Jailbreak Codes & ATMs – March 2023 (Update!)

If you’re searching for Roblox Jailbreak Codes 2023, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have put together an Active list of all active Roblox Jailbreak codes so check them out.

In this post, We provide the most up-to-date Roblox Jailbreak list of codes that you can redeem and use in ATMs then get free cash, royale tokens, and other amazing stuff. This is a quick and amazing way to Level up in the Jailbreak game.

You can check Our Roblox Jailbreak Codes list, we have updated this list frequently. So be sure to keep bookmarking this page and check back regularly to getting more free Cash, Royale Tokens, and amazing Rewards.

Follow this post to find out how to get activate Jailbreak Codes 2023 that can be exchanged for free cash, royale tokens, and more exclusive items.

Last Update On – 24 March 2023

Jailbreak Codes 2023 – Working List >>

Sorry to say but No active Jailbreak Codes are available. but don’t worry we update this post soon when the new codes arrived from the developer’s side.

Use all the Roblox Jailbreak active codes as soon as possible because no one knows when these codes are expired. if codes will be expired you will never get the benefits of these Jailbreak codes so redeem quickly.

if you get any code from our Roblox Jailbreak list so that you can inform us through the comment section then we add these codes to the expired code list.

Expired Codes For Jailbreak >>

  1. privatejet – Redeem the code and get free 10k in-game cash – Expired
  2. TOW – Get Reward: 5,000 cash – Expired
  3. museum – Get Reward: 5,000 cash – Expired
  4. memes – Get Reward: 5,000 cash – Expired
  5. summervibes – Get Reward: 7,500 cash – Expired
  6. THANKYOU – Get Reward: 2.500 Cash – Expired
  7. jailbreaktwoyears – Get Reward: 8.500 Cash – Expired
  8. JAILBREAKHD – GetReward: use the code to get 3.000 Cash
  9. jetmissiles – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 10,000 Cash
  10. 5Days – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 7,500 cash
  11. SOLIDGOLDWOOO – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 5,000 cash¡
  12. ROYALE – Get Reward: One Royale Token – Added: 2019/02/05 – Expired
  13. refreshed – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 7,500 Cash
  14. stayhealthy – Get Redeem Reward and get 5,000 cash
  15. Fall2020 – Get Reward: Redeem and get 5,000 cash
  16. march2021 – Get Reward: Redeem and get 5,000 cash
  17. threeyears – Get Reward: Redeem and get 10,000 cash
  18. countdown – Get Reward: Redeem and to get 5,000 cash
  19. TenK – Get Reward: 10,000 Cash – Added: 2018/04/19 – Expired
  20. healthy – Get Reward: Redeem and get free 7,500 cash
  21. Winter – Get Reward: Redeem and get free 5,000 cash
  22. leaves – Get Reward: Redeem and get free 5,000 cash
  23. FIREFIGHTER – Get Reward: 5.000 Cash – Added: 2019/03/01 – Expired
  24. DOGGO – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get free 7,500 cash
  25. test – Get Reward: 1.000 Cash – Added: 2018/12/22 – Expired: Yes
  26. Balance – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 6,000 cash
  27. Facebook1000 – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 5.000 Cash
  28. december – Get Redeem Reward: use the code to get 5,000 cash
  29. DISCO – Get Reward: 7.000 Cash – Add: 2019/04/01 – Now Expired
  30. reachforthesky – Get Reward: Redeem and get free 7,500 Cash
  31. winterfog – Redeem and get free 7,500 Cash
  32. decwinter – Redeem and get free 7,500 Cash
  33. summerdog – Redeem and get free 7,500 Cash

More Expired codes for Jailbreak >>

  1. Cargo – Get Reward: use the code to get free 7,500 cash
  2. MovieMint – Get Reward: 6.500 Cash – Added: 2019/03/17 – Expired
  3. feb2020 – Redeem Reward: use the code to get free 10,000 cash
  4. Molten – Redeem Reward: Get free 6,000 cash
  5. SuperReader – Redeem Reward: use the code to get free 3,000 Cash
  6. WEWILLTAKEOVEr – Redeem Reward: Armor and also Texture Skin – Add: 2019/04/07 – Expired
  7. threebillionparty – Redeem Reward: use the code to get free 3billion tire
  8. minimustang – Redeem Reward: use the code to get free 10,000 cash
  9. SickDay – Redeem Reward: 8.000 Cash – Add: 2018/04/19 – Expired
  10. LIGHT – Redeem Reward: 2.500 Cash – Added: 2019/01/15 – Expired
  11. QUANTUM – Redeem Reward: 5.000 Cash – Add: 2018/12/22 – Expired
  12. onehour – Redeem Reward: Get free 25,000 cash
  13. EXPERTREADER – Redeem Reward: 5.000 Cash – Add: 2019/01/15 – Expired

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About Jailbreak Codes Game Wiki >>

Jailbreak is an amazing roleplaying game where inmates escape from jail and avoid the police. Inmates who escape can explore the city, go for a drive in the desert, rob a bank, or invent their own game.

