Killer Instinct Tier List : (Update!) (August 2023)

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Killer Instinct Tier List 2023 – Use the best characters in the Killer Instinct game to improve your gameplay. Here is the Killer Instinct Tier List with the best character’s details for an overview.

Killer Instinct is an amazing series of fighting video games originally developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, Midway, and Microsoft Studios. The Killer Instinct was launched for arcades in the year of 1994; the game was then released for the Game Boy and Super NES in 1995.

Now without wasting time let’s start the Killer Instinct tier list with the best characters ranked.

Last Tier List Update – 19th August 2023

Killer Instinct Tier List Guide | Best Characters 2023⇩

Killer Instinct Tier List

Below are the lists of Killer Instinct best characters from categorizing to their ability and strength.

S Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct Tier List Reddit Tier S characters are currently the best characters in the game with the minimum number of loose matchups. Know more and choose them as they’ll surely give your competitors hard time in your battles.

CharactersTier List
Rash  Tier – S
AriaTier – S
FulgoreTier – S
OmenTier – S

A Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct Tier List Maker – A tier characters are capable to perform well in the game, And also tier – A characters can easily match tier – S characters through good skill.

CharactersTier List
AganosTier – A
EyedolTier – A
Thunder Tier – A
HisakoTier – A
ArbiterTier – A
GlaciusTier – A
RiptorTier – A
TuskTier – A

B Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

Killer Instinct Tier List Snes – B tier characters are good picks for any battle. Some of the characters are relatively easy to learn and can well defeat any tier given the good game play.

CharactersTier List
MiraTier – B
CinderTier – B
EagleTier – B
KilgoreTier – B
SpinalTier – B
GargosTier – B

C Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

These tier – C characters are also good choices but don’t stand out as much as the higher tiers but are also very fun to enjoy the gameplay.

CharactersTier List
MayaTier – C
Shadow JagoTier – C
Shin HisakoTier – C
General RaamTier – C
Kim WuTier – C
JagoTier – C
Kan-RaTier – C
TJ ComboTier – C

D Tier – Killer Instinct Tier List

These tier D characters are considered worst because they have really bad match-ups and are really hard to use against pro gamer’s. But they are still pretty more fun to use if you casually play the game.

CharactersTier List
SadiraTier – D
SabrewulfTier – D
OrchidTier – D

Killer Instinct Tier List | Best Characters Details⇩

Here are the Killer Instinct details of the best characters to know more about the best Killer Instinct game characters.

Rash – Killer Instinct Tier List

Rash is considered one of the best characters on Killer Instinct. He has everything, from amazing overheads, staggers, lows, and hard to break combos to remarkable damage output, even without a meter.

If you want air mobility and unmatched mix then the Rash is the best choice for you.

Aria – Killer Instinct Tier List

When Aria has the meter and is on instinct, she has great range, powerful pressure, and remarkable damage. This character Aria has bonds that are the hardest to break in the game.

Aria’s body switching abilities make it difficult for opponents to predict the playstyle and win. Also Aria each body has different abilities so it makes it more dangerous.

Fulgore – Killer Instinct Tier List

Fulgore it’s also the best choice fulgor’s blade dashes, lasers, fireballs, are just a few of the many moves he performs that make this character one of the best at controlling the war on his side. Fulgor can be a good Rush and Zoner character, and both are particularly difficult to counter.

It gets better, Fulgore’s teleport is one of the most broken in-game abilities, as he becomes invisible and teleports to an opponent, which works well with mix-ups. If you want a character that has few or no weaknesses, then Fulgore is the ultimate machine for you.

Omen – Killer Instinct Tier List

Omen’s mobility is at its best in the game. It has the moves well on land and best fly mobility. From Meter Lock and Left/Right Mix, the Omen has several different ways to control an opponent from anywhere on the screen due to its high mobility in general.


That is our Killer Instinct Tier List for choosing your best characters to improve your gameplay. Also, we prove Killer Instinct Gold Tier List Characters details that you know more about your favorite characters.

In addition, if you have any questions related to the killer instinct difficulty tier list so comment on us, thanks for reading our post.

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