Knightcore Kingdom Tier List (Best Ranked!) (Sep. 2023)

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Knightcore Kingdom Tier List : The story continues in Nightcore Kingdom, a sequel to the first game, Nightcore. With tactical push, tower defense, arena management and collectible heroes, this is a mobile strategy game. In a battle, you have to control your heroes and lead them to victory. We have all the information you need to choose the right characters. For a list of the top characters in order from best to worst, check out our Nightcore Kingdom tier list.

Nightcore Kingdom is a separate strategy game created by Marskat Games. To retake Camelot, players must rise to the rank of Lord and command their own armies. The game offers a huge variety of characters just like other strategy games. Since not all characters are the best for the team, you should first unlock the strongest characters.

Last Post Update : 04 September 2023

About Knightcore Kingdom 2023 – UPDATE!

If you are looking for Nightcore Kingdom Tier List then your search is over. A specific strategy game called The Nightcore Kingdom was created by Marskat Games. To retake Camelot in the game, players must assume the role of Lords and command the Heroes and their own troops. The game’s character roster is just as extensive as other strategy games.

Still, not every Knightcore Kingdom Tier List character is the best for the team, so you should unlock the strongest ones first. It can be challenging for beginners to choose the ideal characters. In light of this, we created the Nightcore Kingdom tier list, which ranks each character in order of quality.

Then how will you be able to identify which character is the strongest in the game? Nightcore Kingdom Tier List is a must for that. The reroll guide will be useful if you’re unhappy with the character you’ve got and would prefer one from our Nightcore Kingdom tier list. Read this article till the end.

Knightcore Kingdom Tier List 2023

This Knightcore Kingdom Tier List is based on the character’s preferences and style of play. Depending on your preferred playing style, this may change. There are currently 29 heroes available in the game, although this number may increase in the future. Given that, Knightcore Kingdom Tier List is listed below, from best to worst:

Tier List Heroes & Characters
S Tier List Carlton
S Tier List Marcus
S Tier List Shark
S Tier List Morgause
S Tier List Gawain
A Tier List Raici
A Tier List Klaire (Halloween)
A Tier List Aoi (Full Moon)
A Tier List Ganis
A Tier List Parfait
A Tier List Uluru King
A Tier List Great Elder
B Tier List Kai Berrett
B Tier List Lancelot
B Tier List Charolotte
B Tier List Aoi
B Tier List Geraint
B Tier List Rin
C Tier List Pearl
C Tier List Kurin
C Tier List Van
C Tier List Kallian
C Tier List Kriel
C Tier List Queen Pella
D Tier List Shiva
D Tier List Bedivere
D Tier List Mani
D Tier List Alys
D Tier List Avalon
Knightcore Kingdom Tier List

As we have already mentioned, this character ranking is based on our knowledge. You can choose a character based on their unique characteristics and the type of gameplay you prefer. Regardless of whether characters are closed or buffered, the list may change. Since they have been effective at taking down enemies, we recommend you use S Knightcore Kingdom Tier List characters.

Knightcore Kingdom Tier List – Best Characters Powers

S Tier List


A Tier List

Great ElderMedium

B Tier List


C Tier List


D Tier List

Queen PellaLow


The Nightcore Kingdom tier list was as follows. Top level characters should get more consideration. Accordingly, they should be your first choice for your party. They should level up first and acquire better equipment. Unless you have no other choice, you should stay away from De Tier’s characters because they are the weakest. You should give people as low as they are on the list.

You may disagree with our list of Nightcore Kingdom levels and believe that the characters in the lower levels are stronger and better. Each player has a different style of play, so the characters they choose may also differ. As a result, we recommend you experiment with different characters to determine which one is the best fit for you.

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