Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List 2023 – Best Rankings

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Started playing Mobile Legends Adventur Game and wondering what are the best tier heroes in 2023? Read on here for the best Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List:

Mobile Legends Adventure game is released in 2019 and is the second version of Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Mobile Legends Adventure is an RPG game with all Mobile Legends characters available.

You have to collect them and make your best squad. The game has a variety of campaign and battle modes where you have to eliminate your enemy. There will be some kind of puzzles in the campaign that you will have to solve.

You’ll have to plan the entire battle strategy and the characters will be assigned different locations. Mobile Legends Adventure has idle game feature. With this feature your characters will automatically attack the enemy.

In multiplayer mode, you can challenge players from all over the world to fight alongside you. This fight will take place on the battlefield. And you can also play Mobile Legends Adventure with your friends.

You can work together with your friends to defeat the enemy and his masters. You can simply download Mobile Legends Adventure game anytime from Play Store/App Store for free.

Post Update On – 13th September 2023

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Heroes

Here we have listed Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List of best hero ranking where the highest-ranked character will be SS tier, then hero with lower skill will be S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, D tier.

Character ranks will be ranked based on their special ability, power, damage. This tier list is subject to change, but you can get an idea of the heroes you can add to your team in PvP, PvE mode:

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List
Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

SS MLA Tier – Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

Miracle ClaraBuff, HealSupport
valirCC / DamageElemental
LolitaShield / CCTech
AngelaHeal / BuffTech
X.BorgAoE Damage / BurstTech
IrithelDamage / BonusMartial
WanwanBurst / DebuffMartial
NanaResurrect / HealMartial
OdetteAoE DamageLight
GuinevereDamage / DebuffLight
ArgusInvincibility / DamageDark
SelenaBurst / ControlDark
LyliaControl / AoE DamageDark
LunoxRevive / DamageOrder
AkashicBuff / HealOrder
SharControl / AoE DamageChaos
AnnaDamage / DebuffChaos
MartisBurst / DurableChaos

S MLA Tier – Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

Silvanna Damage, DurableFighter
Mecha LaylaNAFighter
AuroraControl / BurstElemental
LesleyReap / BurstTech
NatanDamage / ControlTech
AkaiShield / CCMartial
MashaDurable / BuffMartial
ClintBurst / BuffMartial
HanabiDebuff / ControlMartial
HayabusaBurst / DurableMartial
FannyDamage / DurableLight
UranusHeal / DurableLight
KimmyDamage / DebuffLight
VexanaDamage / DebuffDark
Yu ZhongSurvival / ExecutionChaos
ZhaskDamage / ControlChaos
Shah TorreDamage / BonusChaos

A MLA Tier – Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

HylosDurable / BuffElemental
GordAoE Damage / BuffElemental
AtlasControl / ShieldTech
ClaudeBurst / ControlTech
AlphaControl / DamageTech
ZilongControl / DamageMartial
Chang’eAoE DamageLight
GatotkacaCrowd Control / ChargeLight
GusionDurable / DamageLight
MinsittharBuff / ControlLight
KarinaBehead / BurstDark
AliceLifesteal / DamageDark
KarihmetBurst / AoE DamageOrder
GavanaBuff / DamageOrder

B MLA Tier – Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

BadangDamage / ShieldElemental
GrockControl / HealElemental
KaditaAoE DamageElemental
DiggieBuff / ShieldTech
LancelotCharge / BeheadMartial
Yi Sun-ShinDamage / BonusMartial
FreyaDurable / DamageLight
ThamuzDurable / ControlDark

C MLA Tier – Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

Lapu-LapuDamage / BonusMartial
HelcurtControl / ChargeDark
MoskovDamage / DebuffDark

D MLA Tier – Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

EudoraAoE DamageElemental
MiyaControl / DamageElemental
CyclopsBurst / ControlElemental
LaylaAoE DamageTech
Ellie / JawheadControl / DamageTech
BrunoDamage / BonusTech
FrancoControl / DurableMartial
HildaDurable / BurstMartial
KajaControl / DamageLight
AldousControl / ChargeDark
BaneDurable / DamageDark

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Supports

HeroTier List
EstesTier S
AngelaTier A
RafaelaTier B
KajaTier C

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Tanks

HeroTier List
GatotkacaTier S
HylosTier A
GrockTier A
AkaiTier A
LolitaTier B
TigrealTier B
FrancoTier C
BalamondTier C

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Mages

HeroTier List
AliceTier S
Chang’eTier S
AuroraTier A
ValirTier A
HarleyTier A
OdetteTier A
GordTier B
Eudora Tier B
CyclopsTier C

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Assassins

HeroTier List
LancelotTier S
SaberTier A
KarinaTier B
HelcurtTier C

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Marksmen

HeroTier List
ClintTier S
KarrieTier A
MoskovTier A
BrunoTier A
Yi Sun-ShinTier B
MiyaTier B
LaylaTier C

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – Best Fighters

HeroTier List
ArgusTier S
ZilongTier S
Lapu-LapuTier A
AlucardTier A
JawheadTier B
AldousTier C
BaneTier C

Mobile Legends Adventure Reroll

Here you will learn how to MLA reroll, what to reroll, when to reroll

  • First go to the lobby (Home Screen)
  • Tap the portrait at the upper left corner of the screen
  • Then Go to settings
  • Click the server button
  • Next go to all tab to check all the servers
  • Choose a new server & the game will start from scratch
  • Now continue until you get the best heroes/desired heroes.

When to Reroll MLA?

It would be a good idea to roll again after the second 10 draws. You can earn diamonds by completing daily quests, achievements, and campaign mode chapters. For a draw of 10 (2500) diamonds will be drawn. In Wishing Shrine, you can draw (10) heroes on premium summon banners and you can get higher-level heroes. However, the drop rate is not great:-

  • 5 stars – Approx 5%
  • 4 stars – Approx 8%
  • 3 stars – Approx 45%
  • 2 stars – Approx 42%

We strongly recommend that you choose the bulk draw (draw of 10) instead of the individual draw, which costs 280 diamonds.


Hopefully, you like this MLA Tier List, in this Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List Reddit 2023 recently updated, whenever new heroes are officially released we will update this tier list post that is completely based on the strength and power of heroes.

If you have any suggestions about the best team to make & reroll in Mobile Legends Adventure game you can comment in below comment section.

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