Kaizen Clan Tier List 2023 – (Update) (Clans Ranking!)

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Do you want to know Kaizen Clan Tier List? So you are at the right spot. Here you will get the Kaizen Clans ranking that will help you to pick the best Clan in the game to improve your gameplay.

Kaizen is a popular action-adventure Roblox game inspired by the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. As with the original series, there are different clans that you can in-game join, and depending on your clan choice, you will get various bonuses and perks that will affect your overall character.

For ex., if you belong to the Kaizen Hoshi clan then you will get eight percent more dmg with curses and an additional +200 curse energy for your total meter.

So, if you are new and confused about which Kaizen clan they should roll for first, do not worry. Try to find something like the Miwa clan and check out other choices by studying our detailed tier list.

Kaizen Clan Tier List 2023

Kaizen Clan Tier List

Here are the Kaizen Clans ranking from best to worst. Kaizen Tier S Clans are the all-time great clans then you should definitely pick them, Kaizen Tier D Clans are not so good to choose in the game.

S Tier – Kaizen Clan Tier List

Kaizen Tier S clans are the best clans in the game they will help you to improve your gameplay and play with more fun.

Clan Tier
Kugisaki Tier S
Nanami Tier S
Zenin Tier S

A Tier – Kaizen Clan Tier List

Kaizen Tier A clans are the good clans in the game and can be used in any in-game situation.

Clan Tier
Miwa Tier A
Kamo Tier A

B Tier – Kaizen Clan Tier List

Kaizen Tier B clans are the decent clans in the game and not much better as compared to the above clans.

Clan Tier
Hoshi Tier B

C Tier – Kaizen Clan Tier List

Kaizen Tier C clans are the average clans in the game and not very impactful but can do substantial dmg.

Clan Tier
INO Tier C

D Tier – Kaizen Clan Tier List

Kaizen Tier D clans are the worst clans in the game and don not provide any advantage, avoid at all costs.

Clan Tier
Akiyama Tier D
Eldritch Tier D
Haba Tier D
Hari Tier D
Leiri Tier D
Rayburn Tier D
Sasaki Tier D
Sonoda Tier D
Sotomura Tier D
Takashi Tier D
Yoshino Tier D

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Kaizen Clan Tier List

Here are questions and answers about the Kaizen Clan Tier List

Q. Who Is The Best Clan In Kaizen Game?

Nanami is the best overall Clan in Kaizen game. Despite Nanami belongs to the less well-known semi-rare type group, it is the top clan due to its Overtime Angry perk in the game. This bonus perk actually allows its users to gain +30% Curse damage, +30% Weapon damage, +100 Health, +250 Stamina, and +30% Melee dmg between 6 pm – 6 am in the game.

With this bonus nearly doubles your base stat in the night, you can clear plenty of enemies and mobs, accelerating your progress in the game. We highly suggest the clan for people trying to complete the main in-game story quest line.

Q. Who Is The Best Clan For Beginners In Kaizen Game?

Zenin is the best Clan for Beginners in Kaizen. This is mainly due to the Wrath passive ability that allows users to take twenty-five percent less dmg to any in-game attack type, allowing new gamers to take beating learning in-game combat abilities and techniques.

The Zenin’s only drawback is that the clan is in the legendary category and is quite hard to get as it has a rarity of 1.2 percent compared to others in the game.

Q. What Is Roblox Kaizen Game?

Roblox Kaizen takes you into the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, a beloved anime and manga series. Within this game, you have the incredible opportunity to craft your very own character, delving into a selection of clans, elements, and jutsus that can be tailored to perfectly suit your preferred combat approach.

The adventure doesn’t stop there, you’ll have the chance to explore a medley of locations plucked directly from the anime’s rich tapestry. Traverse through iconic spots like the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, the Shibuya Incident site, and the Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event locale.

Engage in thrilling battles, either squaring off against fellow players in the pulse-pounding PvP mode, or teaming up alongside your friends to tackle formidable curses and imposing bosses.

What’s truly exciting is that Roblox Kaizen is a dynamic realm that consistently unveils fresh content and features. Anticipate the arrival of new clans, jutsus, weaponry, and captivating events, ensuring that your experience remains ever-engaging and ever-evolving.


This is our Kaizen Clan Tier List. In this post, we covered the complete Kaizen Clans ranking that will give you an overview of the best Clans in the game to choose the perfect Clan according to your gameplay.

Also, If you want to share any suggestions about any Roblox Kaizen game Clans so comment section is always open for you.

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