JoJo Golden Records Tier List 2023 – (New) (PVP & Rarity)

JoJo Golden Records Tier List

Looking for JoJo Golden Records Tier List? So you reached the right spot. Here in this post, you will get the JoJo Golden Records Tier List with PVP Combat and Rarity.


JoJo Golden Records is an amazing action role-playing Roblox game created by Golden Records Community. In this game, you can collect different stands, battle your adversaries, increase your stats to become more powerful, and many more.

Now without further delay let’s start the JoJo Golden Records guide.


JoJo Golden Records Beginner Guide

At the start of the game, you spawn in Golden State City, where you can actually explore and do an in-game quest, and also meet and befriend other gamers. Watch out as you can quickly get killed by random in-game killers, but that is not actually against the rules as it is a PVP JoJo Golden Records game.

So do not report gamers for random killings in the game. After you have explored the in-game city, you can go to another location and progress and improve your gaming skills. You can go to Mount Grizzly, where you will actually meet the Catalyst Salesman, or you can travel to the burning-hot Stardust Desert in the game.

Where you can battle and loot NPCs for in-game chests. Speaking of chests, they are something that drops once you take down a Stand User found in the desert and the wilderness. Perhaps, maybe you will get something rare? After you have actually done all the searching and unlocked every arrow stand, you thought there was nothing more to do than battle and farm.


Due to the lack of stands and lack of leveling, we apologize for the inconvenience. That will be added in a future JoJo Golden Records game patch. But, did you actually know that one stand can be transformed into a very, really strong Requiem? Golden Experience Requiem is the strongest stand in the game now.

You might ask how to actually get it. So, remember those chests we mentioned earlier? They have an extremely slight chance of dropping an in-game item that lets you in an old temple (old as time). In this in-game temple, you will be able to battle a boss and get a Requiem arrow in the game.

About Requiem

Requiem is an advanced form of stand, obtained when worthy stand players stab themselves with the Requiem Arrow in the game.


The arrow will simply stab through them if they are not actually worth it. Stands that effectively can harness the strength of the Requiem Arrow gain incredible power, although, may have a weakness as well.

Skill Tree

A skill tree that can actually make you create and add value to your stand in the game. Branches include Firepower, Tank, and Agility. Branches into Cooldown, Regeneration, and Dash Distance.
You get in-game skill points by leveling up (each level doesn’t mean you get a point in the game).

  • Total skill points → 25
  • Agility → Speed
  • Firepower → Damage
  • Tank → Health Points

JoJo Golden Records Tier List

JoJo Golden Records Tier List

Here is the JoJo Golden Records tier list from Tier S to Tier C based on PVP rarity and combat. Note that all stand arrow has the same chance in the JoJo Golden Records game.


S Tier – JoJo Golden Records Tier List

Gold Experience Requiem Tier – S
 C-Moon  Tier – S
 Weather Report  Tier – S

A Tier – JoJo Golden Records Tier List

 The WorldTier – A
 Star PlatinumTier – A
 Killer Queen: Bites The DustTier – A
Hierophant GreenTier – A

B Tier – JoJo Golden Records Tier List

 Stone FreeTier – B
 Gold ExperienceTier – B
 Killer QueenTier – B
CreamTier – B
Silver ChariotTier – B

C Tier – JoJo Golden Records Tier List

White SnakeTier – C
Crazy DiamondTier – C
Tower Of GrayTier – C

Debatable Stands

JoJo Golden Records Tier List
  • White Snake → Might be upgraded to Tier B due to Acidic Discharge (Long Stun) in the game
  • Weather Report → Might be Downgraded to Tier A due to the updated version nerfing it heavily
  • The World → Might be Upgraded to Tier S due to extreme spam in-game moves


Hopefully, you like this JoJo Golden Records guide. In this post, we covered the complete JoJo Golden Records Tier List with PVP Combat and Rarity.

If you want to ask any questions or share any feedback about the JoJo Golden Records characters so comment section is always open for you.

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