Loop Dungeon Tier List 2023 – (Update) (Best Team!)

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Searching for Loop Dungeon Tier List? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the Loop Dungeon Tier List that will help you to choose the best team in the game.

Loop Dungeon is an amazing Idle role-playing game developed and published by MagicFind. In this game, you can defeat your opponents by doing nothing at all.

Here we covered the Loop Dungeon’s best team guide that will help you to improve your gameplay. Now without any delay let’s start the Loop Dungeon Tier List guide.

Loop Dungeon Tier List 2023 – Team Guide

Loop Dungeon Tier List
Loop Dungeon Tier List Wiki

If you are just starting in the Loop Dungeon game and want to get through all the levels easily, then the basic team composition we suggest consists of Ashkern as the primary DPS source, Drakus as the ultimate spammer/dunker, Magnus as the main tank, Agni as the off-tank/DPS tank, and Khaladria as the DPS.

With this in-game team, Ashkern will deal most of the dmg from afar, while Magnus is the main source of in-game damage. Drakus will be actually your ultimate dunker and spammer, destroying opponents efficiently, while Khaladria adds even more DPS in the game.

Agni will be your off-tank, protecting your in-game team from dmg, while also increasing DPS. Together, they will help you complete all game modes.


If you are looking for a good team that can withstand any fight, then the Healer Team is actually best for you. This in-game team consists of Ashkern as the primary DPS source, Florence as the off-tank/magic support, Magnus as the main tank, Groll (or sub-Groll for Agni) as the main off-tank, and Shine as the 2nd off-tank/support.

With this in-game team, Magnus and Ashkern will be doing their normal jobs in the game. Ashkern will supply dmg from afar, while Magnus is the primary source of dmg. Florence is there to actually supply a dmg reduction buff to all in her radius, which should be Magnus, Shine, and Groll or Agni if you actually decide to drop Groll in the game.

With Shine supplying heals both to herself and the rest of the in-game team, minimal dmg should occur across the team in the game.

In any case, the team should be capable to pass through each act with little difficulty. Groll or sub-Groll for in-game Agni will be actually your primary off-tank, taking and dealing dmg to mobs in the game.


This in-game team consists of Iris as the primary DPS, Mag as the main tank, Scar as the off-tank/meat sponge, Ashkern as the AoE DPS, and Tanya as the backline tank in the game.

Ashkern will be your DPS AoE, while Iris will be actually targeting a single target. But because of pierce, she will actually attack multiple enemies if they are aligned correctly.

If the battle goes on long enough for her to ult, the in-game mobs will be actually stunned, allowing you to do more dmg while taking a break from opponent attacks, only until the mobs are actually hit again.

The stun is brief, but every 2nd counts. Ensure that when using Iris, you provide her with Heal on HOH or Hit. In the absence of it, she is terrible and can be annoying to use because she will die quickly without it.

Scar will be your in-game off-tank, essentially being your frontline meat sponge, taking and dealing dmg to mobs. Same with Scar and Iris, HOH is required for them to be effective to their full potential.

Tanya will be actually in the background, defending Ashkern. This is actually known as a block. She can be configured to be a DPS, but for beginner-friendly purposes, don’t worry that she is not too powerful. Her main job is to be actually a buff to Mag while blocking backline DPS units from being squished in the game.

The Balanced

The Human Comp team is actually beginner-friendly and composed of Ashkern as the DPS and Shine as the healer in the game.

This in-game team is a good option for those who actually enjoy a more balanced game playstyle, with both defense and offense in mind. The combination of Lunella and Magnus actually offers a solid tanking front, while Zephyr and Vanessa dish out heavy in-game dmg from afar.

Olivia, if actually built properly can serve as a great DPS and support, with her ult able to increase the team’s dmg output greatly in the game.

Overall, the Magnus or Elf Comp is a strong in-game team that can handle different challenges in the game.

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Team Guide 2023

Loop Dungeon Tier List

Here are the details of Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Teams

Loop Dungeon Basic Team

  • Ashkern → Main DPS source
  • Drakus → Ult spam/dunker
  • Khaladria → DPS
  • Magnus → Main Tank
  • Agni → Off Tank/DPS tank

Healer Team

  • Ashkern → Main DPS source
  • Florence → Off Tank/Mag Support
  • Magnus → Main Tank
  • Groll (or sub-Groll for Agni) → Main off the tank
  • Shine → Off tank#2/support

Dwarf Beast Combo

  • Iris → DPS
  • Mag → Main tank
  • Ashkern → DPS
  • Tanya → Backline tank
  • Scar → Off Tank/Meat sponge

Human Comp

  • Ashkern → Dps
  • Rin → Dps/Human nuke
  • Shine → Healer
  • Hanna → Support/DPS
  • Estelle → Main tank/ Healer

Elf/Magnus Comp

  • Magnus → Main tank
  • Vanessa → DPS
  • Lunella → DPS/Tank
  • Zephyr → DPS
  • Olivia (or Ashkern or Florence) → Support/DPS


Here are some questions and answers about the Loop Dungeon Tier List

Q. Who Is The Creator Of Loop Dungeon Game?

The Loop Dungeon game creator is MagicFind.

Q. What Are The Loop Dungeon Teams In The Game?

Loop Dungeon Teams are Withstand, Dwarf-Beast, and other teams.

Q. Is Loop Dungeon Game On PlayStation?

Currently, Loop Dungeon Game is not available on PlayStation.


Hopefully, you like this Loop Dungeon Tier List guide. In this post, we covered the Loop Dungeon Tier List that will help you to choose the best team in the game.

Also, if you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about Loop Dungeon Tier List so comment box is always open for you.

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