Jailbreak is the most popular Roblox game of cops and robbers. You can do anything in the world, but you’re going to need money. So You can Play and earn money and you can get money from the redeem codes. We can say that the Jailbreak game was simple, but there was something about it that we found really entertaining.

Game NameJailbreak
CreatorAlex Balfanz
ReleaseJanuary 2017
GenreTown and city
AndroidCheck Here
IOSCheck Here

Jailbreak takes a lot of inspiration from Prison Life by Aesthetical and Redwood Prison Game by RoyStanford. Jailbreak focuses more on gameplay outside the prison. It credited with significant losses to both games, with Prison Life and Redwood Prison both decreasing in player numbers since Jailbreak Game released.

Jailbreak Codes Wiki 2023>>

Roblox Jailbreak codes are free rewards that the game’s developer gives out to their players. These codes contain cash and rewards that you can use to buy pretty much everything in Jailbreak’s world. Be sure to check our list regularly so you don’t miss any codes for jailbreak.

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How You Can Easily Redeem Jailbreak Codes >>

Redeeming codes in Jailbreak requires some different processes from most other Roblox games, Here’s is the simple process how you do it:

  • First Open the game
  • then you need to find an ATM. It’s easy to find plenty dotted around, but your best bet is the train station
  • Now the ATM looks like a cash machine with a blue screen displaying the Twitter bird.
  • Simply walk up to the machine and a redeem code box will display.
  • Copy and past one of our Jailbreak codes into the given box
  • Finally, Enjoy your rewards.

How You Can Get More Jailbreak Codes >>

If you want to find the code of Jailbreak, then you have to consider only two things. First, you can follow the Jailbreak developer’s Twitter account – @badimo. The benefit of following the Jailbreak developer’s social media account is that you can get quick information on new codes and recent Roblox Jailbreak updates.

Second You can join Official Jailbreak Discord to get new codes.

And Gating Jailbreak Code you should check our blog Faindx we regularly update with new codes.

Jailbreak Get Nuke >>

We can simply say that at level 10 players get a new nuke. Players easily can unlock 1 free nuke launch every season by reaching level 10.

it’s not difficult to getting Nuke if you play well in jailbreak game then you will get your first nuke soon.

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Torpedo In Jailbreak >>

Due to its removal from spawn at the Evil Lair, it did not automatically appear in the Jailbreak map, so it could not be purchased. In the event that another player spawned the Torpedo with a Garage or the Premium Garage Gamepass, it is possible to purchase it.

Find A Jetpack In Jailbreak >>

You can easily find your in-game Jetpack, The Jailbreak Jetpack located at its second location, which you can see at the Airport Traffic Control Tower.

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Jailbreak Codes FAQ >>

In jailbreak, which car is the fastest?

If you are wondering what is the fastest car in Jailbreak, then you must know that “Torpedo” is the number one quickest vehicle in the Jailbreak game.

When is the jailbreak live event?

The Live Event was held on November 8th, 2018 at 5:57 AM. In anticipation of the live event, there was a Visits Counter feature to count down to the exact 2 billionth visit. During that last visit, the live event started

In jailbreak, what happened to the blade?

During an unidentified Miscellaneous Update, the Blade was discarded for an unknown reason. Due to the fact that the developers have not commented on this, there is a lot of discussion as to why it was removed. The Blade’s spawn is currently replaced by the Drone in the Dealership Jailbreak.

Conclusion >>

friends, hope you like this article in this article we provide all the information about Jailbreak Codes, how to get more working codes, and how to redeem codes to get free cash, royale tokens and more rewards

If you found this Jailbreak Codes article useful, why not see some of our other collections of Gaming freebies? We have lists for Ghost Simulator Codes, Plus Ultra 2 Codes, Roblox Promo Codes, Robloxian High School Codes, Corridor Of Hell Codes and many, many more.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these Jailbreak Redeem Codes feel free to contribute the topic if you have also comments or suggestions, comment to us.

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