more MTG Arena codes then you back again to this post.


friends, hope you like this article in this article we provide all the information about the MTG Arena codes, how to get more codes, how to redeem codes to get free booster packs, cosmetics, individual cards, and more.

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Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this MTG Arena codes post If you have more ideas or suggestions, feel free to drop us a comment below.