Inside The Backrooms Code 2022 – (Elevator Code) (Guide!)

Inside The Backrooms Code

Looking for Inside The Backrooms Code so you are at the right spot. Here you will get the Inside The Backrooms Elevator, Safe Box in the Office Room, and other puzzle solutions and codes you will need.

Inside the Backrooms is an amazing creepy first-person adventure game where gamers must escape the titular otherworldly in-game location. When you thought you have found a path out of the Backrooms so you are faced with a puzzling elevator. Now in this post, we will show you how to get an elevator with our Inside the Backrooms elevator code guide let’s start.

Recent Update – 17th October 2022


Inside The Backrooms Code

Inside The Backrooms Code

First, you will actually see a corridor with numbers on the columns on both sides. Those on one side are the order and on the other side are the code numbers.

The columns that actually have a hastag in the back indicate the order and also the columns on that side will only have 1 to 4 numbers.

So simply locate the column that has a one and a hastag (#) after it. Then the number of the column actually in front of it is the 1st number in the code. The 2nd number of the code is the number that is in front of the column that has a number two and a hastag after it. And so on all the Inside The Backrooms Code.


For Example –

2Second >>4
4Fourth >>8
3Third >>7
1First >>9

So according to the example Inside The Backrooms Code is – 9478

Inside the Backrooms Other Codes

Here are some Inside the Backroomswith other codes, quick guides, and solutions


Safe Box in the Office Room – The in-game bodies on the floor and they’re a keypad then the ones with blood are the keys you actually require before unlocking.

If you need any other codes for Inside the Backrooms so comment on us.

Description of Inside the Backrooms Game

Inside the Backrooms is an amazing Co-op online horror game with up to three players. In the game you and your friends will battle to escape from the different levels of the backrooms, solving various puzzles with different mechanics on each level.


This Inside the Backrooms game is based on the popular creepypasta with many real references implemented such as important elements and iconic entities.

Also, you will have to explore each in-game room, look for elements that actually help you to continue advancing throughout the game, and unlock new gameworld areas.

But the further you progress in the game, the more dangerous it will be, you need to pay close attention to the area, identify every entity, and know how to actually avoid them if you really want to survive in the game.


Inside the Backrooms: Elevator Code Video Guide

Here is the video guide of Inside the Backrooms Elevator Code


Hopefully, you get your Inside The Backrooms Code. In this post, we covered Inside The Backrooms Elevator, Safe Box in the Office Room, and other puzzle solutions and codes guide that will help you in the game.

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