Mining Simulator 2 Value List : September 2023 Update

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Are you searching for Roblox Mining Simulator 2 Value List 2023? So you are at the right spot, here in this post you will get the complete and updated Mining Simulator 2 Value List that will help you to find out the worth of every MS2 in-game reward in all the categories such as shiny, normal, etc.

If you are a fan of the Mining Simulator 2 game then this value list is very helpful for you to find the actual values of each pet in Mining Simulator 2 game. Currently, The Frost Defender is presently the most valuable pet in Mining Simulator 2 game.

This Mining Simulator 2 Value wiki page will be updated with the most recent values and new pets frequently. Now without further delay let’s start the Mining Simulator 2 Value List guide.

Update on September 2023

Mining Simulator 2 Value List 2023

Mining Simulator 2 Value List

Here is the list of the latest Mining Sim 2 Pet Value List

Pet Value ListShiny Value ListNormal Value ListDemand Value List
100M Trophy2.5K1K5.5/10
Almighty Flamingo4501509.5.5/10
Ancient Immortal One25K8K8.5.5/10
Astra Hydra90306.5.5/10
Beach Boi2492.5/10
Bizarre Minion75256.5.5/10
Black Sparkle Time2,0006004.5/10
Blazing Guardian135457.5.5/10
Blazing Phoenix311.5/10
Blue Sparkle Time2K6004.5/10
Brilliant Gem6502002.5/10
Bruh Beard75257.5.5/10
Bucket O Shells4051358.5.5/10
Captain’s Curse15,5005,5005.5/10
Chocolate Sundae17,0006K7.5.5/10
Cool Sun2173.5/10
Crystal Cuboid313.5/10
Cyan Sea Dragon24,0008K7.5.5/10
Cyan Sparkle Time2,0006004.5/10
Cyber Comet311.5/10
Dark Berserker75256.5.5/10
Dark Defender120,00045K8.5.5/10
Dark Dragon311.5/10
Dark Phoenix45156.5.5/10
Delightful Trio4801609.5.5/10
Dominus Astra5001505.5/10
Dominus Aureus14K – 15K5,0009.5.5/10
Dominus Empyreus14K – 15K5,0009.5.5/10
Dominus Frigidus14K – 15K5,0009.5.5/10
Dominus Infernus14K – 15K5,0009.5.5/10
Dominus Messor14K – 15K5,0009.5.5/10
Dominus Rex14K – 15K5,0009.5.5/10
Dominus Vesp4001304.5/10
Eternal Popsicle105357.5.5/10
Exotic Hexarium210706.5.5/10
Exquisite Mimic2793.5/10
Frost Defender150K75K8.5.5/10
Frost Wisp311.5/10
Giant Robot1,1003503.5/10
Giant Star932.5/10
Glitched Cube311.5/10
Gold Sparkle Time2,0006004.5/10
Green Sparkle Time2,0006004.5/10
Haunted Soul240807.5.5/10
Holo Butterfly311.5/10
Infernal Revenant20K7K7.5.5/10
King Crab1552.5/10
King Hydra313.5/10
King Penguin311.5/10
King Pufferfish500K200,00010/10
Lord Shock1,6006004.5/10
Loyal Guard1,100,000450K10/10
Lunar Sea Dragon24,0008,0007.5.5/10
Magneta Sea Dragon24,0008,0007.5.5/10
Mint Sundae18,0006,0007.5.5/10
Nebular Demon311.5/10
Neon Abyss5,4001,8007.5.5/10
Omega One3501004.5/10
Parade Cube314.5/10
Patriotic Mimic1,3004005.5/10
Patriotic Robot130K60K9.5.5/10
Patriotic Shock35105.5/10
Patriotic Star150506.5.5/10
Pink Sparkle Time2,0006004.5/10
Purple Sparkle Time2K6004.5/10
Queen Kitty40K16K7.5.5/10
Rainbow Shock314.5/10
Red Sparkle Time2K6006.5.5/10
Robotic Leviathan1,8006004.5/10
Royal Heart3,0001,0007.5.5/10
Royal Wisp30103.5/10
Sand Sea Dragon24K8K7.5.5/10
Sea Champion9003008.5.5/10
Sea Hybrid120401.5/10
Sea Monster3001007.5.5/10
Seaside Dogcat3301108.5.5/10
Seaweed Monster90255.5/10
Shattered Soul5101708.5.5/10
Slime Cube311.5/10
Sorbet Blast622.5/10
Strawberry Sundae18,0006,0007.5.5/10
Tetra Cube311.5/10
The Overseer4001208.5.5/10
Tidal God12K4K6.5.5/10
Vanilla Sundae18K6K7.5.5/10
Virus Core1,4004503.5/10
Virus Cube311.5/10
Wandering Ship622.5/10

What Is The Most Valuable Mining Simulator 2 Pet?

Mining Simulator 2 Value List

The most valuable pet in Roblox Mining Simulator 2 game is currently the Frost Defender and the Melaken.

About Mining Simulator 2

Mining Simulator 2 is an amazing game developed by Rumble Studios for the Roblox platform. In this game, you explore the depths of the mines to discover ores and rare materials to sell in the game. Also, upgrade your tools and backpack to gather more resources in the game.

Mining Simulator 2 Christmas Update

Here is the list of the latest Roblox Mining Simulator 2 Christmas Update features

  • New update 25
  • Part three of the Christmas event has arrived
  • New game feature – Christmas Pass!
  • Complete Easy, Hard, and Medium challenges to earn XP
  • Earn exclusive, limited-time rewards by leveling up your in-game pass
  • Two New Eggs!
  • Christmas Mystery Egg!
  • Twenty-five New Pets!
  • Four New Secret
  • Two new Ancient
  • New Federation Egg in the shop
  • New Gem Enchants


We hope you like this Mining Simulator 2 Value List. In this post, we covered the complete and updated Mining Simulator 2 Value List that will help you to find out the worth of every MS2 in-game reward in all the categories such as normal, shiny, etc.

If you want to share any feedback or ask any questions related to Mining Simulator 2 Value List so comment section is always open for you.

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