Melty Blood Tier List (April 2023) (Best Characters)

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Welcome friends here you will get Melty Blood Tier List 2023 that help you to choose the best characters and improve your Melty Blood Gameplay.

Melty Blood is an action fighting game released in 2002 for gamers around the world. There are 30+ fighting characters in the game. Some characters are in a locked state. You can unlock them as you progress through the story mode of the Melty Blood game. The characters have great abilities and skills to attack and defend themselves against the attacks of enemies.

You can use shields to protect yourself from enemy attacks. You can place a shield in front of the enemy to block his attack. With the use of a shield bunker, you can attack an opponent and block their attacks at the same time. You can also counter enemies with some magical abilities. And all the characters in the game have some special attack skills.

With the help of special attack you can attack and defend against enemy attacks, this will neutralize their attacks. After being hit by an opponent’s attack, Melty Blood gives you the task of restoring some of your health points. But this is possible only in certain situations and sports situations. The Melty Blood game can be played on PlayStation.

Tier List Update – 21 April 2023

Melty Blood Tier List (Best Characters)

Melty Blood Tier List
Melty Blood Tier List

The characters in the Multi Blood game are classified into 5 groups.

The main character of Group S is Nero Ryugi. He is the best fighter in the game with the highest score globally. The main protagonists of the A+ group are Ark and Satsuki. These characters are almost as good as the first group.

The main characters of Group A are Akiha and Hisukoha. They are good enough. You can pick them up. Some of the main characters of Group B are Aoko and Ciel. These characters are not as strong as you would like in your team. The main protagonists of Group C are Kohameche and Nekoarch. They are the weakest characters in the game.

Here’s our own Melty Blood Tier List, which is a good starting point for casual gamers:

S Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

HeroTier List
Nero RyougiTier – S

A+ Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

HeroTier List
ArcTier – A+
SatsukiTier – A+
SeifukuTier – A+
WaraTier – A+

A Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

HeroTier List
AkihaTier – A
HisuKohaTier – A
KohakuTier – A
KoumaTier – A
LenTier – A
MechTier – A
NanayaTier – A
PCielTier – A
RiesTier – A
RoaTier – A
SionTier – A
VAkihaTier – A
WarcTier – A

B Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

HeroTier List
AokoTier – B
CielTier – B
HimeTier – B
MiyakoTier – B
ShikiTier – B
VSionTier – B
WLenTier – B

C Tier – Melty Blood Tier List

HeroTier List
KohaMechTier – C
NecoArcTier – C
NecoArcChaosTier – C
NecomechTier – C

Melty Blood Tier List (Characters Details)⇩

Here is the Melty Blood Tier List of some best character details below

Akiha Tohno – After the death of his father, Akiha received the role of head of the Tohno household. She is determined to keep the name of the family and will do anything for it.

Kohaku – Kohaku has great knowledge of pharmaceutical and is working in Tohno family since childhood. Don’t be fooled by his broom because he has a sword on it. If not only that, he can also throw firebombs and summon strange plants.

Red Arcueid – He became a vampire after some event or at least his impulses are those of a vampire. Raid is a fighter against humans and his newfound powers make him even more dangerous.

Saber – Saber is a knight in shining armor who wields the sacred sword Excalibur. He has a mystery of his own which he must solve.

Miyako Ariyama – Miyako Ariyama is the eldest daughter of the family and Shiki’s self-proclaimed sister. She uses a fighting style known as Bajikan and lets her combat speak for her in fights.

Kouka Kishima – Kauka Kishima is the head of the family. He is half-human and half-demon, but his skill in combat will not let you see the human side. One of his abilities is the scorching heat that can turn his enemies to ashes.


We hope you like this Melty Blood Tier List post, in this post we provide complete information about the best characters of Melty Blood game through our Melty Blood Tier List. This tier list will help you to improve your Melty Blood gameplay thanks for reading this post.

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