Mario Tennis Aces Tier List: September 2023 | New Update

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Looking for Mario Tennis Aces Tier List 2023 so you are at the best place, here you will get Mario Tennis Aces Tier List for the best characters and game guide.

Mario Tennis Aces has been out for a while and many new characters have joined the roster. Multiple patches have really shaken up the rankings, knocking over the godly Bowser Jr. and Waluigi by a peg or two. How does everyone compare now? Our tier list aims to rank each of them based on their capabilities and success in the competition.

Please note that these lists may change over time, especially if Nintendo patches the game or players discover new cheats. Read on to discover our tier list for Mario Tennis Aces.

Mario Tennis Aces Tier List – UPDATE!

Bowser Jr. and Waluigi may have dominated the early days of Aces’ life, but with the update 1.2. The two formerly god-level characters are nowhere near the monsters they are, leaving some fresh faces at the top of the pack.

Powerful characters also took hits, thanks to less recoil from charged shots, with less emphasis on defensive move shots. DK, King Koopa, and Chain Chomp are still tremendous presences on the court, but they’ve started to slip in comparison to the precise hitting of technical characters. With newcomer Koopa Trooper, the two royals have begun to establish their sovereign rule at the top.

Mario Tennis Aces Tier List
Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

The characters in the Mario Tennis Aces game are classified into 5 groups.

The most prominent characters in Group S are Yoshi and Waluigi. Yoshi runs very fast. Waluigi provides cover and defense a wide area. The main protagonists of Group A are Mario and Luigi. He is a very balanced hero. The most prominent characters in Group B are Wario and Spike. He got very quick shots.

The best heroes of Group C are Rosalina and Donkey Kong. They are very good heroes. Some Group D characters are Toad and Toadette. These characters are not recommended by the player.

Tier S – Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

Bowser Jr.Tier – SDefensive
WaluigiTier – SDefensive
YoshiTier – SSpeedy
BooTier – STricky

Tier A – Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

MarioTier – AAll Around
DaisyTier – AAll Around
LuigiTier – AAll Around
PeachTier – ATechnical
Koopa TroopaTier – ASpeedy

Tier B – Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

WarioTier – BPowerful
BowserTier – BPowerful
SpikeTier – BPowerful

Tier C – Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

RosalinaTier – CTricky
Donkey KongTier – CPowerful

Tier D – Mario Tennis Aces Tier List

ToadTier – DSpeedy
ToadetteTier – DTechnical
Chain ChompTier – DPowerful

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About Mario Tennis Aces Game (Wiki)

Mario Tennis Aces is a tennis game from the Mario universe released in the year of 2018. It is the most popular and top rated game in the Mario Tennis game series with millions of players worldwide. Mario Tennis Aces features all the original characters from the Mario universe and also introduces some new characters for the first time. You have to choose your favorite to play tennis match with other characters.

It will be a strategic tennis match where you have to defeat your opponent by using different techniques and strategies. You have the option to choose your tennis racket before each match and you can replace this racket with any other during the match. Your characters get special attack hits. You can hit the ball with a special shot and it can break the opponent’s racket. So, as a result, you will lose the match.

You can start a two player game by adding one of your friends. Mario Tennis Aces offers you the task of playing online tournaments. If you win them, you can unlock locked players and costumes. Mario Tennis Aces is simply the best Mario Tennis game.


This was our Mario Tennis Aces Tier List. In this post, we trying our best to provide a complete Mario Tennis Aces Tier List that will help many gamers to save their time regardless of playing with different characters and choosing the best. We hope you like this Mario Tennis Aces Tier List post.

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