KoboldKare Cheats 2023 – (Active Cheats) (Console Commands)

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Looking for KoboldKare Cheats 2023? So you reach the right spot, here in this post, you will get the working KoboldKare Cheats & Console Commands that will help you to get infinite in-game money and do everything in the game.

KoboldKare is an amazing game developed for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers with the following features: A Quake/CS:S movement-inspired system.

Trimp off and Bunnyhop of rocks for max height, speed-forage the forest with record in-game time. A chemical system that actually lets you mix basic chems and feed them to Kobolds in the game.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The use of cheat codes and mods may violate the terms of service of some games. We do not condone the use of cheat codes or mods that give players an unfair advantage. Please use this information at your own risk.

Now without any delay let’s start the KoboldKare Cheat Codes list.

KoboldKare Cheats 2023

KoboldKare Cheats

There are not many console commands, but then you can actually combine them with different ids, so you can get pretty much anything, these are the KoboldKare console commands.

  • /help – Use this to list the cheat, help, list, and give commands
  • /cheats – Use this command to Enable or Disable cheats
  • /give – Use this to places or gives any object shown with the list command
  • /list – Use this command to List all available objects and reagents that can be given

The most amazing thing is to combine the “give” command with the ids that we are going to show you in the below section.

KoboldKare Items Ids

KoboldKare Cheats

Here is the list of all the KoboldKare Items Ids

KoboldKare Cheats – Items Ids

  • Banana – Banana, can be juiced
  • BananaSeed – seed bag (Banana plant)
  • Bomb – Bomb for clearing dirt plots
  • Bucket – empty Bucket
  • Chest – immovable chest
  • Debris – Giant version of the rocks found on in-game farm plots
  • Egg – Kobold Egg
  • Eggplant – Eggplant, can be juiced
  • EggplantSeed – seed bag (Eggplant)
  • EquineDick – Equine Toy
  • ExplosionPrefab – Literal Explosion
  • Fish – Fish that actually explodes into Ground Beef when touched
  • FluidProjectile – non-collidable fluid that has an in-game chance to cover you
  • Gloves – Gloves, can be worn
  • Hardhat – wearable Hardhat
  • Heart – Heart, can be juiced
  • HighHeels – High Heels, can be worn
  • Ice – Ice, can be juiced
  • KandiDick – Two-tone Equine Toy with piercings
  • KnottedDick – canine toy
  • Kobold – random Male/Female Kobold
  • Melon – Melon, can be juiced
  • MelonSeed – seed bag (Melon plant)
  • MiniRadio – For the 99 Club
  • MoneyPile – Money pile (but $0 value)
  • Mushroom – Mushroom, can be Juiced
  • NippleBarbellPiercingsEquippable – Nipple Piercings, can be worn
  • NipplePump – Nipple Pump
  • Onahole – Sleeve type Toy
  • PachinkoBall – For the Pachinko game
  • Pineapple – Pineapple, can be juiced
  • PineappleSeed – seed bag (Pineapple plants)
  • Plant – planted egg, can be watered
  • Scanner – scanner device (content amounts)
  • SoilTile – immovable farm plot
  • SpikeCollar – Spiked Collar
  • SpikeyBracelet – x2Spiked Bracelets
  • StarDoor – 0 Star Door
  • Steak – Ground Beef
  • Tailbag – Tailbag object
  • TailCollar – Spiked Tail Ring
  • TaperedDick – Lizard shaped Toy
  • TopHat – Top Hat (Cannot be worn)
  • Trough – Trough
  • WateringCan – Watering Can
  • Wheat – Wheat, can be juiced
  • WheatSeed – seed bag (Wheat)

KoboldKare Cheats – Reagents Ids

  • ♥♥♥ – condom
  • BananaSplit – banana split
  • Blood – bucket of blood
  • Burger – burger
  • Cake – cake
  • Dough – ball of dough
  • Egg – Kobold Egg
  • EggDinner – bucket of Egg Dinner
  • EggNog – gives eggnog
  • EggplantJuice – Bucket of Eggplant Juice
  • Explosium – bucket of liquid explosion
  • Fat – bucket of fat
  • Flour – bucket of flour
  • GroundBeef – bucket of ground beef
  • GrowthSerum – bucket of Growth Serum
  • Ice – Gives Ice
  • IncompleteGrowthSerumA – bucket of incomplete growth serum
  • IncompleteGrowthSerumB – Does nothing
  • Love – bucket of love
  • MelonJuice – bucket of melon juice
  • Milk – bucket of milk
  • MilkShake – milkshake
  • MushroomJuice – bucket of mushroom juice
  • Pie – pie
  • PineappleJuice – Pineapple juice
  • PineapplePopsicle – Popsicle
  • Potassium – banana juice
  • ScrambledEgg – bucket of scrambled egg
  • Water – bucket of water
  • Wood – bucket of liquid wood
  • Yogurt – Gives Yogurt

Other Items Ids

  • Stars <Amount>
  • Money <Amount>


Hopefully, you like these KoboldKare Cheats. In this post, we covered the working KoboldKare Cheats & Console Commands that will help you to get infinite in-game money and do everything in the game.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the KoboldKare Cheats so comment section is always open for you.

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